All five of the residential zones get access to the public buildings and road and also you're left with only a few empty spots.

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Here is my web-site ... simcity buildit

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Now here's a game I'd love to see made accessible.

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Accessible cit builder?

Take my money already! Actually, just make Cities Skylines or Simcity 4 Deluxe accessible....and I am sold!


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This is about games so I'm moving it to general game discussion.

Accessible sim city? yes please!
Yee gods I was so jealous when my brother used to play that on the snes!

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SimCity on the SNES? No, sir, DOS is where it's at.

Actually, I wonder if the DOS version could work with the screen readers....

But my ll time favorite SC is 2000. That game was nearly* perfect.

3000 was good, but it lacked that magic something 2000 had.

SC4/Deluxe was awesome too, but I'd put it just below 2000 in my list of favorite SC games

And SimCity 2013, we do not discuss that game smile (Spoiler: IT SUCKED! Bought it at launch, got my money's worth....sucked major dick after that honestly)

But if you ever wanted a game that takes SimCity and makes it better....I'd honestly get in touch with the Cities Skylines devs and enquire about that game being accessible....because it pretty much deserves to be.


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It seems like these builder games would be so developable, (I am now making up words).
Take Park Boss, for example.
With the world laid out like a grid, you could build over there, interact with what you built, check on each building, etc.
I LOVE that game.
And I just keep thinking, if someone had the skills, they could make tons of games like that, farm sims, city builders, planets, worlds, zoos, restaurants, anything you could think of.

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Well....no, such a game isn't as easy as you think if you want everything done well....and I mean in depth

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I've been waiting for a game like this in ages! Park Boss, and Cast Aways1 come close but still aren't quite at the Sims level.

Kingdom of Loathing name JB77

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Those includes Harvest moon?

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okay so is this like a new sim city that's accessible for screen readers? or is it just a discussion of the sim games? I'm confused.

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Seems like wishful dreaming to mee.

Kingdom of Loathing name JB77

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no, its probably some spam bot written by someone who wants people to click on some shady link and uses game based clickbate to get people to do so. And yes, I'd be completely souled for an accessible cities skylines, or sim city game. Or hell any kind of building simulation as long as it has more replay value than other sim games we already have coughcough p000kb00s coughcough.

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