I am having problems using the search feature on this sight. Whenever I try to search for something, it says your search returned no hits, even though I know that what i'm searching for exists. I even tried searching for simple keywords that are bound to show up, but nothing happend.
I did get it to work the other day, but it's only worked once for me so far over the last few days. Has anyone else had this issue?

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The PunBB search feature is crap. I prefer to search the forum from a different search site, such as google, using "<terms> site:forum.audiogames.net"

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Hmmm, well I just tried out the search feature and it did work, which I've found it does most of the time.
In fairness however I will note that the search feature needs specific words to search for and won't search sentences or sound alikes.

so for example if you were interested in finding a shades of doom walkthrough, the search feature probably wouldn't pull up posts with shades walkthrough or shades walk thru with a space, oreither of the versions with through as in t h r o u g h as opposed to t h r u,

From what I've managed to determine, the search feature would only find things with the words shades, of doom and walkthrough.

this means usually you need to be fairly specific about what you are looking for and might need to search a time or two.

I wonder if there is an improved search extention for PunBb out there somewhere?

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