A friend of mine has published a novel today. It's a period romance set in 18th century Venice. The heroine is Cassanova's sister. It's a retelling of the fairy tale 'Beauty and the Beast'.

It isn't usually my sort of thing but her writing style is light and funny and she's balanced the romance with a very good plot.

The author's name is Victoria Leybourne and the book is called 'The Rose and the Mask: A Beauty and the Beast Retelling'.

The book is available from most retailers and can be purchased in paperback or as an ebook.

If anyone's interested, the amazon.com link is here:
https://www.amazon.com/Rose-Mask-Beauty … d+the+mask

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[wow]! Will definitely buy it thanks! I like soft romance

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Thank you all for taking a look at this thread.

For those who are interested, Victoria Leybourne is currently running a sale to coincide with the release of the new Beauty and the Beast movie. If you're tempted by the book then it might be worth another look.

Also, she currently has a give-away on Good Reads. If you're feeling lucky, why not join it.

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