Hi all.
Well its been a while but I have finally got information from sonnar.
1.  where is this clicking going on.
Is it during playing the game, if so you need to long click to get the ball coming.
there are tutorials to play the game.
We need to know where this double click issue is going on and where it is happening and if it effects ios and android or one or the other.
2.  links and adds.
I should start with my dissapointment in sonnar for going down this road.
And have said as much.
On the ios devices the close button is anywhere in the screen.
The add will take full control of your device till its closed.
I have mentioned that I am really not happy with this at all.
Right now it appears that we are moving into adds to support our games.
I am assuming we will be going comercial soon.
Ofcause its not our fault but the add network's fault that it takes control over your device.
I still like working for sonnar and am usually happy with them, however, I am seriously wandering about various things.
I know we are due to switch to some sort of pricing plan as yet not mentioned to me for the future.
Sonnar is working on the adds.

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Am I actually the only one who thinks that this game is a complete waste? I have terible lag issues when the ball is incoming, swinging doesnt even work most of the times. and when the ball is there, that darn thing doesnt even react, and this is on a samsung galaxy s7 and an iPhone 6S.
greetings Moritz.

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This double tap issue is effecting my android device, and it never used to in older versions of the Audio Game Hub but now it's effecting the hub as well.

I'm the only adventure at c: master hahahaha I have unlocked just about everything!

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Where is the issue what are you clicking on.
We need more issue.
Double clicking in the game and the hub where is that.
Where is the issue, we need more info is it when you double click the icon or when you click something a menu or what.
I have no idea why you have lag, does anyone have lag?

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Hi all, thank you for your feedback.

Some of the issues will be fixed in upcoming update. Probably later this week.

We added the advertisements because lots of users asked for free to play version of the game. We know that it could be painful to close them, especially on iOS - the close button is shows up randomly in any of the corners and we don't have any control over where it appears.

But, the advertisements are optional. If you don't like them, you can simply buy the game with any of the support options. Supporting will remove the support screen forever. Half of the support will be donated to support visually impaired community. And second half will be used to produce more audio games.

@Simba, Could you provide us more details regarding the lag issue? What is the version of your operating system? When you try to swing, do you get the bat swing sound? Also, the swinging option does not work properly on some devices including S6 and S7. Please try the swipe control option.

News regarding the other games:
- We've been working hard on updating the old Audio Game Hub. Estimated release is next week.
- Next release will contain two new games. They are called The bomb disarmer (Simon) and black jack.
- We have a small delay, but we are going to deliver the best quality games.
- The Whispering Tunnels has on its way, 70% of the coding is done, Rafal is still writing the story and designing monsters, items etc.
- The Whispering Tunnels will come the last. First, we wanted to finish the smaller games.

Thank you again for the valuable feedback and support. Let's keep in touch and keep your ears wide open.

Jarek & Jeong from Sonnar Interactive.

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Hi geong.
Thanks for those answers, one less thing I have to try to answer.
I must say I am looking forward to test the new audiogamehub and maybe the tunnels game when it gets to that stage I havn't had a pc update since the last version 1.7 and thats probably quite old now <grin>

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I vstill can not activate this button which allows me to watch ads.

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same,can not watch.

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The bug is what I am in the menus. I can move around in the main menu but double tapping an option just repeats the menu option, it doesn't actually activate it. For example, clicking start game will make it say, start game, but without the menu move sound.

I'm the only adventure at c: master hahahaha I have unlocked just about everything!

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Hi, this is Jarek from Sonnar.

@snow and @majsior - we are uploading an update that will fix that issue - android today - iOS - hopefully Monday.
@jack What device are you playing? What system? Did you switch off the Talkback or Voiceover mode?


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There is an update for blind cricked for ios, but I can not still activate watch advertisement button.

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@sonnar: Don't worry about the double tapping issue, it's not a bug in the game. I figured out what went wrong. Apparently the magnification gestures got inadvertently turned on without my knowing, somehow, so the double tap was enabling those instead. Problem solved. AS for getting past the support us screen, I just went ahead and bought the game. I tried an ad once, clicked back and it just brought me back to the support us screen. With that I just went ahead and bought it. I do think, however, that there is a definite need for some sort of calibration for bluetooth headsets. Since timing is everything in this game, the bluetooth latency makes it near impossible to time the swing correctly. So the game either needs to slow down when it detects a bluetooth headset, or there needs to be a calibration of some sort.

I'm the only adventure at c: master hahahaha I have unlocked just about everything!

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@jack Thank you.

True - the bluetooth issue is quite annoying. The problem is that different headsets can have different delays. And it would be hard to detect this lag. We will think about how to solve this.

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A few thoughts from a cricket fan, and a blind cricket player.
Huge potential, the sound is great, really realistic. but it's not a true cricket game, because you don't actually get to bowl, at all.
After getting used to the game, it is horifically easy. I'm hitting 200 in 10 overs  most of the time now. Career mode is easy, the hardest  part is  probably school mode. Over all, though, I just think it's very limitted.  Career mode is a total of 17 overs, that's not even 1 game in real life. I'd love to see a bit more of a challenge. because unless you miss a straight delivery, you will not get out, ever. And given the fact that you could block every straight delivery, you could never lose a wicket.
I'd love to see more of a two-innings game, I wouldn't even mind so much if we got to play a full tournament. but you go straight into the world cup final. I'm not unhappy I payed money for this game, if it plans to be enhanced. If not, it's a complete waste of money, in my opinion.

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Ok so I got my first ever smart phone about a week ago. A surprise birthday gift from the GF anyways I downloaded the blind kriket game. When I start it it says to turn off accessability mode, but If I do that the talkback feature won't work, so How am I suppose to turn talk back back on? Would I need someone who is sighted to do it?

Audio game king

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