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The site database is a lot like a woman.
It's composed of entries that keep needing to be constantly updated every time a new game comes out or changes.

Why is that like a woman? Well it is like a woman if she's like the site database, ---- yes, I probably should've mentioned that.
So, the site database is like a woman provided that woman is like the site database, which in fairness the vast majority of women actually aren't most women not being composed of php code and game entries, but hay there could be one? Heck, maybe the site database is more like a man provided that man is composed of php code and game entries, ---- which again most really aren't, though if this php code woman and this php code man got together they could get married and have lots of php code children, which would be freaky, ---- wait a minute, we already have those, they're called viruses! gaaaaah! the php code people are trying to take over the world! it's all true! It all makes sence! run for your lives, run for the hills, or anywhere the php code people can't find you!
But wait a minute, there isn't anywhere! noooooo! the human race is doooomed! Dooooooomed!

Hmmm, oh yes what was I thinking about, ah, updates. Well yes we have some of those, better enjoy them while you can!

Updates by dark:
the wastes:Added link to The wastes mods page where various extra items and conditions and such can be found to add to the game.
Crazy party: fixed license type.
Zompocalypse: Entry, description and links (at last.

Added new homepage and download links from the audiogames archive site for 3D snake, Snake, Dark destroyer, Duck blaster, Tarzan Junior, Showdown, The snowball war, The savage gamut, Chicken killer, Maze game (tdl), 15 numbers and World of legends.

3D snake: cleaned up and updated description.
Snake: Completely rewrote description.

Added audiogames archive links to pages of Topspeed, Topspeed 2, topspeed 3, Packman talks, Sarah, Superdog's bone hunt, Interceptor, Traders of known space, Yellow bonnet, and the wastes.

Packman talks: Added link to download the Dos version (though with a note it won't run on post xp windows).
topspeed 3: Added short, placeholder description.
Updated title of Savage Gamut which was incorrectly savage gambit, cleaned up and expanded description.

Audio hub games: Added link to Sam Tupy's review.

Frandum: entry, description and links.
Altered descriptions of Bsc's free titles to reflect new hosting, though kept license type as "unknown"
Crazy darts: changed genre to arcade games since it's really not a sports game.

Beatstar pro: updated page with details of the new minigames, and added list formatting.
World of legends: Updated and in some places rewrote description..

Added by Sebby:

Your Story: entry, description.

Heathcote: entry, description.

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Just a question, how can PHP code people reproduce? It was something I kind of had to bring up big_smile.

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How do you think they reproduce? Really slender, I thought someone would've told you all about the boards and the bbs before now big_smile.

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Much to my utter horror and dismay, nobody ever told me! Can you enlighten me, my dear humble servant?

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How Boards and BBS reproduce.

When boards and BBS get together, they create friction that make the
device hot.
Usually it results in some WikiLeaks.
But if if it gets too intense, the device will burst into flames like
with the Galaxy Note 7
If this happens to your device, I suggest giving it a cold shower.

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Though with the whole Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, you just need to be sure it doesn't decide to give your house a very hot shower, or maybe be careful in case it decides to throw grenades, or maybe turn in to an in game weapon. Seriously, a mod for GTA 5 now apparently features a Galaxy Note 7 as a weapon. Though of course, you could always put the Note 7 in a fireplace, in that case that fire would go for a very long time, and would keep a house warm for weeks and weeks, I bet.

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This topic needs a trigger warning. smile

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