Very neet. I hope you manage to get through the remaining levels. It's quite good but I was disappointd at the end. Someone hyped it up a bit too much. The thing they said would happen, didn't happen.

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I have a Ubuntu OS so when I have downloaded this game it is not working due to library error so what is the reason?
I have installed the flash drivers to play but it is not worked and also find the reason through net but still it is there.

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Richard (AudioGames) wrote:

It's that time of the year again! Groups of game design students of the Utrecht School of the Arts have developed 13 small audio game prototypes! Try them out and let the developers know what you think in the forum! You can find all the experimental audio games, as well as many others from the previous years, in the Experimental Audio Games Section:  . Have fun!

Its nice game , i have experience to playing it..
Thanks for posting it..
pop art

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I am verry sad.
The links for games and accesible player are brocken.
Can you post these please?

I am your friend, your spam bot reporter, I am what ever do you wan a be to you, but if it is not good, I will not be!
And please, give me a tumbsup, it makes me happy to see one.
Angel Productions, the producer of nothing :)

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I'd love experimental audio games to return but I think they ran out of funding or something. It was always a really fun annual event.

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is all these games available on audiogames.net archive?

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