the problem is, if voiceover read the texts automatically, many would most likely skip over each other.  What I've been doing so far is reading a couple behind the latest message.
Brilliant game by the way.  I'm loving the lore and atmosphere.

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I've been playing this since July and love the enhancements for VoiceOver. I'd be interested to check out rotor actions in the game as I don't think we have any apps that implement this. By rotor actions, do you mean custom rotors that you get to by turning the rotor? Is it the actions rotor that's been around since iOS 6? Reading messages automatically should be possible using the API for VO. I am not a programmer, so I can't really give much information on that other than to say I know it's possible.

Grab my Adventure at C: stages Right here.

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Now on chapter 4, stil loving it.

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@shrike, we'd absolutely love to have an auto-reading feature, and we tried to build one. Unfortunately Apple's technology doesn't allow queueing of VoiceOver spoken text. Whenever new messages would come in, it would interrupt whatever was being read. We're hoping Apple gives more control to developers when it comes to VoiceOver, and we'll be looking at iOS updates to see if anything enables us to build this feature in the future.

@dan_c, thank you so much for your kind feedback.

@chris, iOS 10 allows a developer to add rotor custom for the app. We're still researching the feature, but I believe it will allow you to select a Timecrest rotor that would allow you to quickly jump between objects we define, such as system messages. As I said, we're still researching, so I can't really give too much information yet, but we'll see if there's anything good we can do there.

@kingzombie, glad to hear you're enjoying the journey!

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Absolutely loving the game so far!
Still only on chapter 1, I've been restarting so I could try different choices lol, but I think I'll start actually playing and get on with the story.
If there ever were to be an auto read feature, I'd like a toggle, as, personally, I don't really see the need for one, as you get a sound for when new messages come in, and when all are received. That's just my own opinion, however.
Loving the game so far like I said.
Keep up the good work!

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@Cowbunny, what one developer did with a similar game, One button travel was have a routine hwich passed the messages directly to a different voice on the Iphone, effectively having the texts spoken but not directly with voiceover, indeed you still needed vo if you wanted to reread the incoming texts since they were only spoken once.
To be honest though, I really wasn't that bothered about the feature, since firstly it seemed a lot of work to waste on just avoiding one finger swipe for a message, and secondly it could actually get a little irritating if you were doing something else on your phone and a message came in and started speaking streight off or you wanted to reread something in the game since you then needed to use vo to go back and read the history, but might get an incoming message speaking while you were rereading an older message, plus you couldn't change the in game voice, it was always stuck on Samantha. Samanthas' voice did go with One button travel's distopean time travel theme and the game's rather grim background music, but I wouldn't say it was %100 necessary from an access perspective, for myself I'm quite happy with the way messages come in now.

I do however agreee with Shrike that the alypsis is a bit incongruous. I know it is a punctuation symbol, but am not exactly sure which symbol it is or what it means (I've only ever heard voiceover refer to alypsis, I presume the pc screen readers call it dash or equals or greaterthan or something else).

I gather it means something liek a pause or an emoticon or something, since it usually comes up when Ash is surprised or bothered, but it might be nice if that had a text alternative, like hmmm, or mmm, or aaa or something that a person would use in speech.

I'm now on chapter four as well and am still very much liking the game. I really like the soundtrack and would love a  copy to listen to on my pc (it reminds me of the music from some of the Final fantasy games), indeed you might consider selling a copy on your website for people to download, since while I know it's possible to buy in game I wouldn't mind adding it to my general music collection, ---- oh, and no, I'm afraid I don't use itunes since Itunes is pure evil! big_smile.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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I am now playing chapter 6. This game keeps on getting better. I also like the soundtrack.

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The ellipsis is just ... It can mean a bunch of things, I kind of interpret as a placeholder for Ash being confused or pondering or nonplussed.

Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic.

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Yep stewee your probably right.

I'm a little stuck on chapter four, or at least I've died twice and am trying again. I will say having to wait for  texts from ash you've already seen is a little urcsome, since I just want to get to the choices so I can try another alternative, but it doesn't matter too much, though I would be a little bothered if I went and bought teleport orbs or time crystals and then died which is an  effective waste of the purchice. Then again I've not actually bought anything with in game currency yet since I'd rather just wait and most purchices either of crystals or of teleport orbs seem to revolve around speeding up in game timers which is fare enough, but not something I really feel I need to spend on exactly, and on those few occasions where the choice is buy a teleport orb or do something else I've usually had one through other methods like the time crystals for visiting the timecrest website or just the dayly rewards.

Still, you might consider having the ability if users spend money to get the item added perminantly to the pouch, indeed you could consider making some spends perminant items so once you buy them that story path alternative is open, ---- though manifestly this might necessitate making some choices in the game such as the choice to explore ion use a different perminant item to teleport orbs.

Actually I'd love to support the game since I'm really enjoying it, I've just not found any opportunities to do so that would enhance my playing experience thus far.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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35 (edited by the best in the world 2016-10-19 21:24:29)

Hi all. I must say I love this game. I'm on chapter 4 so far. I died once. but this game is epic. the story is amazing, the soundtrack is fantastic. keep up the good work. though I agree with dark. I wish there was away to fast forward through the messages that you've seen before.  smile

Hi, my Skype name is, anr1235, feel free to add me if you wish, i love to make new friends, and thanks.

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I have a suggestion, could you add notifications for when the busy timer is done, so if I am in another app or doing something else I will no when I can play again?

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We're asking the Applevis people as well what they think of the ellipsis. Essentially, three periods typically indicates the character trailing off with a pause, and not finishing the thought, or thinking like @stewie said. For some reason, VoiceOver doesn't read this with a pause, but instead likes to say the jarring "ellipsis". We're thinking of having pronunciation mode filter these out, perhaps replace them all with periods so that the screen reader just pauses there before moving on.

Most of the music was by Andrew Riley of Lucky Lion Studios. You can find his work available to purchase (including the songs used in Timecrest) on his site http://luckylionstudios.com/royalty-fre … c-library/ though some people said this site is annoying to navigate with a screen reader. The songs we used in Timecrest from here are the following:

Casual Heroics
Forgotten Pathway
Another Realm
Crossing Swords
Chasing Fate
Distant Lands

@dark, getting stuck in Chapter 4 is a little bit of a design flaw and a holdover from our original iteration of writing the game. A hint: if you haven't yet learned powerful enough magic to handle the hooded man, you might want to stay and resolve things with the King.

Items are somewhat permanent, as when you start a new Timecrest 1 or 2 game from the top menu, you keep all of your relationships, most key items, Time Crystals, Gold and so on. An example of this is a Dispel Ring bought late in the game, will help you early on in your next playthrough of the early chapters.

@the best in the world, thanks for your warm feedback. We're hoping we can do something with the rotor to navigate quicker through the messages. We're still investigating.

@kingzombie The game should be notifying you when the busy timers are done. It should prompt you for permission to do so the first time you run the app. Please ensure that notifications are enabled for Timecrest in the Apple Settings app on your phone. Scroll down to Timecrest and ensure Notifications are enabled.

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so coooool game and i my self am in chapter 5 or something, the game is so accessible and there is no buggs, keep up the great work smile

no despair with life, and no life with despair.

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39 (edited by kingzombie 2016-10-20 23:38:08)

Sometimes it speaks the first message Ash says after the timer is done as a notification, but vary rarely.

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@abdullah_mohammad, thanks for the feedback! Please tell us if anything goes wrong.

@kingzombie, it should be consistently doing that. We'll do some testing to see if anything broke and get back to you. Thanks for reporting.

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41 (edited by kingzombie 2016-10-24 23:11:11)

I have just completed all 10 chapters of timecrest! I really enjoyed the story and I will go through it again with different choices. This is one of the best IOS games I have played. Can't wait for timecrest 3!

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@kingzombie Thanks so much! We're so glad you enjoyed it. We definitely left a lot there for you to explore. One of our players, Ben, played through the game 100 times and he said he's still discovering new stuff.

We're busy writing, and we can't wait until we have even more story for you to experience!

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I wanted to mention that BlindfuryKat has started VoiceOver Let's Play on Youtube for Timecrest that we are enjoying.

It starts with this video which combines a review with a Let's Play here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zbhr6Obe2DA

And it continues into Episode 1 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gr_ojgCf4g

Please join us in encouraging her to continue creating this content! We're really enjoying it and we hope you do too.

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hi. i played timecrest and i've won it, so i'm gonna give my honest thoughts, what i liked and what i disliked.
first, the storyline. well, it's good in some places, in some others it sucks. i really feel timecrest 1 was just to get you up and running with the world, how things work/make you meat a couple of people.
second, ending on cliff hanger is not cool, not cool at all. why? well, play through chapter 10 and find out.
what i thought of people.
the necro girl, i forgot her name is my favorite so i've built up relationship with her first. i like her, parshly because of an aura of secrets about her, parshly because she likes to lie/mess with people, and parshly of the way how she talks.
A.C. is my second favorite, mainly because of same things as the necro, though his complaints such as: "i knew it was a bad idea to come here" in chapter 8 are kindof funny.
roger, you're up. i think of him as a little jerky/to comfident/having a bit too much pride. he's the last guy i'm going to build up relationship with just because i don't really like him.
i really enjoyed timecrest and i'm replaying it once again. but a couple of questions.
1. does buying the dispel ring werth it? you need to get through the one of mounts passeges in chapter 5. i mean it costs 675 gold...
2. in chapter 8 when you get the map of timecrest, cant you make ash go into libery and get the another spell either gravitass or levitass? (i'm sorry, i know i misspell them, but i don't have my i-pad with me so cant really check.)
3. a bugs can be found in chapter 7 and 8, mostly with text, but there's one where you don't need to buy teleport orb but you can still use one to get to nightshade forest i think, not sure.
4. most of the choices in timecrest are either you're nice to Ash or you don't have a heart at all, that only give replay ability for 2, maximum 3 games.
5. come on, in chapter 10 you send ash upstairs: ash is climbing. 1h 30min or something. really? i could have ran up the stairs a billion times now.
6. this game is good and i cant wait for timecrest 3 or 4, i might even pay if needed.

Thumbs up


@Amerikranian I'm 99.99% sure you can only learn levitas or gravitas, not both spells in a playthrough.

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46 (edited by Jason SW 2016-11-08 13:10:03)

I'm on my second playthrough now, and I'm really enjoying it. I've spent a good amount of money on time crystals so far. Heh.
I chose the friendly responses last time, so this time I'm being a total jerk to Ash, just to see how it changes things, haha. I have the dispel ring now, and I'm going to get the generator when it becomes available again.

Thumbs up


@amerikranian We really appreciate your honest thoughts. We use all feedback to try to make things better.

We're sorry you didn't like that there was a cliffhanger. We're writing new story as quickly as we can, and haven't been holding anything back. The 200,000 words we wrote in the last year was as fast as we could go (and a pretty fast pace even compared to prolific novelists), and we're writing every day so that we can get more story to everyone as quickly as we can. We're only two people making this game, so I hope everyone can be a little patient.

We're a big fan of Elise. She's funny, interesting and talented. We have lots more of her story to tell.

As for your questions:

1. The Dispel Ring can change a few of the sections that use illusions. It's a key item that is kept with you when you play through again, so you can use it multiple times. If it's worth it is up to you.

2. Currently you can only learn either Levitas or Gravitas in a single playthrough.

3. If you have any issues with spelling or grammar, please send them to our support link and we'll get them fixed. There is a button to contact support in our settings menu.

4. There is a lot of replay ability because decisions earlier on can change a lot of scenes later on. For example, Chapter 10 is completely different depending on which characters have died. The game takes into account things that happened in the past. There is a path where an entire village is destroyed in the earlier chapters, that can change what happens later on.

5. Sorry you didn't like the delay. We'll take a look at it and see if there is any way to make it more realistic.

6. We're getting it to you as quick as possible.

@Jason SW Thank you so much for your feedback and we're glad you're enjoying the game. Tell us what you like and didn't like, and we'll try to make the game better.

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hey post 47, you're fine. cliff hanger is fine, anyway. it just means i will not forget about this game like i did about the some others, (*coughs*, the gate).
2 people working on this huge game? nice. for spellings i only meant in chapter 7 a c says something about gam bling and when he says if we'll win ash and me will get 100 gold out of the pot, not 200, this is a small thing but still. i don't remember chapter 8. i'm saving up for the dispel ring right now so...

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amerikranian wrote:

hey post 47, you're fine. cliff hanger is fine, anyway. it just means i will not forget about this game like i did about the some others, (*coughs*, the gate).
2 people working on this huge game? nice. for spellings i only meant in chapter 7 a c says something about gam bling and when he says if we'll win ash and me will get 100 gold out of the pot, not 200, this is a small thing but still. i don't remember chapter 8. i'm saving up for the dispel ring right now so...

Thanks! We've been working extremely hard.

If you're talking about the spicy fish bet, at the beginning of the bet, Ash hands over 100 gold for the bet to put in the middle of the pot, and will get 200 upon winning the bet, giving you a total of 100 more at the end. Tell me if it happened differently for you!

Hope you get your Dispel Ring soon! It's a key item, so you'll keep it between runs of Timecrest.

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aah ok then. no tipo, i think the bug in chapter 8 is that you can teleport somewhere without needing an orb. i bot the dispel and i'm currently going to hide out in Lial, not the mountin like i meant to, i'm going to see if ash gets bored before me, smile.

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