I know, that all Draconis game like Esp pinball, Alien outback or Monkey business has been made by James North from esp softworks.
I want to know what is the difference between games from esp soft works and Draconis titles, I want to know, what draconis has changed in these games.
I dont know, what was happened with James North.
This guy has nice voice for voice actings.
I have tried to search his profile on facebook or twitter, but I can not find him.

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You can find most of the answers including some audio demos in the following topic:
James North disappeared back in 2003 I think, and took many peoples money as well. He was an awesome game developer though.

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Well I never played the esp games, but I did hear about James North asking for money for a project, and then disappearing. That was way before I came on here, but it makes me mad, this is why people are distrustful of audiogame developers now. He and others have done stuff like this in the past. Now thankfully we have more trust worthy developers now.
But from what I remember hearing, he sold his games to somebody, then they sold them to somebody else, who became draconis. Supposedly he had a racing game in development that he sold to usagames. I figure draconis rewrote some of the games so that they would work on newer systems. And then he started making games for the mac and iOs. I don't know what the state of draconis is now, he was supposed to have written a huge game engine, so that he could make games for apple devices. I hope he hasn't stopped developing, from what I've heard, the draconis games are very high quality.

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No draconis is still active lets check his website you will see a news from last three days.

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[wow], thanks for paying attention to the news.

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A Brief Update from Draconis:
Friday April 14, 2017: 07:39 AM

Over the last little while you may have noticed some issues with our

site and the availability of our apps which was out of our control. It

has taken some
time to get everything straightened out, but everything should be up

and running properly once more. Additionally, our website and online

services are
moving to a new server and receiving an overhaul, so if you notice any

other hiccups in the next few weeks, that is why.

We hope to be able to announce new projects later this year. Thank you

so much for your continued support. We know it has been a long time

since we’ve had
new titles to offer, but we are planning changes that will improve

this soon.


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