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Hi All.
After months of development and testing I’m pleased to announce that Tube Sim, The latest game from N A Soft has been released.
Tube Sim is a train simulator for windows based on the London Underground system played completely in audio. Using over 600 sounds learn how to drive a train on this iconic part of London.
Tube sim has been designed to be as realistic as possible using information based on the real world train system. One place that it does differ from the real world, you can drive it for free.
So grab the dead man handle. Close your doors and let’s go underground.
Get more information and the game from:
Both an installer and portable version of the game are available.

Happy driving.

Nick Adamson.

It is grat that this game has been released.
As a beta tester of this game I have to said that it is amazing work.
Great sound and great simulation and all thinks.
Thanks nick for the great job.

Major issue IMO. Apart from the driver's school, a lot of the information except for the information is way too quiet.

Yaaaay, lets check this out.

Hi. First of all, congrats again Nick for your release. As a beta tester, I was sure that the comunity will receive this amazing gift from Santa, as expected. If you have any questions, you can pm me or ask here. SO, come in the cab and have together a fun journey.

[wow]! awesome!
damn can't try it now, I am on a trip sad
will try again if I arive back to my home!
thanks for the game!

Hi nick,
I wish to say a big congrats to your realse, nice work.
\\One thing that I'd like to say is that the announcement voice from the demo seemed to be nicer. Maybe you can implement it as a soundpack or something?

This may seem like a weird question but how do you close the program when you are in a mission I tried alt f 4 but did not work also escape did not work either?

Escape pauses the game.
If you were driving a real train you wouldn't be able to just leave it in the middle of a tunnel and i've done the same thing in Tube Sim.
To end a run early hit F7 and you radio the control room asking for relief. When you open the doors at the next station your shift finishes and your taken to the main menu where you can exit the game from.
Hope this helps.

Nick Adamson.

Hi, thanks for this awesome simulator! I just finished the school for it. I'm afraid to actually start going on missions because I don't want to do anything wrong. I did notice something, when you open the right-hand door, or close it, the sound is only on the left-hand side.

are the places in this sim real places in London?

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Hi flame_elchemist

Yes, they are all real places and tube stops.
The map is generated from data for london who run the real world tube system.

Nick Adamson.

This game is very good. I like simulators.

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Looks like if you brake the train hard with the emergency break by letting go of the dead man switch, the passengers don't really seem to mind. You should put in like some reaction sounds or something. Also, on the outside view, aren't the breaks like a lot louder than they are inside the train? I'm not sure about how tube trains work because I've only ridden passenger trains here though. Still, fun game.
Also if you drive past a station without stopping it just lets you do it., I assume that you lose customer service points though. What happens if you get 0? Hmmmmm

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Had alot of fun testing this game and hope everyone has fun playing it! It's a great sim!!

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For some odd reason I can't ever manage to stop at a new station. The alarms never play.

Quick question. I'm reading the docs and I see this.

, key – move up the on screen menu.
. Key – move down the on screen menu.

I can't hear what key these are. What keys are they? I think safari is not rendering the n dash correctly. Lol~

Will give this a try.

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comma and period

Thanks for that, no clue what happeend thre wiht safari. Lol!

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Ahoy all
Another great release by NASoft!
Thank you @NickAdamson for this wonderful and realistic train simulator.
I have just done a few missions so far and ran a scheduled run, although I keep on forgetting to announce on the PA system, those sods must be getting it right maybe a few crushed fingers... anyhow, I'm enjoying it.
And quite good to have something new to try out this Christmas, as well.
There have been 2 good simulators out so far, Eurofly and now TubeSim. I suppose I could now call my self both being capable of driving a train and all sorts of plains not many could say the same,eh. wink

All that said though, I'd really like to appreciate the way the driving school was done, the finest example of a ingame tutorial I have ever seen, not to mention the music and the atmosphere of the game as a whole is amazing.
Keep it up, nick. and thanks a bunch!


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Thanks grryf

Nick Adamson.

hello all this is a nice game but i do not now how to move the train please help me thanks alot

excuse me i do not know how to move train

I can move the train. I'm stuck, because the alarm to tell you what side to open never ply. Am I doing something wrong?

I am sorry, what means this sawtooth beeping sount at the left speaker in mission?
Thank You.

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