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I just figured that I would put my two cents into the topic..  My standpoint is this.  If people really want to  learn to code your better off using your own coding, and perhaps looking at a few examples, then build something  That is your own code and nobody else's.  You will feel more satisfied that way and you will have a sense of accomplishmentcoding examples are great, but your own coding will feel so much better because then you can literally say, I made that and guess whatI did not use anybody else's code

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Connor, I sent you the pm again.

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I'm hammering every key on the keyboard here after diggint out the file on a memeory stick...

So...yeah. I would appreciate tutoriing in this. And from a Brazilian friend I got told this gem of advice:

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Okay, I\ve installed Desafio Mortal, but The Desafio Mortal.exe file is missing.

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Something I thought about last night while backing things up on my laptop.

Forgot who said it....but the post was basically.....

'I could take a game, make a map for a game that's all about custom maps, addd in features and more released maps then release it and you (audiogamers) would go crazy and thank the people for it'

That...is what's called a total conversion or a mod. It's more common than you might think actually in gaming, indeed....lemme point something out....

Counter Strike? Started as a modification for Half Life

Half Life: Started out initially on the Quake engine

DOTA? Started life as a custom map in the Warraft 3 map editor. That idea sounds familiar of a custom map becoming its own thing...where did I hear that before.....oh, right, total conversions.

If a big Brazilian publisher picked up DM and publshed it (as Valve picked up many, MANY Half Life mods) then there wouldn't be an argument. As for people screaming stolen code....take a very long, hard research of China's culture. They either outright clone things...or, in the case of Segway, buy up the firm in question.

Just my $0.02

Oh one more thing, acccording to videogame attorneys, you cannot copyright concepts or ideas or area layouts. Systems, mechanics, yes, but not a concept of running around on  a2d plane and jumping. Just wanted to put that myth to bed.

Oh and as for the paraphrased comment above: That speaks way more to the small state of audiogaming than anything else, people go crazy over any new release then the glitter wears off so to speak and they realize exactly what they are playing.. Hype happens across gaming, but for audiogaming the problem seems much, much bigger because there's less to choose from. I compare it to the early 70s/80s in gaming as a whole...and.....the sad fact is post-Pong, a ton of small developers were throwing titles out there in the US, and the US market got flooded with so many quickly made, awful titles the entire market took a nosedive.

Why do I say this? Well....because....well, right now audiogaming can very easily be compared to videogaming in its very early days. And if history has taught us anything...well....

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Oy. Post #30 was Draco.

Not whoever that got attributed to so what's going on with the forums recently?

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Great game!

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your anti virus might have deleted it because some antivirus programs see it as a thrett. Turn realtime protection off, install it again, then turn it back on. Or if your antivirus happens to be accessible enough for you to propperly mess around with, try making an exception for the game's executable.

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I'm pretty sure the quake engine is open sourced and licensed under the GPL, and half life has references to being a heavily modified version of the Quake Engine. In post 19, I wasn't referring to modding, but more taking credit for something that isn't completely mine.

Oh, OK. I confess its been quite a while since I've played DM, so I'll have to check. Thanks for the correction.

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@30 yeah but that's not code theft, that's using publicly available toolkits to create something. No one wants to suggest that you steal ideas if you make a side scroller, come on, that's a little melodramatic. But, hey, no one gives a shit, look at all the people who say I have sent a PM, etc. They'd rather stick their head in the grass, grazing like the sheep they are rather than stand beside developers. Yeah, the most you can do is buy someone's games, donate, etc. to support their work, but refusing to play a game, no matter how good it is, based on the sketchy situation it is in because of that code. You think I don't wanna play it, fuck yes I wanna play it, but I am not gonna do it. I want better games as time goes on. I buy games from developers who have a good rep. I've bought a few, not many, but a few audio games that weren't really worth it, if you took two seconds to think about it, I'm sure ya can take a rather educated guess as to which ones.

Think what you're doing to your own gaming future when people see this and think fuck, this is how its gonna be? I put all this time into making this game, I mistrust one person, somehow the source gets out and now I have 50 punk mother fuckers releasing games with my code in them? Come the hell on people, you're sabotaging your own future. But hey, like I said, if that flies over your heads, just stick them down, ah, that's good grass isn't it... ah yeah... and there's the stream, mozey on over there get me a drink. Baah ah ah ah ah ah ah. Bah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah.

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