Here is what I call SOL. I am trying to complete the making of a storm tribe, and fail, 3 times. I follow the myth, so at a part with the plants I choose to fight both of them. It fails 3 fucking times, but I have done the quest before by making the same choice. The beastman keep warning me  that I have offended them, but I have no idea how. The ducks are keep burning  my steds and I can't do a damn thing about it  because they have an alliance with the beastman, and I still want to live. Horse spawn and the trolls keep raiding me, and while the trolls arm't a problem, the  nomads are. So is the game that nice to everyone? Or the gods truly hate me.

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I can't speak to everyone, but I can make a few suggestions.

Are you questing super quickly in succession? If so, definitely don't do that. At most one quest every year is acceptable, it's better to wait a couple years, or even three. What are the stats of the noble you send? It's entirely possible they just aren't good at combat.

As regards beastmen, horse spawn and etc, another quest might be useful for mending relations. Chalana Aroy or Issaries are worth considering. Horse spawn will probably always be a bit annoying, but fortifications can definitely help with that.

The game is occasionally very tough. If you're playing on any difficulty level above normal, this is even more true. Still, it does sound like you need to work on putting your clan back on the right foot. Do you already have a tribe? This makes a big difference in itself.

Hope his helps a bit. The game is random enough that I can't give super specific advice, but it is mostly fair, except on hard.

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Oh boy, I'm tempted to try hard now.  Never played above normal. 
I love this game so much..  the let's play on lparchive is also hilarious.

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As Zkline said, the game is pretty random, however a lot fo success depends upon firstly blessings, and secondly fostering good feeling.

The horse spawn are universally a pain, but fortifications can generally help with them, as can using tactics such  skirmish and maneuver that take advantage of your fortifications (especially because the horse spawn like charging).

With Beastmenand ducks, the best plan generally is not to piss them off enough to the point where they constantly attack you (it's a good way of getting your game ended in a hurry).

I suspect this started because you either attacked the ducks or asked them to send you tribute, which obviously doesn't particularly help foster good will, either with the ducks, or with the beastmen.

There are lots of blessings that can help.
Firstly combat blessings like Humact's and Orlanthe's can be a major help, as can having at least one strong warrior on the ring, however that will only help you in defense and on those rare occasions you need to attack.

The best way to foster good will I've tended to find is concentrate on blessings from the talking god and the knowing god, and make sure to have a good negotiator on the ring, indeed as a rule you should generally only attackwho is your actual enemy (this goes doubly for none humans since they're potentially much more dangerous), after all the aim of the game is to peacefully exist and form a tribe, and while it's a good idea to have the odd sporting cattle raid to keepweapon thanes sharp, and maybe foster one enemy clan or ancestral foe who you can go and have a good pound on occasionally, generally the more your neighbors like you the better.

For hero quests it's not just a case of choosing the right options, it's also a matter of firstly whom you send, secondly how much magic you have (support from other clans also helps here), and thirdly whether you have a diverse ring (with a trickster represented), a couple of treasures can also help with heroquests too.

I would recommend having a dip into The Kodp wiki to get a handle on some of the games' general principles, indeed though i'd highly recommend not! looking at any of the pages to do with events or places (since you don't want to spoil your game), at the same time, having a look on the pages for things like combat and heroquests might be helpful.

The really important thing to remember in Kodp is you actually need to start thinking like an Orlanthi if you want to succeed. Going and bashing all your enemies, just focusing on piling up as much resources as possible  or forgetting the importance of your gods and ancestors won't get you far.

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Well, the game pissed me enough for me to turn to war. I have almost no problems with the other clans now.  The clans that I was  feuding  with... Well, shall we say that they won't bother anyone again. I was indeed sending someone who sucked at combat on the quest, I feel stupid now. I have made a tribe  with six clans in it. all of them are allies with me, some oh  me favors.

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Is this game single player? I've read its entry on the game list but I'd like to know more as in is there an end to the game?

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Firstly yes, Kodp is most definitely single player, and secondly yes, Kodp certainly has an end (indeed several ends if you really mess things up).

For more information there is This introductory podcast by some strange fellow called dark
Which is intended to give a bit more information about the game.

I would suggest though since we also have another topic about whether or not to buy Kodp, questions from people thinking of buying the game be moved over there, while we keep this topic for actual gameplay questions.

@amerikranian, Good luck with war. Bare in mind too many people against you can be a problem, one reason why it's said that playing as a war clan is harder than playing either a peace or balanced clan.

If your fighting lots of battles the fyrt women blessing can help give you lots more warriors and defenders, also you can earn a lot by taking prisoners and ransoming them, though this has less chances of succeeding under different conditions (check out the combat page on the Kodp wiki for different ideas of success or failure rates in combat).

Good luck and let us know how your game goes, indeed feel free to post a game log if you like.

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Well I have won the game, I just got lucky. I won't post full log because the game was over 50 years long. One of the things I don't get is the map. Can someone explain to me how it works? I have listened to the podcasts and still don't get it.

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The map is a bit difficult at first, but okay once you get the idea.
Have a look at This guide in the articles room
which I put together to help.

Glad you won the game, though to be honest feel free to post a game log, 50 yars or not they're actually records that are interesting reading.

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Hi Dark, the link you left in the previous post to read the guide you wrote for KODP, led me to a guide for steam. So you may want to edit that to clear up confusion. smile
At least that's the page it took me to, a guide for steam.


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HWoopse, that is a bit confusing, I must've copied the wrong link.
I've corrected it now, though of course as it's in the articles room it's easy to find, I also believe there is a link to it in the Kodp db entry as well.

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Hi guys,

This is a question for Dark really but if anyone else has done any I would love the links.

my question is, have you done any more casting of the pods?   I really benefited to this one and the game in particular II was interested in was warsim.   Although any other games you have done I would listen to as well.

I loved the sound of smugglers run but my pc does not have a cd rom drive so sadley I could never purchase it.

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Glad the podcast was useful.
I really should do more.
I have done them thus far for smugglers 3, smugglers 5, one very old one for the fighting fantasy project website, and one for the defunct game xhour (check the respective db pages for links).

I did actually want to do  for one of the Cog titles on Ios at some point.

Btw why would not having a cd drive stop you from playing smugglers? you just download them from he site and install like any other program, then buy them if you want to play them further, no cds required.

The two latest games are Smugglers 5 secession, and smugglers 5 Invasion, (which also has downloadables to buy), I'd especially recommend starting with Secession as I showed in the podcast since invasion is tough.

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can anyone explain a problem I have with a quest?

at the start of the new year I put 2 points into quests, I am now at storm season so I decided to participate in my first quest,    only the choose quester and proceed buttons are dimmed and I spent ages trying to figure out what I am doing wrong.

I have not continued the game as I don't want to waste the 2 quest points I have used for the year.

so if anyone knows what could be the problem please let me no.  thanks

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Have you sacrificed to the appropriate god to learn the mysteries of the heroquest you want to do?

You do this by going onto the magic screen, finding the right  God, ticking the mysteries button then hitting sacrifice to give some cows or goods (putting a point or two in mysteries during sacred time can help with this as well.
If your successful you'll be told "we learned some/all of the secrets of the making of the storm tribe" (or whatever heroquest your trying to learn mysteries for).

If you want to check what you have, go onto the lore screen and have a look at the myths and see if you have all the text plus secrets (this is a good idea in and of itself since you will need to be familiar with the myths to perform the heroquest).

For more on heroquests see This page on the Kodp wiki though if your going to read that I recommend just checking the section on mechanics and not reading up on the individual quests themselves (since heroquests are one of the most fun and dangerous parts of the game and you should always try  first).
Btw, if you do happen to have put points into questing but don't have the  mysteries for heroquests, don't panic, you will get more magic next sacred time, and Kodp isn't a game where it's necessary to minimax all your resources, indeed I have sometimes had it happen where for example I put a point or two into questing and then have a really cruddy year and can't quest, or I put a point  diplomacy then run into a major crisis and dont' send out any diplomatic missions.

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thanks very much Dark,

I had no idea the quest had to be unlocked.

upon starting a new year my chief just said we should do the storm tribe quest, there was no mention of sacrificing to any gods.

its a shame the game is not more helpful in the sense when I was trying to do it a help balloon could pop and say,  you need to unlock the mysteries to activate this quest, because as a newvie I had no idea and was just getting frustrated.

now I need to find out which god it is in order to activate the storm tribe quest.

thanks a lot for the info.

btw, those horseman are so annoying, and mean to boot, they seem to pick on my tula a lot.

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@Shrike, the reason your chief is urging to do the making of the storm tribe heroquest is that that is the one you need to do to form a tribe, it's basically a note on where to progress to get into the next stage of the game, though obviously do it when your ready, indeed  victory in the short game involves performing three heroquests in ten years while you are king of the tribe you might want to take things a wee bit slower.

As to which god to sacrifice for for each heroquestt, you can usually find out on the lore screen, or heck just by looking at the quests's name in many cases, eg, ernalda feeds the tribe or Chlana-arroy heals the scars.

Making of the storm tribe quest  of course relates to Orlanth the storm father.

Make sure to read the myth carefully and get the secrets that will give you a helpful hint.

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thanks for that.

I just tried a quest and got the character killed,   but I think the reason was it was the wrong character that went on the quest even though I selected the best warrior it seem to pick a default character.

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The game will choose generally the quester who has the best chance of success, both relating to their stats and which god they worship, you can choose a different person by selecting them before the quest with the usual choose person dialogue you get similar to performing an expedition, but usually the only time to do that is say when your best quester is a ring member or is off doing something else.

Bare in mind that hero quests don't always succeed even when you have done everything right.
You can increase your chances by firstly making sure you have all! of the secrets and knolidge of the quest and secondly good preparation. putting points into questing, having a ring representing 7 different gods, having worshippers or asking other clans to help you in the quest, plus there is a treasure that contributes to quest success as well, however all of that doesn't necessarily mean you'll succeed every time, though I will say  a little surprised if you failed at  making of the storm tribe quest as generally that is an easier quest your more likely to succeed with.

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o dear,

if the storm tribe quest is 1 of the easy quests I think I am in for a rough ride as I have failed it 3 times.

because I am trying to form a tribe does the amount of alliances matter? at the moment I have 3, also my reputation is at 94%.

I have to say though, the quests are really confusing and I find it discouraging to attempt it again at the moment..

so at this time I am just learning new blessings, building shrines and raiding a lot.  o and I have listened to dark's pod cast again in case I have missed information.

like I say though, if I eventually can get to grips and understand the questing system I might actually be able to progress in the game.

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You should start with 4 or more clans, indeed I set a challenge for myself to have 10 clans in my tribe. So far no luck, but I'll keep trying.

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Questing is not easy, indeed you might want to wait until your ring have some experience and generally higher stats as well as putting points into the quest, also as I said make sure you have both the details and the secrets before attempting a quest, check the lore screen if your unsure.

I will say questing is one of the hardest parts in the game, since even if you take all the right steps it can still go wrong as success is based on so many different things.

I do remember though my first game I had an  awesome guy (who was also my chief), who worshipped humact, tried the humact quest, got lost in the caverns of the dead but made it back, became a worshipper of Orlanth then  rose to become king of the hole tribe, got a magic sword artefaand smashed his way through the horse spawn, then died at the age of 79.

He rocked!

One thing I will say about Kodp is it sort of has a double learning curve.
You begin and you go whaaaaa! this game is dam complex! then you take in all the info and have a grip in the game, but then you find your not succeeding.

It's only after that point when you recognize your mistakes and try again that you can really start to succeed, indeed you might have to abandon your first game or indeed might meet a sticky end, but that's okay, Kodp is one of these games that takes time, practice, preparation and luck.

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I finally completed the storm tribe quest and even picked my tribes name,  only it still says I am in a clan not a tribe.

also my chief died and to be honest I have not got a good enough replacement, well not one who worships orlanth anyway so I might restart.

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I've avoided commenting on this until now, but I will just say that restarting if you run into difficult luck like this is not really a great idea. A lot of the fun of the game is figuring out how to survive despite awkward circumstances, and things like chief selection not being ideal definitely happen a lot in the game world.

Also, if you've just picked your tribes name, you are not even halfway through the process. It can easily take a year, as it's a massive undertaking.

Finally, I will just say that the more clans you have, the harder it is to please everyone. In theory it's possible to get seven or eight in a tribe, but I would imagine it will not last long, as there will be much squabbling and infighting. Tribes are very unusual to the people of the storm, and constant changes expected.

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thanks skline for the information,

you are right I will play it through to the end, I try to take the advice from the clan ring but if they are not being single minded they are being dam right silly, for example a priestess came to my tula asking for a white horse, we never had a white 1 but 1 of my ring members said just paint 1 white.

although at first these comments are amusing but they do get tiresome with the regularity of thos insipid answers.

there is something about this game though that has me coming back for more. also I tend only to listen to my chief now as the others are just well,

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