I reasently tried to login to my BlindMice Account, However it told me that I was no longer active. Then I read a post somewhere that stated that Blind Mice will now only accept US accounts and that people that have international accounts will no longer be able to make use of the site. If so, this is a real incon veniance, because this means that I will have no way of keeping some of my tv series up to date. Can someone please tell me whether this is true or not, and if so, please advise me on where I can still get audio described tv series.

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pick your VPN poison of choice and get stuck into everything that blind mice have to offer regardless. If you live in the UK, your probably using one right now with the Snooper's Charter and all. If it's got servers in different countries make sure you're using the US based ones.

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this method worked for me recently: dont login, but press "forgot your password" thing. they send you the link to reset your password to your email. "change" your password, and after the "change" button, you will be logged in. but this Works only once. so everytime you want to -log in-, you have to "reset" your password. you can atleast check the movie vault from time to time with this method. worked for me these days. hope it helps.


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I'm in the uk and still haven't tried going for a vpn yet. The trouble is, they might be trying to make it so that vpns might have to hand over data too if asked too.

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I live in europe but I don't have trouble logging in. hint: if you aren't planning to buy anything from them just use a fictive US address and it will work.

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Blindmice has always been a buggy site.

I could never get the login to work properly and had to use the password reset feature every single time. Now however when I try that I'm told "this page requires authentication" which is sort of ironic for a password reset.

the other rather amusing thing is if indeed you need to be an us citizen, what about us citizens who liveelsewhere in the world such as my wife?

Someone should actually contact them and clear this up, ---- either that or just find the sendspace folder they use and give everyone the folder link so people can just get their stuff directly from sendspace without going through their dodgy site.

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Hello there.

The Blind mice mart is for US citizens only is nothing but a roomer. I don't live in the USA, don't have a fake address or country mentioned in my account and was able to access it just fine a few minutes ago.
So unless something has changed since the last few minutes, its not true.

What you need to do is remain signed up to their newsletters for your account to stay active, and the rest should work just fine.

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ya know what? I'm just fed up and tyred of filling out the same form over and over and over again, and nothing happens. I've tried to create an account way too many times, check that all fields are correct, verify my information but, I get redirected to the registration form again after submission. Plus, I check my email and get no information on anythigng.
Its sad because I guess that's the only resource we have for audio described moovies, but that little problem is getting on my nervs

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I live in the UK and so far have had no probs logging in

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~zk: how did you set up an account? I don't have a US address. I'm in the UK too.

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Most VPNs don't keep logs or any data on their users so that if they are asked, they can just say there's nothing to give. If you need a US address, just google pizza places in <insert random US state here>, grab the address and use that.

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I tried the sign up to news letter thing (after all I can always block them), but it didn't seem to work for some reason.
They did send the password reset email, but again after resetting password I couldn't log in.
Really their site registration system is a mess.

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As far as I can remember I just filled in the registration form with my email and whatever else it asked for and it worked just fine

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as for password resets: when you reset your password, you already are logged in, so dont have to go to form. or you wont be logged. so when it says something like "successfully restored your password", scroll to bottom of the page, and you will see "log out", and the usual movie vault etc. sadly its only an one-session solution nothing permanent.


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I don't have any problems logging in, and I'm from australia.

Someone should make a dropbox link to the links to various content and just put it up.

Not sure if that would be legal, then again neither is what they're doing.

There's also Ray Star's world wich has a bunch of content, but it's not as up to date.

I've started adding the latest links they put up to a dropbox folder, but I'm not sure if I'll keep it around or not, dropbox likes to suspend accounts when the links get to be popular.

Maybe a bit torrent sync option, but not everyone uses that service.

I'm sure we can come up with something.

they're only shortcuts to the sendspace page, but it saves having to log on all the time.

Plus shortcuts take up less room.

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I don't see why they can't just give out their actual ss folder link, that would save using their crappy site if logging in is this much of a pest.
I will try the password reset again to see if I get the "error authentication required" thing to just log in.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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I'd be all for a replacement that doesn't use sendspace tbh. I detest sendspace

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Sepdspace is like using a dialup on a dsl or wireless network. Seriously. 80kb per second is damn near that speed. As for legality, well technically providing descriptive tracks is a dmca exemption or so it seems, so as long as they're just uploading mp3's which they are, it's fine. Besides, why would they have it almost in plain sight? I mean yeah blindness sites are a small corner of the net, but it's not that hidden.

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Yeah, they can't be that scared of legal repercussions if they have the movie vault on the exact same site as their business. If they had something to hide, they would keep the movies and TV shows elsewhere. But, since many people think they're reputable, and they've been selling all kinds of products for a number of years, I can't see how they wouldn't have been in hot water by now if they were doing something truly illegal. As for the VPN question, a good provider won't keep logs of anything that their users do for this exact reason. The whole point of a VPN is to anonymize what you're doing. It would be counterintuitive to give your money to a provider that didn't fully embrace this mission.

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Hello Brendan, I even created a us account, and it does not seem to work.
So the best thing that i can recomend is logging in evvery time that you want to download a movie, or if you want to streem them, just visit http://blindy.tv

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I am a member of blind mice since 2013 or so, I didn't have any issues with it. But nowadays, you can't create an account anymore. I've tried create an account for a friend, and it didn't works. I think their account creation system is messed up...

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Hi. I also had an account on that website, but today I received the message that this user is not active. What is the problem?

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Looks like it's my turn to get the "this user is not active" error. I've been using my account for about 3 years and now it's messed up.  I wish someone could place there updates in a text file and share it to save Us all from trouble. By the way, does anyone know if iron fist's audio described tracks are gonna show up?


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Well done, Blind Mice. Now my account stop working too.

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Well, this is probably showing that blindmice mega mal does not seem to be very well maintained for new or even existing customers.

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