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Has you or anyone else who's had trouble accessing the vault ever bother to contact them to find out why. I mean if the moderators of the vault don't ever hear about access problems, how are they to know there is one.


I don't know about Breaking Bad as I myself have never had any interest in the show. But audio description costs money and while a show may start off being audio described in the beginning, later on funding may dry up and so audio description may get dropped. Case in point: The first two seasons of the Original Star Trek Series is audio described, but the third, and last, season isn't.

We do check the audio quality of the files we receive, unfortunately audio quality is determined by the way it was recorded. There are guides for getting the best audio and we have our own preferred methods we ask contributors to use for consistency but we are at their mercy, we can't force them to follow our preferred methods. Without a better quality source we have to accept what we can get. But when we do get a better quality recording the poorer quality recording currently in the vault is replaced with the better recording.


Do you stay on the daily cheese newsletter list or do you opt out. I discovered that opting out automatically cancels your Blind Mice Mall account and thus your access to the vault. Although they call the newsletter the Daily Cheese, it is only sent out two or three times a month.


I did not know that all st.mc was doing was harvesting out Sendspace links for his site. The definition of a mirror is to duplicate the site's contents which to me meant the audio files themselves. If all he's doing is copying the links, that is different and an acceptable solution if for whatever reason the vault isn't accessible in some countries.

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thanks orko for the tip.

I will have another look at my account.

I even tried to contact the blind mice team on 3 occasions but never got any response.

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The Sendspace accounts the Vault uses are paid accounts. Each account is allotted a certain amount of bandwidth each month. Downloads through a pro link count against your allotted bandwidth so, if there are enough downloads, you could incur additional bandwidth charges, or downloads would be blocked until the next month. Non pro links that have you land on a Sendspace page before you can download the file give Sendspace a chance to advertise their service, so they are bandwidth free, meaning they don't count against your allotted bandwidth. To avoid having movie downloads blocked because of bandwidth usage, the Vault doesn't use pro links to the movie files.

Also, the Blind Mice Mall is primarily a US site in that the stores probably only ship to US addresses. I'm told the site owners periodically go through the accounts and delete those that can't order from the Mall. Personally, I think this is wrong, if a user can't support the Vault by patronizing the mall, they could certainly support it with donations if they were so inclined. Why cut off that possible source of support?

I know I opposed the idea of a mirror in a previous message, I now retract that opposition now that I understand more of what is going on.

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Sorry to go off topic, but was wondering how Serotek get their movies?

Do they also use the vault, since almost everything is practicly identicle to the new additions section.

The only difference seems to be their tv shows don't have summaries, so there's no way of knowing what a tv show is about.

The blind mice movie vault is also a lot more organised, and free.

I read on their forums many years ago they buy their movies, now I'm not so sure.

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@orko in 53: thanks for that clarification. I can appreciate that if there's a bandwidth quota, then it's a somewhat harder case to make the links speedy. I guess if I want speed, I'll have to pay Sendspace for it. Fair enough, I suppose.

And I'm a recent member. If what you say is true, then BMMV will eventually find and kill my account. So I'd better grab the shows I want now, I think.

Just myself, as usual.

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If you don't get your movies and shows in time and st.mc's mirror doesn't have their links, give me a shout and I'll get the download links for you.

And for what it's worth, Lee the administrator of the Vault agrees with me regarding the deleting of accounts simply because they can't buy from the Mall.

Unfortunately neither one of of us is the site owner, all we can do is state our opinions, if the owner thinks otherwise, there's nothing more we can do.

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Can someone share a link for Shameless if they have it.  A lot of my friends have started watching this, but I cannot follow what is going on.  I googled it and it does have audio description, I just can't find a download for it.

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Unfortunately, the Blinkd Mice Movie Vault doesn't have Shameless.

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Thanks for checking.  Do you perhaps know if Adventure Time is audio described, I don't necessarily want to get it from the movie vault, I just want to know if it is audio described at all. 

That show has a lot of visuals one might miss.  I used to love watching it, but half way through season 7 I just started missing stuff.

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