You can't get credits like that in Hellmoo anymore.

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I just don't like that hellmoo is full of trolls now. it used to be cool before. i even thought of making soundpack for it but back then i didn't know how.

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Thanks Jason! I forgot you playing this game too big_smile  But the problem is that I can get it working, only once, after the installation. Next time I login everything goes caboom. I am not sure if I will change my settings, I just wanna wait for mush pack tongue  I'd even creat one if I'd had better skills than I do now.

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I'd do, if my university didn't block the port to that's nice, but it's blocked which is sad. i can only play while at home and it's not fun leaving my char like that and come back after a long while

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@mirage interesting.
I did give avalon a third try recently but even though I put time in as before I just got lost when I finished the newbie academy  and had chosen a guild (alchemists as it happens). I wound up with nothing to do, help[ files that were so wordy I didn't know how to get started, and confusing things about badges I had no idea where to start with and made polite requests to the point I felt like I was getting on everyone's nurves, but couldn't do anything else since I had no idea how to get into any! activities in the game and wound up sitting around feeling like a spare part until i gave up.

cthulhu mud is another I've not tried or heard of, I'd be interested to know more, especially because it's lovecraft's writing that was horrific and that would be something which could be represented in text, albeit I'm trying Cyber assault right now.

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I thought I'd chime in with my top five favorite muds of all time, each holding a very special place in my heart. I have been mudding since 2001 and won't be stopping anytime soon.

1. Discworld

It was the first, and in my opinion, the very best. I started out here, long before terrains were a thing. I accidentlaly led a group of people off of the Ramtops and we all died together. It is a feature-rich mud filled with things to do, people to see, and ways to play. Now it is a lot bigger with the terrains, and sometimes it's hard to get started on, but it is so worth it if you stick it out. If you want to just hang out and gain idle xp while chatting with other players, fine. If you want to min-max and be a BAMF in terms of beating up NPC's and getting your skills up? All the better. If you want to just get your crafting skills up and make quilts, that's fine too. With its quirky cast of characters, it's a fun place to be.

2. Legends of the Jedi

I knew nothing about Star Wars when I played. I ended up staffing on this mud for years. Roleplay-intensive and full of delicious rp goodness, this mud kept me thoroughly entertained with its approach to both character development and the initial player wipe stages. You can make a lot of equipment, do some quests, and get involved in rp, and it's all good. Hooray for muds that are fun, free, and delicious!

3. Achaea

It took me a while to get in to Achaea. One of the things that I relaly enjoy about it is that there really is something for everyone. The world is so well written that RP is the norm and is not difficult. With its mix of houses, crafting options, and ways to grow in the city, this is a great game when it comes to collaborating with others.

4. Project Bob

Defunct and no longer online, this was the best of muds.  You could gather stuff for crafting, go in to areas and set the difficulties, enter missions, and just enjoy! You could bot if you wanted to, or choose to collaborate with others, but there were always things to max and to do. I miss it a lot. I even wrote a scary episode for it that dealt with disappearing villagers.

5. Cosmic Rage

I'm really enjoying the rp, the ability to craft and customize, the ability to work hard and learn new things and always see some progress. The players are wonderful, the staff is very friendly, and I'm really glad I gave it a chance.

Honorable Mentions

star Conquest

I spent a lot of time on this mud with two different characters. I enjoy roleplaying very much and this scratched that persistent rp itch.

End of Time

Who doesn't want a fun, final Fantasy mud to play with features so unique that I'm just a little intimidated?

Unwritten Legends

Oh how I love this game! I spent lots of time on it, leveling up a character and just being involved in fun rp. I love that you could fight and gain xp, then do other stuff while it drained in to a different pool.

Dragon Realms

I really like the idea of this mud, but the crap you have to do just to log on is enough to make me not care about playing it. It is the year of our Lord two thousand and seventeen. Muds are a dying breed as is, the very least that games can do is not be so proprietary about its log-in systems.

This thread is so much fun to read, and I'm always looking for that next fun mud, even if it's just to drop in for a short visit. I also love to game with others, so if you ever want to check something out, send me a PM!

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@mektastic, interesting. I tried diskworld but as I said awrlier really didn't get on very well at all since I absolutely couldn't find anything to actually do in the game but wander around the city killing ravens and when I aksed  players just waxed lyrical about how hard it was to be a newbie and dint' actually tell me where I could go and get a quest or start training skills or doing anything but wander and kill small wild life. I was particularly disappointed in diskworld how little interaction notable npcs from the books such as corporal knobs had.

I wonder how rp heavy the iron realms muds are these days?  I did once hear they took rp to a ridiculous level, where you acutally had to literally write an essay to progress further and enter a guild.
I've seen references to legends of the jedi around but don't know much about the game.

the others you mention other than star conquest are new to me.
Though I actually wish Project bob would get back up.
I tried it very briefly back in the day and it seemed firstly rather confusing and secondly severely lacking in description, but I suspect I was a little too hasty not to put time into it.

I do recall a post saying the game might be resurfacing a while back, but nothing on their website or connection info as yet.

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I was mudding for quite a long time but didn't find ideal game for me, but here are five muds that are best of what I've played
1. Aardwolf: quite alot of unique mechanics
2. Erion: Same as first.
3. Frandum: this mud is nearest to my imagined ideal MUD but still nope.
4. Alteraeon: I love quests there
5. Killer MUD: that is a polish mud, you can still try it if you want. Small, but verry dedicated playerbase.
And now something about my ideal mud: I am searching for a game that quests are most important. The game should have good storry that I can progress through. It can be even SUD actually

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Think the only one I'd have on my top five that isn't listed here is probably lost souls. I'm sure I've ranted about it before, but its uniqueness and attention to lore always amazes me. Maybe there's not a crafting system (yet) but everything from the races to the classes to the artifacts are not stock -- sure many draw inspiration from other sources, but that clash of objects woven into a cohesive tapestry of history and myth just makes it all the better. Not to mention how awesome the player base tends to be, and how much attention is given to making sure the mud remains accessible.
Others I'd list include seventh plain, god wars II, empire mud, and...ehh, I guess inferno moo isn't too bad for a while.

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Hmmm, soul keeper I have looked at the lost souls wiki, but whenever I try to get a handle on the game or systems like combat and learning skills I get a little lost.

I also couldnt' determine to what extent Lost souls was the usual hack n slash, to what extent skill based training, and to what extent quest and exploration orientated, i.e what you actually do! in the game.

I've been feeling a wee bit of mud burn out recently, but Lost souls is one I do need to remember to investigate at some stage, along with new moon, cleft of dimentions, Epitaff, lensmoor, and god knows how many others big_smile.

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I sure wish I could find a dcent star wars mud.  I keep going back to revenge of the jedi as it's easy to get into, but that place has so many things I dislike in muds.  Lack of descriptions, grinding with bearly any quests, and renting huge amounts of money.  I keep trying to persevere though.

Thumbs up

My top 5, in no particular order:
1. Eternal Struggle MUD (defunct) - Was the absolute hands down best RP MUD of its time. Very detailed - and original - theme, active playerbase, staff who knew what they were doing. The only reason it shut down was the owner couldn't afford to keep it running. Full disclosure: I did 2 tours as a member of this MUD's staff.
2: The Inquisition: Legacy - Very similar RP model to Eternal Struggle, with some differences I wasn't entirely sure I was a fan of. Again, original-ish theme, though not as ficticious as ES. Again, highly active playerbase with some pretty involved roleplay aspects. The plots were decent at the time as well. I haven't had as much time as I'd like to get back into it, unfortunately - you definitely need to have a couple hours free if you want to do anything significant with your RP. Disclosure: I was a staffer briefly on this MUD. Nothing too consequencial - for a couple years, I handled their website.
3: Star conquest - Not, exactly, what I'd call an RP MUD, but they try. They could do with a little less required grinding - particularly since the only thing it actually lets you do is make money, but I like a lot of the systems they put in place. that's another one you kind of require a lot of free time to get fully into - which, what with me putting in 12-hour days these days, is why I haven't been as active there as I'd like. relatedly, I should probably log in if only long enough to make sure they don't nuke my character. Again.
4: Galaxy Web, Stellar Epic - Not nearly an RP MUD, but was a fun excuse to grind. Space-based, like Star Conquest, but with some very different systems - including the option, if you were experienced enough, of owning your own spaceport and potentially using that as an excuse to make money. Was fairly open-ended, I thought, and a very small part of me looks forward to the day it comes back. Yeah, I know, but a geek can dream.

5: Fallen Empires - The very, and I do mean very, first pure PK MUD I ever played (disclosure: I was a staffer on that MUD until it closed). That MUD ran off a heavily modified version of the original Godwars code. You can probably find a version or two of the Fallen Empires codebase floating about nowadays, but I wish you nothing but luck if you can actually get it running on a current system. In fact if I'm bored enough I may do that on the VPS I've set up specificly for MUD development.

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@Dan C, have you tried legends of the jedi mud?
I've heard a lot about them and they have an entry on

@Quanin, Rp in muds is less my  interest personally, so I've tended to look into muds like inquisition legacy a little less in favour of those with activities or quests etc.
Star conquest as I said earlier I loved for it's world and writing and indeed the activities and quests looked great even  you didn't want to do too much rp,  between the extremely spammy combat which got my ship destroyed twice, admins  refused to discuss accessibility for said spammy dcombat, and the fact that  my ship was destroyed there was nothing I could do and I was literally told to go and beg other players of my faction I  quit feeling pretty disappointed.

Galaxy web sounds interestingthough for myself I am loving cosmic rage, indeed I need to get back onto the game and give farming a try.

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Hi guys,

I wonder if any of you can help me.

I have only ever played alter aeon, and there is a reason for this,   I use mush z and found no other mud seems to work when I try to connect to the ports.

the games I am really interested in playing are. clok. cosmic rage and for single player purposes frandum.

can anyone suggest a simple mud client I can try so I can access these games?

I tried to play cyber assault using mush z but when I was connecting to the world there was no feedback from my screen reader then after 30 seconds it would boot me off the server.

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Hi Shrike.

MushZ is specifically written for alteraeon. I do believe there is a way to configure it to play other muds, but how I am not sure.
I'd personally recommend Vipmud from as a really easy to use, straight forward mud client that will work fine with most screen readers or with sapi.

It is a commercial program, but the restrictions in the free version are very minimal, I indeed used the free version for quite a while myself before actually buying, plus if you mean to play cosmic rage, the games' default soundpack is written for Vipmud and works very well with it.


Thumbs up

thanks a lot Dark, will give that a try.

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I've played probably hundreds of muds in the past few years. Sadly some of my favorite muds are ones that aren't complete or have vanished. Dark legacy, for example would be amazing if things wer fleshed out. Godwars II is always and forever probably going to be at the top of the list, project bob was great and GWSE is still my all-time favorite abandoned mud.

As someone who has done dev work on PROMO, I'm a bit depressed with that place. I love the staff but it needs Jack to care to get things done. We did get some really cool stuff in though like better star research and relics are pretty dam amazing right now, so that's always fun. CR just felt really grindy to me and I couldn't be interested in progressing. I botted what I could and still it was boring. (Yes, I know I broke the rules).
AA has always felt like it suffers from a ton of balance issues, and I'm not a fan of the staff, but it's not a bad game really if there's nowhere else to go. I'll spend hours on Godwars grinding or minmaxing eq before I'll spend 30 minutes on AA, though.
Awakenedworlds is fun, lots of exploring. I spent a good long while there and enjoyed it. There are some pretty big issues, but it's not awful.Nothing else is coming to mind right away.

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Are you using my soundpack? If not, you'll have to autoload plugins from your mush-z directory to make it readable, notably mushreader. My soundpack I think I have all plugins loaded though. Saves your time and gives quite an experience if ya wanna try.

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Ok, as i've seen star conquest mentioned several times, I'll post here. Here, for your conveenience, is a star conquest, fixed, sound pack which i hope you find helpful. all i did was update the triggers in the pack, and several, i know, may have some issues, but nothing i can do about that as of yet, as i'm not the gratest with the vip mud sintacks. well, without any further rambling on my part download it from Here

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