ok, i think my skills are to low for the game. I fly tu the czech republic and i control with P. The closest distance to austria was i think 50 KM. But euro fly sad i entered the airspace. I try after that fly over a other cuntry like Poland. But then i entered german Airspace.

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Please, fly to the Slovakia, Czech republic is neighbor country to the Slovakia.

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i started in slovakia.

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Hi everybody,

I'm really excited to start playing the game, but i seem to be having a bit of an issue. I hope it's solution is as effortless as I suspect it might be.

So, I created my profile, and i'm sitting on the runway, trying to begin task 1, but I can't seem to take off. I'll take you through my exact process, just to make sure i'm not missing something simple.

    1) Find frequency, enter it, and enter my transponder code
2) Close door, buckle belt, fill up on fuel.
3) Check rellevent aircraft information, listen to my task, and assign my destination
4) Turn on both engines, extend flaps, deactivate brakes.
5) Turn on audio navigation, check angle, fuel, etc. and get permission for take off.

And, hence comes my difficulty. Everywhere i'm reading says that I need to press the home or end keys to adjust thrust, but when I do this, nothing happens. No matter what I do, I can't seem to adjust my thrust whatsoever, and I can't take off.

Any insight would be absolutely appreciated. I'm so ready to play this game, haha

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If you're using Jaws, this could be the issue. Jaws is having an interference with the home key and other keys in general.
For this you have two alternatives.
1. Press insert 3, and then press home, and don't release it until you reach the necessary speed to take off.
2. Install the Eurofly  Scripts from their web-site, which will allow you to accelerate without any interference.
This last option didn't seem to work for everyone though.

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Thanks so much for the help! The script fixed my problem right away, and was incredibly easy to install after I figured out where the correct folder was. Thanks so much!

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Could someone please upload the mod for the aircrafts again? The dropbox link doesn't work.

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Mod for aircrafts? can any eexplain me better, which aircrafts, and can someone post a link for that!!! smile

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