I currently have a Wii you, but it is never played for accessibility reasons. I have been considering getting a new console that has at least verbal feedback. I know that the Xbox and Play Station line have screen readers, at least on the main menu from what i understand. Does anyone have a more detailed description of this? Would either one be worth getting? What games would be a good option? I am open to pretty much any type of game. Thanks and sorry if i spelled anything wrong.

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If you want a console for accessibility reasons, you should get the XBox. If you wanna get a console and have as many playable games as possible, you should get a Playstation. There are more playable games for the Playstation than the Xbox, but Narrator on the Xbox is much better than the TTS on the Playstation. Now that you are from the US, you'll have TTS on the Playstation, which is only available in the US.

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