So the subject says it all. Where can I find the SA to NVDA driver?

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I'm quite confused regarding this subject. What do you mean by SA-to-NVDA driver? What is it supposed to do exactly?

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I share this confusion, are you referring to the System Access screen reader from Serotek? I'm not sure if there would be any driver between that SA and NVDA, since they are both competing screen readers. Or are you referring to the developer API for allowing programs and scripts to directly access NVDA? That would be the NVDAControllerClient.dll, which you can get from NVDA's github repo.

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I think I know what you're referring to. It's not really a driver per se, it's just a few dll files. You put them in the folder of the application that can speak through System Access, and these files will make it so that it talks through NVDA instead. Entombed would be an example of this, and I have actually used this trick and can confirm that it works. Is this what you're looking for?

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Where is the Jaws to NVDA driver? Lol
Thanks for the clarification in post 4. Sounds interesting, but I'm still not sure on what it should be used for.

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OK guys, here's an example. If anyone plays entombed, you'll know that it supports sapi 5, JFW, window eyes, and system access. It doesn't allow the use of NVDA by default. SA-to-NVDA is just a few dlls that you put into the program folder to allow NVDA to work with the program. So, when you set the program to system access, it'll speak with NVDA.

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