A short text based strategy game.  You start with 100 bags of grain and 100 hungry peasants.  You need to grow food, prevent floods and guard against bandits.  There is a weather forecast to help you plan for droughts, sunny spells, rain or those dreaded floods.  The aim of the game is to survive 10 seasons and add to your game score.  Works out of the box with any screen reader.  An expanded version of this game is planned with audio and graphics.  5th free title available at www.rockywaters.co.uk - enjoy.

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I'll try it out

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I'm surprised this title hasn't received more comments. While it's pretty easy to figure out a strategy to keep your peasants from going hungry, I personally think this game has major potential. I for one am looking forward to an expanded version with more disasters and variables to keep it interesting. But as it is now, it's a fun way to kill a few minutes of your time.

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I was actually playing this the other day.
I did enjoy the management aspects and working out by trial and error how many guards or flood workers I needed for each season, but I did find things a bit limited given that there aren't many types of weather or types of resource and your actual options aren't huge, eg, you tend to just find numbers that work and stick to them.

I agree with Turtlepower, this has awesome potential for expantion with more things to play with.

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