its super super super super laggy, but its to be expected really. till all the things get worked out commands take a large number of minutes to go through. sucky net of mine doesn't help

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danny? plese have a look  gane  reacting  strange lags  reacting strange

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so guys he gets its lagging unless you uhave a bug to report besides lag, it would be helpful not to spam with already posted posts otherwise he has to spend time reading them instead of actually fixing bugs and the lag issue

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Hi. GData Antivirus don't allow to execute the program dueto virus. of course i can turn it off, but the best situation will be when any antivirus don't report virusses in your game.

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that is not games issue  that is  other  softwares  personal  interface and  systems  so enjoy this  super  nice game

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hi danney can you perhaps add a server sink feeture to deel with lag problems if posseble plees

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Emm, can someone explane to a dumb me how can I exit my ship, this cargo something, model, if it keeps saying that my ship's airlock is still pressurised and stuff, but I didn't how ever try to fly anywhere, even didn't undock from this station. Maybe I am not getting how does it work though, I've just created my character there. And by the way I couldn't get to the cargo bay of this ship, due to the lag issue or something else, my steps work the way "2 instead 1 per click".
The game looks pretty though, but I kinder agree with Connor, it needs a bit more of the time..

Sincerely yours... Lucy.

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Here's some observations about the server issues Danny, I hope this helps:

1. It seems doesn't seem at least from what I have noticed  to be tied to the number fof people online, instead it seems to be as you said earlier tied to CPU usage

Initially  messages seem to work then as the lag gets worse and worse everything seems to slow down the messages flood back and I have noticed messages from the top of the buffer repeating themselves as new messages

Also, it may just be bad timing but I have noticed the cargo bay seems, at least on both my machines, to cause lag when entering it as it seems, at least from a few incidents, to cause everything to just laaaaaaaag when going into the cargo bay, which is  a shame.

Next up is an issue I saw Cuddly getting heated about yesterday, that is currently anyone can access ships and completely and utterly screw up somebody's game no matter if they are online or offline. This needs to be looked at as it is all too easy to dock with somebody, or walk onto somebody's ship at a station and be able to dump it -250,000,000 -243,0000,0000 -2890,000,000 coords away for instance, rending them helpless and unable to play the game without a fairly decent travel time, which could very well drive people away from the game. I totally and utterly get how people would get frustrated with it. So......yes, lockable/ownable ships absolutely need to be a thing, because people are assholes.

Next up, the docking issue. Either there needs to be more stations or the docking ports at Sol station need to be made bigger to accomadate more ships. I counted over 60 ships sat there doing nothing at all and taking up space in the station yesterday. Aditionally, maybe those docked ships could be moved from sensor contacts to a hidden category, as it doesn't make much sense that a ship that is docked should show up on sensors if it's inside a space station. Plus, it clutters up the display and makes it hard to find what you want in a sensor or autopilot list.

Next thing....shortcut keys. I was hoping this'd be a thing in the menus already, but it isn't yet. I was hoping that there'd be a shortcut key so I didn't have to keep going down, down down enter down enter and then down and enter again, as an example, it may well get people killed in the heat of battle once weapons are in the game.

Lastly, I like the game overall, it's actually oddly relaxing once the lag isn't there but holy shitballs it is frustrating when the lag hits, especially for somethiung as active as salvaging,

I mean, it's fun and relaxing, but it is alpha/beta so I'm not expecting it to be perfect, honestly I'd even syay it's not out of alpha yet but I do like it, as betas are (usually) mostly done and this game is still being worked on. Either way I like it. Just want the issues sorted out honestly...

Also a way to turn off that beeping in the cockpit of a ship too ya know

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Greetings all. Right now until this cpu usage is fixt i'm not worryed about implementing future features. I'll have a go now at fixing it, I think I might know where its at so the server may go up and down whildly.

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cool game, keep up the good work bro smile

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yo, i've seen another strange problem, when you exit the game, you're still connected at the server, i took a look at the task manager and saw taht there are still 2 death matchesrunning in the backrounds tab which causes players to still be on the server even when they closed their

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I look forward to check this out when the server is more stable. Keep up the great job Danny.

Best regards SLJ.
If you like the post, then please give it a thumps up.
Feel free to contact me privately if you have something in mind. If you do so, then please send me a mail instead of using the private message on the forum, since I don't check those very often.
Happy gaming... :D

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I think something got screwed up.

RIght now, I landed on Sol Station, and I'm there right now,  12:53pm GMT.

I get the following error

You need to be docked at a place that'll accept cargo.

Thing is, I'm docked to Sol Station. It let me dock first time, so I'm not entirely sure what's going on, it's acting as if I'm not docked to anything at all. I'll try undocking and see what happens...


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Okay. Here's what I did to get the errorj. Step by step so you can reproduce it Danny:

1. Fired up the game after leaving my ship in a debris field overnight, got cargo after taking damange down into the 500s in hull strength down from the initial 1000

Autopilot to Sol Station

3. Docked, and got the docking complete message

4. Waited a few moments

5. Went to the menu from 5,5 and opened it and waited afew seconds in each case for the server to register my commands

6.  Misc > Transfer cargo. "You must be docked at a place that'll accept cargo"

7. Tried it again. Same deal. Which is why I made this post

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I had that same issue I waited a few seconds and tried it again and it worked fine

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So...now the lag's fixed, this game is actually very, very playable and very decent.

Come on guys, give it a whirl. It's free....and....it's actually fun doing cargo runs for the moment and saving up for stuff...

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danny? auto pilot also have  problems  plese have  a look on it

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For the AP I find it helps to set the course THEN activate it, and it should work. I've found if you change the course when you're already flying it tends to go a bit strange but that's an easy fix...set course, activate autopilot.

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remember, autopilot will automaticly off if you arived on your destination...

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Hi. After some antivirus adjustment, I was able to install the game, but I can't connect now to the server. THe server is down?

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Nope server is up right now. Have you tried letting the game through your firewall, and all that fun stuff? That should hopefully help with connecting.

For reference i'm running Sophos/Malwarebytes and no problems connecting here, it just connects straight in.

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i just bought my ship but I can't figure out what to do from there. how do i launch?

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The ship computer has everything you need.

Navigation covers flying and stuff, it's all self explaining.

sStatus is reports on ship stuff

Misc is transferring cargo to get money

Tractor beam is for salvaging

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Where to use this tractor bean module in what tipe and how to do that?
I think on debris field.

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