2016-07-13 07:08:02 (edited by Andy93 2016-07-13 07:38:34)

Hello everyone.
I was there at the mason's channel  on any audio, and found a demonstration of Kodi made by him and Rich Yamamoto. At first I thaught that it wasn't gonna be very interesting for me, but after I heard about the radio addons and stuff like that, I became more and more interested and imediattely whent to the oficial website  too grab a coppy of it, since I love that kind of software and tapin radio sucks these days.
But unfortunately I noticed that it does not speak out of the box, and Mason couldn't publish the article. So I ask mason or someone who uses Kodi if you can please explain me how to set it up to get it working with NVDA. Any help will be very apreciated, again I love too much these kind of software and I felt like I had to have it.
Thanks so much  for your answer!
Edit: And this is the moment when you feel like a freaking idiot! I actuaully digged into the description of the thing, and found the article. Maybe my ancciety to get the thing up and running closed my eyes, and didn't  allowed me to seek and find.
I sincerely apologize for opening a thread, and asking very  sincerely without noticing that the helpful hint was there, about to bite me!

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2016-07-13 12:21:40

Andy, if we are brothers we can help you. Ahahahaha.
Youu yarr.
You can download the screen reader at

Today, is better, than yesterdday!
God bless you, a lot of mersy.
Gracias, thank you, your welcome, thumbs up, what ever, Luis Carlos. Have an awesome day!

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2016-07-13 18:21:41

what I had to do is get that link and install it plus kodi 15. It wouldn't talk so I had to get kodi 17 or whatever then it worked.

The bipeds think this place belongs to them, how cute.

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2016-07-13 19:27:06

It just so happens that I published on article on exactly this. It takes you through the steps to get kodi speaking and install a lot of addons that are very useful.

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2016-07-13 22:14:13

Aha! so you're the underworld tech guy! wow, keep it up man, that site looks to be a nice one. And, getting into the kody thing again, I'm enjoying this thing a lot! I've added   the super repo thing and I've grabbed a few more addons, though its a shame that some addons are broken, and the tune in radio looks like it does not installs. Other than that, I'm having so much fun with this, and I think I'll get rid of tapin pretty soon.
If you want  to have a complete media suite, grab Kodi from its website and read Kile's article on how to set it up. It takes patience, but its worth it!

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2016-07-14 04:54:46

What is Kodi? It is a screen reader?

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2016-07-14 07:06:55

You can also install the screen reader through Kodi itself.

The screen reader is found in Kodi's own addon repo, unfortunately, you'll probably need sighted help.

This way is the quickest, and most reliable.

The reason I'm suggesting this method is cause, those self installers aren't always kept up to date.

I think when version 15 came out, it took months for the self installer to be fixed.

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2016-07-15 04:00:06

I'm surprised there isn't a kodi addon for audio described content.

Who ever writes one will be the first to do so, that's asuming it'll be popular, setting up kodi is hard enough, especially if you don't know what you're doing, which is why now there is a kodi fork called free tele.

It's basically kodi, but with most of the popular addons installed and configured for you.

I haven't tried it myself, since I know what I'm doing, but for those who are newbies it's worth taking a look. Now if the screen reader was included with it that would make it so much easier.

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2016-07-15 04:45:14

I don't really believe that the screen reader is included in that fork, or at least not untill someone writes to the  devs explaining the situation.
It takes some time and playing a bit to be able to understand things, but so far I'm so happy with what I'm seeing. I'm a bit disappointed though, because some addons like tune in radio, radiotunes or jazzradio.com among others are not working, and I hope someone can fix that cuzz I enjoy these stations a lot. However I'm so happy with this software, and I  believe that all that hard setup wich was not that hard for me, was worth it.
By the way, if you dig into the program addons and you have super repo installed, there's a game called escape the maze. The author  suggests that it works with a fully functional keyboard, so I suppose it might be accessible. I've not tried it yet, but I'm planning to get it and hopefully publish the results here

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2016-07-15 08:21:32 (edited by kool_turk 2016-07-15 09:49:38)

I wish I could find the repo where I got my radio addon from.

It's simply called radio.

I was like you and was disappointed that tune in radio wouldn't work, same as iHeart radio.

Somehow I found radio and it works beautifully.

Not that I listen to much radio, still I keep it around incase.

Found it, it's in the official kodi repo under music.

Look for Radio and you should find it.

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2016-07-15 11:19:59

Radio is in the music section of the fusion repo.
I've been in contact with the guy who makes the screen reader. Unfortunately he's not always aware when new versions of kodi come out but a few of us are going to yell at him and poke him next time.
Oh, and thanks for the comments about the website! smile

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2016-07-15 12:53:19

I've installed Kodi and the screen reader, but for some reason I have no speech at all.
I can hear the UI sounds so I think the screen reader is installed, there just is no speech.
Does anyone know how I could go about fixing it?

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2016-07-15 13:42:13

What screen reader are you using as your main? Bare in mind you need to run it. If you can, get some sighted assistance and use f6 from the home screen and possibly see what engine its defaulting to.

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2016-07-15 13:44:16

I'm using NVDA.

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2016-07-15 14:22:31

Hi again,
I think I figured out the problem.
looks like the culprit is my user folder's name, which consists of unicode characters and is crashing the addon.

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2016-07-15 15:10:21

The screen reader does need work, especially if you're using the new default skin which will be installed by default in version 17.

Luckily you can still switch back to the older  confluence skin, but you'll have to get it from the kodi repo.

There are some things in the new version that I don't like, like for instance, you can no longer browse addons in a specific category, for example, you can't go to videoes and browse all the addons.

You have to actually go to each repo, or if you know the name, search for it.

there is a forum where they discuss about the screen reader, but for some reason, they don't let you sign up using a hotmail account.

I wonder if it's only for hotmail or all free email accounts.

I know hotmail's been hacked in the past so that's probably why they're not allowing it, can't really blame them really.

There are certainly some good addons out there, if you can install the program called addon installer, that's almost like an appstore for kodi.

There are others, but this is the most reliable.

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2016-07-15 18:44:14

I  have the radio addon already installed on my kodi version. It might not be as big as tune in, bu its still vry cool.
I have 14 music addons installed, one of them is Jango. I logged in with my account and it works nice, you can edit your stations and do some stuff like that. I wish however, that you can have the possibility to remove sertain items, like some of your own stations or stuff like that.
Oh God, that thing about the new version does not sounds good, there is nothing like browsing your addons by category, say going into the music addons and see only music ones

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2016-07-15 20:18:20

Atention Kodi users, this is just amazing!
I managed to install tune in radio, and got it up and running. The thing is, I had  to do it quite manually because it looks like the addon is  in 2 repos, in my case fusion and super repo, so I believe this is causing some sort of comflict but this is just a speculation from my part.
So, how do I made it to work? I'll  explain in a   few steps for those of you who are interested:
1: so I googled something like tune in radio for Kodi, and it took me directly to the tvaddons.ag website. There it is, just download the zip file and save it to your favorite destination.
2: once the download was finished, I tried to install the addon directly within Kodi, going to system/addons/install from zip. If you don't know how to install an addon from a zip file, go google and you'll find an interesting article at Kodi's wiki. Just follow it step by step.
Now, it happened to me that for some od reason the system was ignoring or dismissing the zip file, even though I was browsing in the right path. If it happens to you, be patient and do this:
Just locate your zip file and extract it. Now, rename the extracted folder like this: plugin.audio.tuneinradio.
After that, coppy that folder into C:\users\yourName\appData\roaming\Kodi\addons.
Now its ready to go! if you have Kodi open, just restart it manually and, you'll notice that its installed because when you open your Kodi it'll say: addons updated, tunein radio 3.something.
Hope this was helpful  for someone, this is getting better than never!

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2017-03-05 19:07:05

Hello all,
Sorry for the thread bump. I'm now wondering if it might have been better to start my own thread, but I digress:
Can someone guide me step by step how to get Kodi working? The article from underworld tech is down!
I'd specifically like to know, what versions of kodi work with the tts, and how to install addons. From there I'd like to know how to quit kodi when I've finished doing stuff with it, is it just alt f4 or is there a slightly different trick?

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2017-03-05 20:26:06

Hey Aaron, I must thank you for the topic revival. I was planning to ask the exact same thing, but because of my lazyness, I just did not made it.
In fact the under world tech artucle is dead, so I'd like to ask mister kyle to chime in. Although codi is still working for me as I configured it, I almost forgot how its all done. So it would be cool to have a step by step guide on how to do it

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2017-03-05 21:38:40

To get kodi screenreader working.  Start here.
http://ruuk.github.io/service.xbmc.tts/ … Reader.exe
If that link fails to work, please post here.
You need to do this so that Ruuk will know to fix the link as he doesn't check these forums.  To shut down, press s from anywhere within kodi, and enter again.
The addon works with all versions of kodi, probably starting from version 14, but you really want to work with whatever the latest version is, which in this case is 17.  press f6 to access settings, and configure the addon once you have it installed.  F12 will stop it, and again will start it again.  Read the first post in the link I gave the the kodi forums to get all your questions answered.

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2017-03-05 22:43:27

It looks like I will have to install stuff manually, because while the link does work, the installer starts, then gives a 404 when it tries to download kodi.
Also though, doesn't version 17 use the weird new default theme, compared to version 16?

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2017-03-05 23:11:48

Kodi ScreenReader currently does not work with Kodi17.x.

2017-03-06 02:40:31

That is not correct, as I've been using it with 17 up through the betas.  It does work with the new skin, or if you want, you can switch back to confluence.

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2017-03-06 02:50:40

Uh, that should've been posted by me, not her.

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