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This is a haiku,
It’s an extremely short one,
Site updates are done.

What you want more?
Okay I'll write another,
There is that enough?

This is getting nuts,
One haiku should be enough,
I'm not writing more.

Now I've got to stop,
I seem to be addicted,
to writing Haiku.

Will someone please help me,
I need to use more syllables,
For things that I say.

Now my brain is stuck.
my vocabulary shut down,
To five seven five.

There are words in brains,
I need to eat tasty brains,
Crack heads to eat brains.

Who knew that zombies,
result from too much haiku,
appocalypse now!

Brains brains brains brains brains!
Brains brains brains brains brains brains brains,
Brains brains brains brains brains!

Updates by dark:
Added some new site ranks, updated the site faq about name changes and stuck the name changes topic.

Finally! fixed Bgt page, changed license to freeware, removed references to paid license and the link to the audio tutorial.

Fixed download links for the Sarah game and the patch.

Updated Sight faq with details of new and returning mods Nocturnus and Nightshade.
One button travel: entry, description and links.
BG Draw Dominoes: Entry and description.
Tripple triad: Entry and description.
U-mart: Entry and description.
BG Five's dominoes: Entry and description.

Updated Site faq with list of site ranks and what games they're taken from.

Fixed page and download  links to all Kitchinsinc games.
Mac1: fixed developer info.
Boppit Kitchinsinc: fixed developer info.
Trivia: slightly cleaned up entry, changed links to extra files.
Golf: Slightly cleaned up entry, removed links to course files since they're all included in the game, added link to older self voicing version.

Pong: Entirely rewrote entry, added link to self voicing version.
Changed licenses of Solara, threeD velocity and Deathmatch A new beginning to unknown, added notes on the games being currently unavailable.

Terraformers: updated with working download link thanks to Trajectory's hosting, slightly updated description.

Update by Sebby:

Audio Game Hub: initial entry, links, description.

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Nice update!

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I'm worried that you have too much time on your hands, or fingers, with a new wife and all that entails.
With both of  you dreaming and singing, Ceaseless kissing and sorrowless shouting we! The glory about you now being us clinging to each other and the glorious futures you will see,
your souls coalescing,  dancing with each other to high music and ringing; shouting O wife! It will ever be

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@Phil, That was a nice one!

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Esper Labs, the developer of Solara, published a statement on AppleVis in which they stated that:
a) Solara would no longer be developed;
b) Esper Labs had disbanded;
c) the servers running Solara's operation would be shut down; and
d) Solara would be permanently removed from the App Store.

All of these four things have now happened. Paul, one of the developers of Solara, said that he may one day work it into another game for his own amusement that he would not publish but would use to show friends and colleagues just how powerful VoiceOver is.

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@Phil, nice one, though before you start accusing me of extra time, bare in mind the last time I had enough to put together a site updates item was in april big_smile.

Most of these were snatched on the fly as and when, and not a few while my lady was out doing lengthy but important things like choosing wedding flowers and trying on shoes.

Actualy I need to get back to doing stuff, including book reviews and work for the site, so hopefully we'll see some additions soon.

@tj, that's realy sad about Solara, probably the finest auto combat game I've ever seen, and one with so much potential, actually I'm equally sad the game had to go for very much the same reason, there isn't any other title I can think of that really gave that much information, including all the fun stuff like what your characters did during combat. I'd be interested to know how much the server costs would be and whether the developer would take donations to keep things going.

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I do not think we will see any more from them, and people got no response when they inquired about hosting the servers or taking over the code.

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the glorious showers of Mr dark
and the furious power of senderman,
the ultra topic of Mr sebbi,
will alert for every men.
when the audiogames.net got hiked,
that was the day of 13th july,
a lot of entries were edited,
and a lot of games got die.
I hope the sing and clingings will live forever,
because who knows the next occur,
but the one thing which I know is that,
this community will live forever.
By Ishan dahmi.

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A shame indeed, and one thing about Apple's development system which is less good, since were Solara a pc game it'd be possible for Esper labs to release the code as abandonware for others to host servers or the like.

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