Blindfold Invaders for iOS by Kid Friendly Software, Inc
The game is a fully accessible audio game, inspired by the video game

Space Invaders. The objective is to shoot all of the invaders before

land on your planet.

There are several rows of space ships, that move left and right,

starting at the top of the playing field, furthest from the home

The ships move back and forth, heading down towards your planet. You

must shoot them, and avoid being shot.
The more invaders you shoot, the higher you score. The more times you

get shot, the lower your health score. When you shoot all the

invaders, you move on to the next level.

There are several games
of varying difficulty, and varying number of levels. Each level is

harder than the prior level.
The game is free to try out giving you 10 coins,
you need one coin to play. More coins are available as an in-app

$4.99 for unlimited play.

Version 1.3.3
April 13, 2017 … 22324?mt=8

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Yet an other space Invaders game.

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Yes, but this time it is based on the real Space Invaders. Believe it or not, we've not had a game that replicates space invaders properly. It's either been multiple ships on screen or one ship, but all represented as just that one ship, when it should be all about the columns of ships. You aren't necessarily shooting at individual invaders the way that most audiogames have done. Instead each shot destroys a ship from a column.

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Thanks for your interesting reply, which inspired me to give the game a try.
I have spent a few minutes on the game, and in my opinion, this game is a total failure. I can't get the tilte function to work, and the swing function won't work for me as well. I can't even center and shoot one single ship down in the practice game. Well, the game sounds fun and I hope a lot of people are enjoying it. I just can't deal with the way the game works, and the game is not for me, when I'm not even able to do anything successfully in the practice mode. I don't find the game difficult, but just extremely frustrating... But like I said, I hope a lot of people are enjoying playing the game.

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