Attention all developers:

I am attempting to create a team of programmers to toss around ideas for a knew game. I have lots of ideas, but lack in programming skills. My ideal team has to learn to work with each other and not against, be non-judgmental towards ideas tossed around by the group as well as just not being judgemental period. You must be an out of the box thinker and a hard worker as well as reliable. Their are a few goals to keep in mind: 1. to have a project that blind and sighted players can play with and or against each other. 2. Something that in the future will become profitable. and 3, to show the world that we are just as capable. Please approach this idea with some professionalism. Fighting with others, drama, and all these things I see around this sight will not be Tolerated. If any kind of unwanted behavior occurs, you will be band from the team and it's projects on going or otherwise.
A few things to note: you will be interviewed so make sure to have up to 2 projects that you have worked on. These projects have to already be up on the audio games sight for the safety of the interviewers computer. Make sure to have teamtalk installed as It  has been found to be the best piece of accessible conferencing softwhere. All interviews will be conducted using teamtalk unless requested by the interviewie.
Options for your interview are as follows:
and phone.
Please note: depending on your location, an interview by phone may not be an option.

Please send me a private message if this sounds like something you may be interested in partaking in.
I look forward to speaking with some of you soon!

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hello, this sounds like a great idea in theory, the only problem I see here is that threads calling devs to action have already been created multiple times. The main problem here is that if you get devs together and make a game, without actually contributing more than an idea to the project, you will not seam like the original dev, they will, even if you did come up with the idea originally. Also, another problem with not making the game you want to make yourself is that you can get as speciffic to a dev as you want, the game will most likely turn out to look different from what you expected.

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A few questions:
1. Have you coordinated teams before? of course this doesn't matter much, but having experience would certainly help you (and us)
2. Could you please elaborate on what ideas you have? just a sentence will do fine, though I would certainly suggest having detailed outlines before you make a team-an undetailed idea of a game might well turn into the developer's vision of your idea of a game. I don't know how much this happens in practice, but something to maybe watch out for.

Thanks for trying to implement something like this though, and good luck!

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Although this is a nice idea, it's been tried before, and failed. I don't want to say that this is impossible because it isn't, but you really should differentiate yourself from the "I have a cool idea for an fps game and you shoot other  players and it is pvp and it has many items!" type of ideas. If you have a good game idea, you should make a manual for it. Describe how every game function should work, etc. It doesn't have to be entirely complete, but just a bit more info would really make you stand out from the crowd. I will also help out if you need it, but I don't have much experience with actually finishing a project. So there would have to be another developer on the team who leads it. I can program in python (intermediate) and bgt, but bgt doesn't have any sort of graphics support, so that's off the board.

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Going to agree with everyone here.  Pick one of these ideas you have, and start from there.  Give us more information to work with.  You don't have to have every little detail fleshed out, but we need a lot more to go on besides I have an idea and I wanna do it.

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Okay, so I am going to try to address everyone.
For the gaming idea, it isn't necessarily only my ideas that I want incorporated into the game. As for recognition, that doesn't concern me much. This whole project is to show allot of these guys that if instead of fighting, if they use that energy as a group to come up with a game, it could be epic. It seems like to me there is very little structure when some of these guys get into a group and that's why we see what we see today.
Have I coordinated teams before?
Yes, I have but nothing like this.
I do realise that calls for devs have already been made, but my intentions are something different.
I have other things on the go, this would just be on my spare time. I want to see if I can some how shape this community to be better then what I have been absorbing over the past few years. I don't post on here much, I just observe. I'm hoping with my leadership skills and your brains we can come up with something truly epic. I want to see this community succeed where it has not.
But anyways, it is just an idea I had so I figured I would throw it out there and see if it catches. It doesn't have to be good in just thirty.

The idea is once we all sit down to just start talking. Brainstorming ideas, coming up with a plan and putting that plan into action.      

Besides, it would be great to get to no some of you.
What do you have to lose?

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This all might not make sense to some of you. That's okay. It will.
I know you guys don't no me, and your skeptical of people because of what you all have seen in the past.
But arnt we all in an agreement that something some how needs to change in order to improve our situation?
I'm here offering my assistance to see if I can improve things in this community. How many times does that happen?
I don't have to do this. This is just something that I want to do.
At the risk of scaring you all off, I would like it to if the people that have problems with each other join. The blind gaming community is pretty much the face of the wrest of the blind community. Why do I say this? because you guys are the ones with the largest online presents. What outsiders see online is how the whole community is judged. What I want to do has nothing to do with gaming, that is just a bonus even though I do have great gaming ideas.
I don't know if my intentions are clear or not but trust me when I say that they are good.
Also, I may learn some programming from you guys so that could be exciting.
Here are your options.
We can continue on going down the same road we have been, or we can try something we havent tried yet.
That decision is entirely up to you guys.
Don't feel obligated to join, or even stay with the group. But what's the harm trying it it out? There is probably so many questions and people going "pfft ya right okay." that is your right but just realise that it is a myrical for someone like me to even want to do something like this after all I have seen and maybe you should give me a try before dismissing it all together. That kind of sounds defensive but it's not. It's just a fact.
Anyways I'm here to help make a change if you guys want it.

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Hey Harison,

I just want to wish you well with this. I know first-hand how challenging (and rewarding) it can be to be part of a team like this, and how much more work and time it will require than anyone on the team will expect. Be prepared for the unexpected, because I guarantee that's what you'll get. Also, I completely affirm your desire to make something blind and sighted gamers can enjoy together; that's something that's very central to what we're about at Out of Sight Games—I think it is so important for us to get away from the "either or" paradigm. So while I can't offer to help as part of the team, I just want to say that I wish you well, and that if there's any way I can be of assistance in terms of offering my perspective, or sharing my experience, or anything like that, please feel free to reach out.

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Hello Joseph. I just want to thank you for your meaningful comment. While it is unfortunate that we can't have you on the team, I appreciate that you are still willing to be a resource when and if needed for the things you have mentioned above.
I agree that being part of a team is rewarding and challenging. I hope under my guidance I can change: A, the outside perception of the blind community, B, have as much interaction with the sighted community as possible.
I hope the wrest of the community is receptive to my intentions,
After all, everything starts with an idea.

If possible, I would like to schedule  an informational interview if or when your schedule  permits.
Again, I thank you for your response and I hope to speak with you in the future.
Take care.

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For sure. Why don't you email me through the forum, and we'll figure something out. We're still figuring this all out, ourselves, but I'm happy to be a resource if possible.

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I'm a developer, just not an audiogame developer. So I probably don't qualify for being on your team, but I am going to have to agree with a number of statements that have already been made in this thread.
I like your mentality, I also like what you are trying to achieve. What I don't like is how vague your intended road to get to your goal seems at present.
You say you have a lot of ideas, but when asked for them you don't address the question. I guess what you are trying to do is make sure your ideas aren't stolen, but you do have to keep in mind that even within the game development community people have different specialties. Do you want to make a shooter? A strategy game? Perhaps a puzzle game? These all require vastly different ways of thinking about problems. Do you have a preference for what technologies you want to use? What platform you want the program/game to run on? Is there budget for developers to be paid for their effort? What will happen to the profits of this game, once it is becoming profitable? Are you only aiming to make one game, or several?
All I see is someone who, according to himself, can lead a team and wants to improve the image of the blind community, which I like. For the rest, I have no idea what it is you want to do and when taking on a development project, that is NOT a good place to be in. Throw us a bone, will you? smile


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Hello  Zersiax and thanks for your comment.
It seems like I'm not wording what I'm attempting to accomplish properly.
Weather or not the game will be a first-person shooter, exploration type game all depends on what the group decides together.
The whole thing is not about what I want to create, its more for those who want to learn to present them selves in a more professional manner witch in turn will reshape the outside perception of blind people. The reason why I am using making a game is because the blind gamers, like I have stated above, are the face of the blind community. Because we have such a big online presence, how we articulate ourselves matters and we need bigger and better ideas.
Weather or not you work with audio games doesn't matter. You are a programmer and your input is invaluable.

Your thinking I'm going in with kind of a game in mind. I'm not.
The whole idea is to learn to work together weather or not you don't like someone, brainstorm ideas, and for programmers such as your self to take your programming skills and put them to use.
Weather or not you work with audio games doesn't matter. If you have programming skills I would love to have a meeting with you to see how we can position you to help the team.
I hope this gives you more information as to what I am trying to accomplish.
If any of you have any questions, doesn't matter what questions feel free to ask. If any of you would like to have a 1 on 1 conversation over a voice chatting system to ask your questions, I can do that as well.

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Hello Harison,

This post does clear up a few things. A meeting to discuss what exactly your vision is sounds good.
If you use Twitter, you can reach me on there to discuss specifics. I'm also on Github, both under the same name as my forum. Some creative googling and throwing my real name into Skype should get you in private contact with me soon enough wink Not going to give more concrete details here to not feed the bots wink


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Hello Zersiax. I'm glad to clear some information up for you. I would be more than glad to meet with you.
However I will not try to search you out. I understand you don't want to feed the bots so if you could, send me a private message with your contact details.
Thank you.
I look forward to speaking with you.

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Heads up, sent you a PM smile

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