only problem I see with a pay to get rid of adds,  then you can't use boosts. and some of them are quite helpful.  so if you got rid of the adds, you're taking away your ability to do some quests. and help yourself out in a pinch when needed.

I personally just tap on the add, then click the back to crafting kingdom up in the status bar.  not that I use boosts all that often.   

I do love the game though! so keep up the good work.

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hey am I right in thinking that the princesses gifts cap out at 40%? I took my gift today and it was the same as yesterdays 40%. unless I've missed something.

Thumbs up


There is no reason to get rid of the boosts if we pay to get rid of the ads,    it just means you can activate them when each timer runs out.

Thumbs up +1


yup princess pay out is max out at %40. hopefully there will be more rewards added soon to make it more enticing for players to log in to the game every day.

Thumbs up


well yeah I mean right now the princess has no function passed 40%.

Thumbs up


We're thinking about lifting the 40% cap of the princess entirely. We originally put it in to get a handle on balancing the sale prices and preventing them from spiraling out of control - but that turned out to be unnecessary.
We'll also be increasing the rewards for the higher level quests with the next update. All quests that you have already completed will automatically award the new, higher reward, so nobody will miss out.

Thumbs up


ok. I was going to ask about the princess thing.  I do hope the cap gets lifted. or if not. then she'll give you some other sort of gift.

and I'm looking forward to the next update!

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A blue-eyed, pale pink, kitten that can smash the smashing out of people.
I'm mew, and you're going to get smashed.

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Hello Mikrima and all,
I've mainly been posting to this topic on the Apple Vis thread. As I use the same name here as there, you may or may not recognize me.
I usually play Crafting Kingdom at home at the end of my day, about an hour or so before bedtime. Somehow the background music for this game has become a very lulling sound, and its now associated with a very sleepy time right before bed for me.
But, When I play this game anywhere else, or any other time of the day, even at work, I begin to get very sleepy? Isn't this crazy?
So my idea is to ask if the dev team in a future update can allow us the option to change the main theme background music for Crafting Kingdom.
I'd like to go a step further and ask if maybe in a "down the road" update, y'all can add sounds for other events in the game also.
I realize Crafting Kingdom has larger issues to address before any sound changes can be implemented. But I thought to see what others thought of my silly situation, and to put the background music idea on your possible to do list.

Thanks for considering my suggestion.
Great game, keep up the teriffic work you're all doing!

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Hi Mike,

You can just turn off the music in the settings menu, that's what I do,   sometimes I listen to podcasts as well or listen to audiobooks as well,   shame its a serious drain on battery life though lol

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Hi Shrike, I just saw the option to turn off the background music  not long after I posted that. lol But it'd still be cool to have another different background theme music to go with the current one.
Maybe something more environmental like a village in the middle of a work day where there's a number of folks at work. Such as a blacksmith hammering on an anval, and the sound of sawing wood or some such in the background. smile Just a thought.

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In regards to the sounds: We're currently collecting sound effects for the different production slots, as it can get very tiresome to hear the same generic machine noise 20 times in a row. It will take us a while to gather 32 different, distinct sounds though. Some of them are rather tricky, either because they are very similar (like copper, stone, iron and coal), and some are just plain difficult (like meat, grain or a fishing rod).

In terms of battery drain, we're working on improving the performance a lot, and that will improve the battery life a lot as well.

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I am curious, why have the sounds been converted to mono?

Thumbs up


Hi burak,
we converted many of the sounds to mono because that saves a lot of storage space, quite a lot actually.

Thumbs up


will we get new content as well?

Thumbs up


Hey guys,

are you all still playing this game? or are you waiting for the next update,

the reason I ask is because I am at the stage now where I need to sell 1 million logs and get storage to 7500 which with the current setup feels like its a kin to working in a sweat shop,   tons of effort for little reward.

Just wanted to see if there was still crafting kingdom players like me carrying on with its current settings.

prays update comes out soon.

Thumbs up


nope I'm sitting back and waiting.

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[wow] 1000000 logs! I guess u hardly unlock any other buildings at all? maybe u should start buying the farm, quary furnace, and blacksmith. they give u more money for selling the products there. and u can then unlock new quests from buying those buildings in your next restart.

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I am currently working on 25k armor and 50k fishing rods now.

Thumbs up


lol, the most interesting thing I have had to make is tools.
I am going through the quests as they tell me, 300k timber is going to take awhile as well sadley.

Thumbs up


I'm still playing this game, but like all awaiting the update. I'm glad to hear battery life will be addressed. My poor battery goes like... POOF!
Keep up the good work on this title dev team! Its a heap of fun!

Thumbs up


Hi everybody,
I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately we will have to push the update for the game another week. I'll keep updating here as we make progress.

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So now I'm pretty sure that the jumpy controls when browsing production slots in crafting kingdom are mostly due tot he sounds. If you mute your device and don't have headphones, the sounds don't play, and swiping up and down in the production screen and double tapping to restart your automations works much much more reliably. I guess that the way the sounds are working is that the sounds have their pitch changed programatically, and I guess that really bogs the system down. But my workflow is way more efficient and frustration free without the sounds.

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Hi guys. I find this game interesting. But I only have one question. Is this an online game?

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For the best you need internet but is single player.

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hey this game is great. I hope you make more accessible games like this in the future. And I also have a question. I use android. What is the best way to contact other game developers such as EA-games and others who make american football games, baseball, hockey, fps shooting games, zombie games, and so on to have them make their games accessible as well?

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