So literally about 5 hours ago I decided to install chrome. What a treat.
Seriously, web browsing has never been faster for me. Forget firefox - I switched to chrome and, aside from a few minor issues I won't be looking back anytime soon.
So, with that being said - what do folks recommend? I've already installed adblock plus - anything else I should keep in mind or that folks find useful and accessible? I know chrome is quite a huge deal and isn't only limited to addons. So any advice for a first timer?

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I personally like Mozilla firefox because it is a very accessible web browser, especially in form fields and steady in general web serfing. Also, it is the only accessible web browser which is maintained and frequently updated.

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I've tried my hand at chrome as well but never managed to get used to it, and the fact that nvda keeps saying unknown dozens of times when I connect to a web page made me quit really quickly. Firefox all the way!!!

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I also love using firefox, although I wish it was a bit faster sometimes. Maybe it's time to give Chrome a try.

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Try Chromevox, you might or might not like it. It's what Google made for Chrome.

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Yeah, you should try chromevox, and adblock plus.

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Hi. I join all those, who say Firefox all the way! Chrome is somewhat unfamiliarly strange, even if it might be currently the only browser to support webmidi, but hey - it plays fool most of the time instead of recognizing devices so what's there to talk about.

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Hi timberwolf1991.

I am thinking of switching to Chrome permanently as I'm having trouble with Firefox and deleting bookmarks.


I had to remove the reddit link. I've deleted chrome and don't think I'll be using it in the future.

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I gave up on firefox with NVDA a while ago. Used to be pretty decent up until 6 months or so ago.
I use it when I have to or when things don't work with chrome. With the new firefox coming out firefox will be noticeably slower unless I use the ESR build. All done. Chrome is lightning quick - to those who haven't tried it in years, I seriously suggest you do so.
I have a chrome sounds add on, adblock plus, as well as a few others.
Browsing the web on an asus transformer book t100 using chrome faster than my AMD fx8350 with firefox.
I truly miss the days of browsing the web on windows xp. Now it's all about those graphics and stupid videos baby! Unless you get super complicated with noscript.

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Curious, what's the sounds addon you use? Also yeah chrome is amazing. I'll of course check out this new firefox, but I'm soled on chrome pretty hard at this point. That being said ff still does have it's uses at times.


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I know there's also an addon for muting tabs, I'm about to go find it myself. Forget what it's called off the top of my head, sorry.


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James, I heard that FF57 will probably not works well with screen readers.

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These are just some of mine.
https://chrome.google.com/webstore/deta … nfo-dialog
https://chrome.google.com/webstore/deta … nfo-dialog
https://chrome.google.com/webstore/deta … nfo-dialog

I forget what the difference between the two sound add ons are but I use both combined.

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great videogame music websites: http://www.vgmusic.com and http://gh.ffshrine.org/soundtracks.php?r=533

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I'm using chrome right now to write this and completely agree with timberwolf1991.

Chrome is a lot faster than firefox for me.

I can also delete bookmarks when ever I wish. This was an issue with Firefox for me and had been on and off ever since I started using it.

NVDA has this thing where when you press enter Chrome speaks what you've tiped which might be useful if you're a beginner to screen readers but for me it's a little annoying.

Have you experienced this timberwolf1991?

Here's a feature I'd suggest people try out, even if you just download chrome once.

You can do a voice search from google using google Chrome. You could arrow down and press enter on the button, in fact I think you have to do that to allow the feature to work for the first time. Once you've done that, there is an easier way to access this feature. On windows it is control shift full stop, (piriod.) and on the mac it is command shift full stop, (piriod.)

This feature has made me very excited.

"Why? Surely it's just like Siri or Cortana, right?" Nope! This feature is awesome and shows what google is doing to improve Artificial inteligence in its browser.

You can ask google, for example, "Who is Harry potter?" The text to speech will reply with a little snipet of a Wikipedia article. Then, and hear is where the magic happens, you can ask it things like, "Where did he go to school?" "How old is he?" "Does he have a girlfriend?"

The magic doesn't stop at the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Oh no! How about fruit, do you like fruit? I do. I'll be the first to admit I'm not someone who counts calories but I found this to be awesome.

I pressed control shift full stop, (piriod,) and asked "How many calories are in an Apple?" the text to speech told me that there are 52 calaries in 100 grams of apple, not exactly what I was looking for but it's better than nothing. I thought okay, that's cool but let's try something. I then pressed the shortcut and asked, "what about Bananas?" The text to speech then told me that there are 89 calaries in 100 grams of Banana.

Isn't that awesome?

It doesn't stop there!

I thought, okay, let's test this awesome AI thing. I asked, "What is Braille?" The text to speech told me what Braille was, so I then pressed the shortcut and asked, "Who invented it?" I got the correct reply.

Alright, I thought, let's try something a little trickier. "When did he die?" It told me.

Wow, okay, I bet it doesn't know this next one, I thought, thinking i'd one and that I'd be a little disappointed. "Does he have any sisters or brothers?"

It told me the answer!

What about spelling?

I know, and i'm sure people who read my posts know that I'm not a very good speller. I'm working on it but progress is slow. That's okay, I have google to help me out.

If you want to know how to spell a word, just press the shortcut for your opperating system, then say something like, "How do you spell..." word you want to spell.

If you're British like me you might get a little frustrated with certain words. According to google when I say, "How do you spelll trickier," it thought I said "How do you spell trachea."

That's okay, i'm sure this feature will be useful to me in the months and years to come.

This is so awesome. the AI remembers what you've asked it and searches  for the answer.

Some negatives.

1. You do have to ask your question quite quick. I think it's a minute apart, otherwise it seams to forget.

2. It seems you can't be on the search box or the text that says, search with voice and must be above it where the buttons and the rest of the page is.

I hope you enjoy playing around with the voice search as much as I will.

If you like harry potter fan fiction, click on this link to download a zipped folder containing 9 point something gigs of harry potter fan fiction when unzipped. It's around 3 gigs zipped. https://tinyurl.com/y9dl9zev

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Guys, try Ublock, it is more advance and secure then Adblock plus.

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Hello, ok, chrome haters, well not haters but still. Let me clarify something. When chrome says unknown, you alt tab out then back in chrome window and that's all right. If you want to view what's in this question window press ins+numpad4 to go backwards or ins+numpad6 to go forward. Chrome is damn lightning fast, that's right, chrome users. Yes, addblock makes your chrome use more ram and load your CPU up by much. Yes, it's better to use ublock than addblock plus. Question: before i download this sounds addon for chrome, let me know what sounds it plays? for what actions? Question: people, why do you think chrome is strange? no strange things for me here. Confirming: Yes, artificial inteligence is amazing, i do agree on this point. Firefox blaming: firefox has become slow, cpu loading, and non accesible browser. Well, almoast non accesible. Sorry for my spelling, but pf. Well, guess that's all. For now.

flawless victory!

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@brad that's strange, must be something with your NVDA settings because it doesn't do that for me.

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Hi. I didn't say exactly, that I hate Chrome, but it simply doesn't work for me.
Ictually I have been trying to use it only for one thing. Yamaha has this thing called soundmondo, which is a patch sharing platform for their ReFace series of keyboards. I personally have and actually really like the Dx fm synth from that kind even despite it's touch based editing, but the idea of this kind of online social place just to store and share patches is not so cool with me. Why not just do it the oldschool way without all this modern social stuff.
What makes me so frustrated is the fact, that the damthing simply is not reliable. I'm not exactly sure though, what is broken here: the browser or the website. I got it to work previously on XP, but strangely enough now on 10 it simply doesn't see my device, while obviously driver is correctly installed and for all the darkness - other things recognize it with no problems.
So I won't be bothering this topic and other happy Chrome users any longer, but I just took the opportunity to share some other kind of experience regarding to most other ones.
Thanx for reading and hell knows, may-be it becomes better in the future.

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balls to firefox. chrome is best. especially with jaws. firefox is slow and shitty. only reason I use it still is because the UFC site still uses flash and chrome has a problem with that.

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I switched to Chrome a month or two ago and love it. As others have said, it has a couple of tiny quirks, but it seriously is much better than Firefox.

I think the add-on for muting tabs that someone was looking for is called The Great Suspender. I use this add-on myself and find it very useful for when I open a bunch of articles in different tabs, but don't have time to read them all at that particular moment.

I use F123 Access, since that appears to be one of the add-ons that's going to go bye bye in Firefox once version 57 comes out. I can use WhatsApp Web, and it works great. it also isn't nearly as slow as it was in Firefox back when the add-on still worked.

For security purposes, I use Privacy Badger, UBlock origin, and HTTPS Everywhere, all add-ons that were also available in Firefox, so I was very happy to see them alive and well in Chrome as well. I also use the extension for Private Internet Access, the VPN I subscribe to, and it's pretty neat to be able to just activate that in my browser and not for all my internet traffic. of course, in most use cases it makes more sense to just run the main application, but it's cool to know that the feature is there if I want it.

One thing that was almost a dealbreaker for me was the lack of a reader view in Chrome by default. Luckily, if you install Mercury Reader, you can fix that problem easily. Now you can read your articles in peace, with no ads or extra crap, just like you could in Firefox.

There are a few other add-ons that I use, but these are the ones that the greatest amount of people would probably find the most interesting.

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So, I use Chromevox when I am on Linux, and LINE all the time, but don't bother with LINE it's a messenger application, anyway. Is this F123 thing usable? I mean, what can it do?

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F123 Access is an add-on which formats some popular websites in such a way that they work better with screen readers. As I said, one of them is WhatsApp Web, which is the one I care about. They also have a Facebook module, and it performs some other general tweaks on other sites, such as reformatting of headings. I think it has a database where people can submit labels for links and stuff on specific websites, but I don't know if that feature ever went live or if it was just something I heard they wanted to do. Also, most of the packages it comes with can be disabled, so that if you don't like the way certain sites have been changed, you can just get rid of that module.

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I have used chrome off and on, its updated a lot version 61. something currently.
Privacy badger, ublock origin and https everywhere all work.
They also have a section to install extra accessibility features oh and you get cloud print which a lot more devices support.
The gripes I have is that their password system remembers everything.
Thats ok with my secured devices but if I go to another person's place I'd like to exclude a device from accepting all my history, twitter etc, logins passwords etc and be able to clear that device off without destroying all the accounts saved on that device, I am not sure about noscript, but still.
For me that and the fact firefox will not save anything that can't be ccleaned is why I still use it.
Going forward I plan to stick it out with firefox, chrome usually works but sometimes it doesn't.
I had a system I was working on that went down after win10 updates due to driver issues and the fact the support program for the hp didn't give me all the updates it should have.
I managed to get it working but during that I suspected an error somewhere and took it back to the shop.
Either google tried to update while there or something but when it came back my google configurations were corrupted, I reinstalled chrome but then I had to recreate everything else again.
I have had it where updates didn't happen for chrome then suddenly a restart and the system sat there, the user eventually just turned it off.
Restarting had me not only have to redo the update I didn't know existed in the first place but make sure everything was restored right.
So far so good but google chrome is fine when it works, but naah.

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some questions. first, does google docs sheets and slides work in chrome, if so with what screen readers does it work best? next, does rumola captcha solver work with chrome? last, jaws keeps telling me about misspellings in edit fields, how do i turn this off? also is there a shortcut to quickly get to the chrome web store?

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I can't help with most of your questions, but in theory, yes, Rumola should work with Chrome. I think you should be able to apply the bookmarklet the same way you would in Firefox. I haven't tried this, since I paid for Captcha Be Gone, which actually was a stupid choice on my part, but that's another story. To get to the Chrome store, go to chrome.google.com/webstore. Then you can search the same way you would if you were going to addons.mozilla.org.

The glass is neither half empty nor half full. It's just holding half the amount it can potentially hold.

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