Hi mikrima, and welcome!

Exploring this fantastic world on a Samsung  Galaxy J7 2016, it's the experience is smooth! I'm using Eloquence TTS currently. Not seeing any of the bugs that VoiceOver users are having.
I'm playing the game using TalkBack 5.1, 6.0.1 is the Android OS it's on.

Keep up the great work!

Trenton Matthews

PS. I today created a thread over on a Google group called "Eyes-Free," which is the "largest" community for Blind/Low-vision Android users anywhere!
(operated by Google themselves.)

You can check out and/or join the conversation, by journeying over here

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Works well on my marshmallow android device - after suspending talkback swiping, and double tapping work fine. Only issues were that initial music was making it a little hard to hear the menu items until I turned it off, and, one other minor issue is there's no way to exit game, but, playing seems good/fine, etc. ⌣

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I love this game! have put the logs on automation as I write this and will get back to it as soon as I am done writing.
From what I have played of it so far, it seems like a game I'd enjoy very much and the sounds are also good!

The only slight issue so far that I have noticed is the same as turtlepower17, that of the game stuttering sometimes that is, the music stops for a second.

The game works fine,accept of course it makes my phone feel like a android instead of IOS. that is, the sensitivity issue you have already noticed. big_smile
Being a little firm helps a lot with that,though.

ot: Trenten, slightly OT, but I'll check that phone out. I am looking for a cheap secondary android phone look in the Off topic room, preferably cheap,lem just check out j7's price.

I'd also like to thank you mikrima for adding accessibility to your game.
Hopefully this game will act as an example to other developers that develop games in unity, and we will have more games that we can play. smile
Thank you for this game,and keep it up!

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By the way, for those on Android, close the game by bringing up the recent apps screen, aND close it via the method suitable for your phone.

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hi. What can I say is I love this game. it sounds like other sighted games. but, I stuck at second tutorial after we buy the automation. then how many product we must make via automation to go to the next tutorial?

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Hi and welcome.
I will try this game on a samsung galaxy s7 edge but now I can not because I am not conected with this gmail on the phone.
I will give you feedback on more phones and thanks for your work.

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ohh,i just found,this game language have chinese?great,but not translate full.

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Hi mikrima and welcome to the forum,
I must say that I really really like the game.
Keep up the good work.
Personally I am doing good in the game so far, no problems with voice over here, except for the swiping problem.
I am using IPhone 6s with ios 10.2.1
And yes, really, when I first opened the game and started to move through the options, I swear it reminded me of my galaxy S5 when I had it 2 years ago smile.
I wish the swiping problem get fixed, and I really really wish for notifications.
This kind of game really needs notifications support, like when the automation runs out, or when the storage is full, or when there is not enough materials to make what ever the automation is working at, etc etc etc.
It's a really grate game, again keep up the good work.

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@Mike, the tutorial ends after the automation I believe, however if you go to the castle and check the quests you can find some other goals to try out, and of course you can work to unlock things.

@Mik, I am liking the game thus far, but I am looking forward to the fix for the production slot as it would be nice to be able to produce logs and timber at the same time rather than one after another. I will say though I'm enjoying the fact I can play this while reading, start some production then go back after te minutes to start another task that is rather nice.
I also notice that while the flicking works fine, occasionally I have had a curser bounce issue, this particularly makes finding the back button or finding treasurechests on the map a miner annoyence, particularly when the chest is down past the estate button as opposed to next to the castle.
I don't know if you could fix the chest timers, but I think when it's possible to flick through the map that will be solved.
I would also suggest perhaps looking into implementing the scrub gesture which Voiceover uses  to go back directly, since then it wouldn't be necessary to say flick through the hole menu to go back after changing production, then again when it's possible to have more production slots it's possible changing products for slots will be used less.

I'm really! liking this game thus far and look forward to getting some of the higher end things unlocked.

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I'm glad to hear that you'll try to improve the accessibility issues on the newer phones.
However, I've just tried the game on my older iPhone 5S. It runs so bad so I couldn't navigate the menu. I tried for a few minutes, and found play game, more games and options by luck, then Voiceover froze and I couldn't navigate the main menu at all.
So I give up playing the game for now, and I look very much forward to try it when those issues get fixed.

Best regards SLJ.
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Happy gaming... :D

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in edition to my last post, the slot also one you've noticed is another that hinders game progress,as right now, I can have only 1 slot running in one building,I.E the lumberyar,d being able to produce only either logs or lumber,and not both.
Or is it suppose to be this way?

I second mohammad's suggestion about notifications, anyone who does not want em can just disable them anyway.
I haven't found the screen to play adds and earn benefits yet,though.

Fun game!


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This is a reely awsem game, I could nevver actualy play a game with my brother, because not all the games are the type that i wanted to play, untill today.
The game Is reely cool, keep up those good work.
If i could give some feeedback:
The accessability mode does not work on IOS, how evver, i just keep playing the game with voice over on.
The main menu is reely slow, and it keeps telling me that the accessability mode is enabled, tap with three fingers to disable it, or some thing like that.
But else, I reely reely reely love it.
We need more devs like you.
Thanks and best regards.

best regards
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yes,great game,but energy not work,this is on google play server or google gameapp?china can not use this,can not watch video.

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@Ashely, you need to kee vo on. the accessibility mode is that the game works with voiceover.

@Grryf, you can find the boosts in the castle, there is a section for quests which are goals you need to complete for perminant production buffs and the like, and a section for boosts which are temporary bennifits such  as %10 sgreater sales prices for ten minutes.

@Slj, I'm a bit confused about the trouble your having with the game, since for me, I just flick to the play button and it worked fine, I didn't even need to enable accessibility mode since I think opening the ap with vo enabled it by default anyway.
You might try closing with the ap switcher and then reopening withvo.

I'm afraid the vo curser bounce issue is one which is becoming a little urcsome. It seems to happen most often when flicking through a long list or double tapping in places where there are several options, eg, I just had quite a task enabling the salesman boost since whenever I double tapped on the button I was bounced elsewhere.

I haven't seen this happen to me in the city or princess screens yet, but I can see that happening if the screens get more information, eg, if I had lots of different products in storage to sell.

Hopefully though these are the sorts of bugs that can be squashed, I can say the game is certainly addictive thus far.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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yes,@dark,i know,but watch button can not press,this on google server?

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well. it's anoying with one slot at the time to produce goods. well. as I said grate game and if we have some battles it will be fun like other sighted games I've seen people playing. this jonra of the game is my favourite now

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hi all, I've just recently downloaded the game and it seams good enough.
anyways, I have a question: after I do the automation tutorial, do I need to wait until it runs out or what should I do to progress to the next part?

the end of the world is getting closer and closer,
many huge spaceships, satelyte lazers, disablers and others are trying to destroy the earth,
I take all of them down, and finally take the supreme commander himself,
the judgement day, is going to be happenning soon

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This game lags on my iphone 5s when music is playing but after turning it off it workis better but nut as fun as it can.
Alsio if you have a problem with voice over turn this game when vo is turned off by using siri for example than try to swipe finger right.
It should speak by default system voice, othervise try to triple tap with three fingers and wipe again.
This game is speaking without voice over, for me it works much better than with vo.
Nice vork, I am waiting for the update.

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I've downloaded this game and as others have said it lags quite a bit when using Voiceover on my Iphone 6S.

I am unable to get the game to start at all.
I've tried the game with and without voiceover with no luck.

I think once this update is availible it will be a great game and I can see myself really enjoying it.

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This is excellent! I've always lamented the lack of a good accessible crafting game and now it looks like there is one.

Regarding the bugs, I'm running the game on an iPhone 5S with IOS 10.2.1. I found it quite slow when I initially started id but it's not bad at all now. I certainly look forward to improvements though.

Thank you for making a refreshingly-different game accessible!

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What exactly is this game about? Is there things like combat and stuff?

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no, in this game you kraft items and cell them in order to make money, and you can upgrade stuff with the money.

best regards
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snow wrote:

ohh,i just found,this game language have chinese?great,but not translate full.

Hi snow,
yes and no. The game itself is translated into 12 languages, but the accessible version has a lot of additional text. Those extra texts are not translated. The reason for this is that the game was finished and the localization done before accessibility was added. I added in extra texts, but I don't speak any Chinese, so I couldn't add any languages other than English and German.

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hanif wrote:

after I do the automation tutorial, do I need to wait until it runs out or what should I do to progress to the next part?

Hi hanif,
the tutorials stop after the automation tutorial. After that, you should go into the Castle on the map. There you will find a list of quests which you should do to gain your first permanent upgrades.

However... until I get this update out, the quests will be harder to do than they should be. Without the ability to add more production slots to the Lumberyard, it's hard to produce 1000 logs for example. An Android update making that particular button accessible will go out today. iOS usually takes several days, because of the Apple review.

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i was able to open the game but when i tried to double tap on play it didn't go. i was able to flick through the menu.

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