hello. micrima. don't you want to say the changes for android version? or it's the same as IOS

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Haha, yes, absolutely, I just wasn't fast enough!
Here is the Android changelist for the latest version. iOS will be almost the same, but the update is still in review.

- Adjusted unlock prices for ladder and fishing rod
- Accessibility no longer turns itself on again after being turned off manually
- Android: Removed unneeded permissions to access info about other running apps
- Accessibility: Production Details Window and Location Purchase can now be navigated faster with up and down swipes
- Accessibility: Sell 10 button is now correctly enabled when the product count is high enough
- Accessibility: Numbers are now formatted to be better readable with voice
- Accessibility: Estate reads out a textual description of how your home currently looks like
- Accessibility: Quest reward description for cheaper expansions corrected
- Accessibility: When changing production to a different product, sale price is now correctly displayed, and slot description adjusted
- Accessibility: Swiping down in the map will instantly bring you to the estate now

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Just popped in here to say
@mikrima, I am loving this game and the new update really sounds amazing. Although its a type of game you can pick up,play leave and come back to later on, once I start I just can't stop for hours! lol


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[wow]... Keep up the great job guys.

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Hello folks! Mikrima, thanks for the awesome updates!
Best regards, Haramir.

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Looking forward to the update.

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Just got The latest update on IOS,  Great job!

I can't find the feature to buy out the ads though? will that be in a later update?

How is everyone doing on the game, I have reset about 10 times and still have not unlocked anything interesting,   I need to sell 150k logs,   so  I feel I am a major contribution to deforestation at the moment.

Oh, also I need to update my storage to 2500 which is gonna take forever I think.

Anyone have any quests for ladders or fishing rods yet? so far I needed to do,

Logs. timber. grain. leather. wool. coal. stone and metal.

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I also don't see the option to get rid of the ads. Unfortunately, it appears that I spoke too soon in a previous post, because the ads have also become quite unmanageable for me at the moment. Once the ad finishes playing, I hear Voiceover say that my boost is active. But then it seems to freeze, and any time I touch anywhere on the screen, the app store launches, presumably so that I can buy whatever game or app is being advertised in the ad that played. The problem is, there's no way to break this cycle once it starts. You need to exit the game, then relaunch it, and start fresh in order for that screen to disappear.

However, I am amazed at the improvements to the responsiveness to the game in general. Not only is it much easier and faster to swipe through menus now, the swipe up and down gestures work beautifully, so I can switch between production slots, both in the actual places where things are produced and in the city to sell them, with ease. Plus, being able to swipe down in the main screen to go to the estate was quite a nice touch, particularly when treasure chests are around. Although with the improvements in speed, this really isn't even an issue anymore. So all in all, I'd say this update was a success. I'd just like to figure out what's going on with the ads.

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I can not update this game anymore because it has disappeared from Polish appstore.
I dont know what was happened but I can not find this in the appstore.

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Yeah it's kind of strange. I can't update the game either.

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Hi everybody, we had to take the app down from the app store temporarily, because the version that got uploaded to the store had a big bug in it that made it impossible to use the world map. Ironically, this bug only affects sighted players.

We're already working on a fix and will have the app back in the store as soon as possible.
I'm sorry for posting only now, we only found this out at 3am last night.

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I did manage to update before the app was taken down and I have one bug to report that is kind of difficult to reproduce it seems.

Basically, forward swipes work fine for me, but swipe accuracy going backward seems to be a little strict. I can swipe forward quickly now, but going backward, if I don't very deliberately and slowly swipe, 3 out of 5 swipes (sometimes more) aren't detected and some are detected as upward swipes. I know you said that you're now using native VoiceOver detection code, but I don't have this problem at all when using VoiceOver outside of the app.


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turtlepower17 wrote:

I also don't see the option to get rid of the ads. I'd just like to figure out what's going on with the ads.

What we've found is that some ads seem to hide the close button, or make it non-functioning with VoiceOver. I don't even think that they do this deliberately, because I don't think they would gain any advantage from making it so incredibly hard to close their ads.
Not all ads do this, and we cannot tell from the app unfortunately.

This update doesn't yet have the option to remove ads, because adding in app purchases requires very rigorous testing, and also another round of localizations.

The best I can tell you is that those ads practically always place their visual close button on either the top right or top left corner of the screen. This button is inaccessible and invisible for VoiceOver, meaning you'll have to disable VoiceOver and try tapping the top two corners. You might want to try top left first, as I found that those that do this sometimes try to confuse everyone further by placing a replay button in the top right corner.
I can only apologize for all the inconvenience, the ad system doesn't give us any control over this unfortunately.

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Also I have noticed that although the use of voiceover is much improved there are some problems still, mainly for me when I want to access something like a treasure chest for example I have to double tap twice or even 3 times in some cases for it to work.

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The game is back up in the store now!
A big Thank You to the Apple review team for helping us out and doing the review so quickly!

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going to update it now.
a big thanks to you for this amazing game.
keep the hard work up

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nice one getting it now.

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as for how many times I have reset, I can't be sure but it's certainly 1 of them games that you can just keep going and going and going with. I rather like it. still got only a wooden hut though lol. the princesshas given me up to 28% prices now. I wonder how high that goes and if you get anything else? are there more buildings to unlock after a while? got to sell 25000 logs now get 2500 storage and have 500000 in the bank. I have  2 boost slots open.

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So boosts are really annoying now. Almost every ad is the disable voice over flavor. In order to actually close the ad, you justh ave to hope it works. Usually you end up opening up app store. On the top left of app store there is a return to crafting kingdom button, so you can try again. On some ads, tapping randomly at the top left of your screen will close the ad. On others, tapping anywhere on the screen reopens the app store, even if you tap exactly where voiceover says the close ad button is. Makes boosts erally raelly annoying, if they are of that second variety, since you have to close and reopen the game. I had to put it in my sidebar so i can access it quickly from the home screen in order to make it even tenable, and I am 92/100 of the way done with a use 100 boosts achievement that will give me +5 minutes to boost duration. But I'm not even sure if I'll use it now, if boosts are this annoying to get. I got the new update this morning,a nd I definitely noticed better responsiveness with the swipe, especially downward swipes. The lumber yard still jumps around for me, if I swipe down around slot 8 or 9, it will jump me back two slots unless I move my finger down on the screen. It's as if it were registering me pointing at a slot above the one I was swiping toward. This doesn't happen in the farm or the quarry, but both of those buildings have fewer slots right now.

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Hi Keyisfull,

I totally agree with you regarding the video ads, also I tried to play the game as you stated, leaving out the boosts altogether.  Having to close down the game and load it back up again after every ad is frustrating beyond belief.

Only its to dam slow, when you need to produce 300k logs for example it takes an age without the boosts so I resorted to go back to using the ads.

The sad thing is if they just closed like some of them do they would not bother me at all, but as the developer said numerous times its out of there control, which is sad as its ruining a very good game to play on a mobile device.

So the only alternative for me to continue with this game is to buy an in ap purchase to get rid of  them, hopefully it will be available in the next update as I am at breaking point.

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On samsung is easy to get back in the game.
You have a touch back button and you can press it on all tipes of problems to get back.
It is not on the screen and I do not have problems.

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hi all. just wondering, what is the highest item quantity sale u have had to make to complete a quest? my highest quantity sale quest is 150k leather strips. so far. for logs i'm at 75k, timber 50k etc.

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Hello. I downloaded the game, but do not know how to play it? I turn off the TalkBack, and nothing happens. If the game is launched along with TalkBack, nothing happens either. What can be wrong?

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mikrima, the new update is certainly quite good. the swipe responsiveness is just as good as VO's usually is,and the app doesn't feel as sluggish to use as before. so cheers on that.
The Advertisement Issues that people are talking about seem to only happen with a few adds,while on others its just fine.
However, this didn't happen at all or as much before,so here is what  I am guessing is happening.
You are letting the app get direct access to the touches and then voiceover does what it does. While this improves the over all app performance, the appstore opening and the like just by touches could be due to the same direct touch. So perhaps just on the castle screen revert the behavior if possible at all? or when the adds launch.
I have my doubts about this theory though,as certain adds close just fine with a button and the touch works,while others make it so that even looking for the close button if there is one opens the appstore.

But eh, its not really a big deal or be it slightly annoying,,either click get back to the crafting kingdom button or when it gets added, the get rid of adds in app purchase, not just to get rid of the adds but as a thank you to the developers for bringing such a addicting game to us and adding accessibility to their game. or more like building their game with accessibility considered from the start. not many you can say that about.


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I am going to unlock new things and I will restart.
It is a grate game.

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