@Cw, yes, I've already used the speedwalk.
@Slj, good to know about the mining scanner, though it might be nicer if you could setit to display the lowest coordinates at the top, or get an idea which is closest to you.
@Cw, I've already tried speedwalks in mining, though i find it slower than putting in directions manually so usually just hit the key multiple times instead.

I've got the teleports working which is good since I'm now not putting credits into taxis and things.

With hunting, it seems you can only carry a maximum number of pieces of meat in your inventory according to your cutting skill. This is fine as far as it goes, though for some reason it also counted meat in my backpack at first.
Now it isn't and once in my backpack I can cut away no problem at multiple corpses.

it'd be nice to have a sell all command or a way to sell a lot of meat at once, then again just emptying the backpack and spamming sell meat seems to work.

In general it appears that hand mining is better for earning experience points, while hunting is better for making cash, at least when it is raised a bit, so I'll probably alternate them until i have enough for my scrap truck.

Some of the activities look very! cool indeed. I've also had a look at some of the donator items and there are some interesting sounding ones, though perhaps a way to get an explanation of what a few less obvious things like those drones are would be nice, and wheather babies serve a practical purpose or are just there for bling value.
I'm more than willing to donate to the game, especially for things that enhance my progress when I'm having this level of fun with a mud (despite a few confusions).
I do love the idea of a mud where I can make money while offline, since it's always nice to be able to just check in to something occasionally like I used to with core exiles.

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One interesting thing about this mud that I haven't seen in other space based muds is the prices of objects. Take those trash trucks. The shop that has the most of them will also most likely be the shop that will sell them for the cheapest. That means that it could be one price at one time and a different one at a later time. I also haven't really seen a space mud that had both warp and jump drives. I had one complain to me about how unbalanced the mud was simply do to how slow the ships were and how you needed to be at around level 900 or so to have access to the faster ships and other stuff. To me, I know of no mud that gives you access to the fastest ship early on in them. To me, if you want to get around fast in this mud, there is the teleporter and taxi. Most of my complaints were and are around all of the bugs, but those are being worked on. I think that the hosts have an idea about where they want the mud to go. To me, it is going to take me a little while to get to a level to get a good ship, and the like. There are factory’s to be had and player ran shops among things of that sort from the best I can tell. It is almost as if it is a lot more than about the ships. At this time, any complaints I might have are miner.

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I'm liking the game thus far, though I do slightly wish some of the lower level activities had a point to them at higher levels, since I tend to like to vary what I do a bit, but it seems that different activities are almost exponentially more prophetable, at least as far as the jump from hand mining and hunting, first to trash collecting then to volcano harvesting, though I don't imagine fishing will be quite as prophetable big_smile.

It'd be nice if there were items or events at higher level that required some lower level skills just to keep variation, either that or make the lower level skills supply higher level crafters in some way.

then again I've not got into any combat yet other than some ground combat (which was very cool and I'd like to see more but obviously they're limited).

Anyway, I'm currently around level 25 so progressing fairly well.

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There is a point where I found that higher activities do not always reach higher pay. I am not to sure about all of the higher activities yet. Anyway, does anyone know where I can get some metel pannels. I am getting to the point where I might want to build a factory.

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I'm guessing activities will tail out a bit later, but being as you can't max out things like hunting and cutting skills until level 20, but the rewards from hunting even with maxed skill are  peanuts as compared to trash collecting, let alone volcano harvesting, it'd be nice if they served some purpose or gave a reward.

one suggestion actually might be level dependent quests. say for example, for hunting there was a trophy hunter. You bought a boning knife (ie, suitable to take off the head, beak antlers etc of a kill), with a skill limit of a higher level range such as level 20, 30, 40 etc so it wouldn't be obtainable at lower levels.
The command for the boning knife would be "bone corpse" and you would obtain a hunting trophy.

The trophy hunter would pay you for trophies, but also would give quests such as the trash collecting quests, say to obtain the teeth of a red lion, which would give extra rewards, thus making hunting a worthwile activity later on and a break from say volcano harvesting.

A similar higher level quest system could be added for hand mining, say there was a jeweler who paid you for diamonds, gold etc but only at higher levels, thus making your mining skill have a point.

I'd also love to see some ground combat in the game. Star conquest groundsuit combat with buying battle armor, weapons and doing missions looked pretty awesome, and I've already seen stuff to fight in at least the trash area of earth, and mech combat rocks! big_smile.

Then again I still have not yet even dipped my toe into the water as far as the game goes. Missions for example are something I know nothing about, and likely won't until I find a starship, so I'll have to see, I am certainly liking the progression, the writing in the world and what I'm seeing thus far.

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All of those are good seggestions as far as I can see. At this point, I am stuck to where I can't get anywhere simplely because I teleported up to a ship that had been burned to a crisp. Now I can't teleport back out simplely because I no longer have access to a control room. LOL. I guess it is about time to quit for the night. That or I should give up Salvaging

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Regarding shops, yes this is awesome that the price changes. This is important to use your informational computer to check the prices. Type use info, then 7 and type in the name of the item you are looking for. Then your computer will show you the different shops and prices.
@CW: [wow]... What a bad situration you put yourself in. Lol. How did you teleported yourself into a ship?

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I actually noticed the prices changing when I bought my trash collecting truck, and [wow] they can really vary.
the only problem I have now is I managed to do something very stupid, and got out of my volcano harvester to investigate something in a volcano. I hope I can get my harvester back now big_smile.

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Yes, I did do something stupid. The ship was in the same spot of the planet. So, it was a  matter of using the teleport command from the landing pad of that planet. Being a bit tire and or close to my bed time that might of helped with that. LOL. I personally don't see how I was allowed to teleport back to the ship when the control room had been destroyed by fire. I will learn how to salvage. Speaking of salvaging, the only hints I got about what to look out for was from other players. I guess I thought that there would be a little bit more of a hint about what I might want to get for stander ship equipment to do this activity from the help files.. LOL. All I got to say is please don’t let my stupidity get in the way of this being a good game. On the other hand, I would like to know a little bit about space walking within this mud. Maybe I should say something about my stupidity in the profile I am thinking about writing so that I have an excuse to be that way. Rofl. My lesson is always ask for things I might need before I go and do them within this mud.

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Well I'm now level 36 and have tried fishing.
At the moment my one cryticism is again volcano harvesting is waaaay! nuts. When fishing gives me 9 k credits per ish and a full backpack of 20 or so fish therefore gives a couple of hundred, as compared to getting several hundred mill for a full load of harvesting, not to mention goodness knows how many points.

It's nice to not have to grind, ut it's a shame when I have spent 400 mill to be able to fish realizing that from a purely utilitarian perspective I probably would've been better just sitting around and ducking in and out of that volcano big_smile.

Heck, even with my new equipment and autoclean upgrades for trash collecting I'm not making that much.

I am now going to get a boat and try dredge and rock analysis, or at least I will when I've got the cash to begin and get the skills up.

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61 (edited by Orin 2016-07-12 17:11:33)

I don't think Volcano Harvesting is too much. It helps powerlevel. I think that for the amount of problems I had getting dredging set up, I earned way way less. Mechanical Mining is seriously better than Trash Collecting, Volcano Harvesting and even to some extent, building deliveries. Deliveries give more credits than Volcano Harvesting and Mechanical Mining, but less points.
For points, Mechanical Mining all the way in the mid-level range-- 45-100.

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I am level 178. What is a good way to get the points? Just wondering. I mostly did Volcano Harvesting, and Mechanical Mining to get to this level.

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Hello Everyone.
Well I am loving cosmic rage! I have one small problem though. Last night I had vipmud 1.1 which for some reason stopped working. I had the cosmic rage soundpack working just fine before that. I couldn't get vipmud to work again so I installed vipmud 2.0 which by the way I think is a lot better than 1.1. Anyway I installed vipmud 2.0 put the cosmic rage folder in the sounds folder and the scripts folder into the vipmud directory than renamed scripts to cosmic rage. But when I connected I'm getting no sound I had it working fine before. Is there an update to the soundpack or a way to fix to problem so I can have sound for cosmic rage? Does it matter that I used upper case or lower case letters in the folder names? Any help would be nice.

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You need to use the vipmud folders in "my documents" not the ones in the program files directory, or so I found.

No time to play today, though last night I was having considerable problems with boats and trollies trying to buy a boat and a dredging upgrade to try some water activities. Hopefully I can get it fixed if I try again.

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Guitarman: You need to put it in your documents folder as Dark said, but this is also very important to type Cosmic Rage as I've done here in the name field in VIPMud to access the right script folder. Otherwise the client will create an other folder as you've typed in the name, and it'll try to use the scripts from a wrong folder. I hope that makes sence. If not, then I'll try to explain it in an other way.

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As for me, I am trying to figure out how best to level up so that I can get access to all the nice stuff. I am at level 204 for now. Getting credits is really no problem at this point. I can get 3000000000 credits from volcano harvesting with no problem. Have you tried moving the boat on to the trolley Dark? I also heard that examining the trolley should give you a clue on how to do it. I know I moved a boat of mine to where I wanted it, but I sort of forgot how I did it.

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Hello Guys.
Thank you! The soundpack is working fine now although I think it should be mentioned in the soundpack help file that it's a different process for vipmud 1.1 and 2.0. Anyway thanks again.

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@Guitarman, yep your right, though when I noticed vipmud 2.0 put all it's scripts in my documents rather than the program files folder I knew what the problem was.

I'll try the boat thing again when I next play, it just seemed something weerd happened and the boat spawned another trolly for some reason and then I ended up pushing the wrong trolly which seemed to occur because I use load and unload commands on the boat as stated in the help file, where as the command seemed to be "move boat"

There really! should be a "set push" command so you can just move normally without having to constantly push the trolly to where you want to take it.

Still hopefully i'l get the upgrades installed and can start water activities soon.

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Trust me, the suggest command can be your friend. The hosts on this mud seems to listen to them to some degree. I sort of like how you got a mix between star trek, star wars, promo, and ETC. Who ever thought of having a space mud where you can have both warp drives and laser swords? ROFL. Anyway, suggest the push trolley idea. I am, to some degree, trying to keep my suggestions down to the point of things that they may have left out, like space walking. They may had had it before I suggested it, but I don't recall a help file on it until after I suggested it, but then again, who says that idea came from me. lol. At least on this mud, you can kind of see how things fit together via a time line. HOld on, I got a warp suggestion to make within the next few days. Now to see if I can get up to level 600...

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I may have to try a human character and see if I like it any better then. I played for a bit, and mostly what I got was grinding, lots of OOC chatter, and random hosts giving me coffee and cinnamon rolls. Do people actually hang out and chat in character? Was I just on at a slow time? I don't want to play a game just to grind for points. I want to chat and hang out with people, building my interest in the game with in character interaction.

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@Cinnamon, the roleplay thing has never been major for me, but the dynamic is as you said, mostly ooc chatter. Myself, I play mostly for the activities, with more points being a way to try more things out. Then again I get the feeling the hosts want! roleplay, even awarding points for it, so you could try to get something going on a different channel.

If your looking for heavy rp in a space mud try star conquest, though I confess I had major! problems with that game, especially their spammy combat system and unforgiving activities.

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I tried to connect and create an account, however whenever I try to create a character and a name is unavailable, I'm booted to a strange screen, then the next time I attempt to log in a traceback is caused.

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73 (edited by cw 2016-07-15 20:49:54)

Ok, you ran into the same problem I ran into. Do not pay the traceback any mind in this case. type the following line after you logged in with the following explanations in mind.

connect name password email

replace name with the  temporary name you want to use. It will not replace your username. It also must not be the same as your username. Just replace password with your account password, and your email address instead of email.

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When I log in now, it prompts me to press 1 to log in as David Andrews, and 2 to create a new character. When I press 1, it says non-existent player, or something to that effect. I tried the command you suggested, and I'm told that the only information that is required is username and password. I am very confused.

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It sounds like you need to send them an email at this point. I didn't know you was stuck there.

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