Ever needed an effective, poewrful tool for taking notes?
Ever needed a piece of software that can easily capture quick notes with minimal effort or cost?
Take note is for you. Categorising your notes in an easy-to-use interface, take note uses powerful tools to manipulate your screen reader choice in a free and straightforward software.
It's largely experimental, so do tell us what you think.
For more information, head over to http://www.nathantech.net/nathantechsoftware.php

Nathan Smith
Managing Director of Nathan Tech
It's not disability
It's ability!

Thanks for developing the program and letting us know Dardar, however new releases is for newly released games only.
General utility programs like this, useful though they might be), don't count as games so I'm afraid announcements about them don't belong in this part of the forum. I'll therefore move this to the offtopic room instead.

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Hi dark!
Sorry about posting this in the wrong category.
I was genuinly not sure where to put it, and figured if I was wrong, you'd move it anyway.
Sorry to be a bother smile

Nathan Smith
Managing Director of Nathan Tech
It's not disability
It's ability!

Hey Dardar.
Nice job man, this tool is a lot useful. One thing I hope to see is the ability to use enter while in a note to type a new line. Another feature might be editing your note after saving it; deleting a note then re-typing it all over again is a pain, you know.

Download Crazy Party's remade English translation right now from:
https://ia601501.us.archive.org/zip_dir … Remake.zip
Just extract the zip and copy the LNG where the .exe file is, then go to options and enjoy the new language file!

Amasing program. I just wished that you could change the settings after the first time setup.