Yes, unbelievable as it might be, we have yet more! site updates for you today.
You might think this is because we've been working extremely hard to update the database with links from the very awesome Audio archive site. However you'd be wrong, it's actually due to a new program we've adopted with the Agnet Cyber elves. No, it doesn't involve either death, torture or threats of being fed to the grue.
It does however involve coffee, ---- lots and lots of coffee, ---- plus of course large servings of death, torture, and threats of being fed to the Grue, though I'm not really sure if all that coffee is good for grues or not.

Either way, people should enjoy this period of enforced productivity (enforced with extreme prejudice!), since it is letting us get a surprising amount of good stuff done, ---- now excuse me, methinks I hear a Grue with the shakes!

        Updates by dark:

Fixed homepage link to Hammer of glory.
Rhythm rage: Entry, description and links.

Updated Homepage and download links from the audiogames archive for Night of parasite, Cc solitare, X wing patrol, Shellshock, Wrecking ball, Enemy attack, Damage extreme, and Battlezone.
Audiogame hub: Added links to Applevis page and podcast.

Added Audiogames archive link to pages of 15 numbers, Bobby, Crazy darts, Deakout, Finger panic, Hunter, Pipe, Pipe 2 Blast chamber, Sonic match, Troopanum, Troopanum 2, Wordstrain volume 1, Wordstrain volume 2, Super Deakout, Drone, Maze craze, Chain link, Christmas whoopass, Alien outback, Change reaction, Dynaman, Esp pinball classic, Esp pinball xtreme, Esp Whoopass, Monkey business, Pbx pinball party pack, Ten pin alley, Ultimate soundocue, Dragon pong, Operation blacksquare, Skate scape, March massacre attack from space, Droid flip, Road to rage I, fires of war, Slender lost vision, Entombed, Freedom Millionaire, Freedom wheel of fortune, Gma cards, Time of conflict,Vip mud, Gma dice, Gma tank commander, Lonewolf, Gma mine buster, Shades of doom, Trek 2000, Gma lander, Tactical battle, Sound Rts, Sound mud, Super Mario Bros Audio edition, Escape the dark legion, Towering tones, Coupling, Stripwar, Tripple J shooter, Homer on a harley, Game of life, Nfl, Scunk, Baseball, Mac 1 tts, Casino, Concentration, Hangman, Snakes and ladders (Kitchinsinc), Mastermind, Starmule, Battleships, Trivia, Trucker, Yahtzee, Dungeon master, Mac 1, Press your luck, Puppy 1, Boppit (kitchinsinc), Golf, Pong, Simon, Spanker, Awesome Homer and Pizza delivery.

Bobby: Miner update about the sad passing of Thomas Ward.

judgement day: Changed license and note that the game is now abandonware.
Insect therapy: Entry, description and links.

Added note to all Kitchinsinc titles about the sad death of Jim Kitchin.

Puppy 1: Miner typo fix.
Spanker: Cleaned up and partially rewrote entry.

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Hi, Dark. Thanks for the updates.
I just wanted to point out one small typo. The release of Manamon seems to be misregistered as 2015.

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Okay, it's fixed now, thanks for letting us know.

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