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Hello everyone,
I have a problem with foobar2000. It seems there is a default track duration that is set to 3 minutes. This duration is allocated by default to tracks in certain chiptune format such as NSF, GBS or SID.
The problem though, is that certain SID tracks I listen to are longer than 3 minutes. So it will end automatically before it is supposed to. Is there any way to fix that or do I have to use a dedicated SID player?
I use SIDPlay2 v 1.36 to decode this format.
Thanks in advance for your help,

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Hello there,

I don't know the exact answer to your question. My problem, which has been solved, was the incorect length of some of my mp3 books and radio plays. I understand you can't do it with .sid, but the way I fixed my problem was rebuild the mp3 header. Then, the duration shown was corect, and the files play properly. Since I have some .sid's, I'll download the plugin and check it out. Sadly, I'm no IT specialist, just a Foobar user, so maybe someone else will know the exact solution before i do.


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Now I have a bit more information at least. What I have is the High Voltage SID collection. In that collection there is a file called SongLengths.txt. Apparently there is some way to use it so Foobar2000 aknowledges the correct lengths but I couldn't find the exact way.
Edit: It's solved. I found the answer on a german forum. The thing to do is, in the preference dialog, to go to playback/input/sidplay, and to add SongLengths.txt to the database status.
Sorry if it appears as disturbing as I finally found the solution myself. Basically when I wanted to find about changing the default duration, I couldn't find anything. Still I hope it may help other people in the future.

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I was going to try to answer your question, but since you figured it out, I'll just add that the GME plugin has a similar setting for some files that it can't figure out IE NSF where some famicompo entries are definitely longer than 3 minutes. In that case, since there is no song length database you have a global setting that you can increase and if something is shorter than what you put in the song will just loop.

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Yes, I thought it could be like that for other systems, though I never encountered the problem on a gbs/nsf, at least not for now.

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