I have the autostop set for fields since I already lost about five haulers through hitting nebula fields by mistake.
I'll try combat drones though last time I checked they were pretty useless, indeed even with the cloak, last asteroid field I was in I target an of the enemy ships since I was told they were too far away whejn I tried ec, thoug I suppose a direct scan might have worked.

Really though how come there is only one ship with a cloak? heck the help file suggests a frigate for harvesting but when I tried a frigate I died in seconds due to not having a cloak. and come most ships don't have weapons anyway? hell I have weaponry skill max for my level at 4.5 but none of the ships I've seen have any weapons anyway other than beam cannons and lasers ---- oh and misisles in the secondary control room which means I can't use them anyway.

methinks there really! needs to be some balance here, especially in terms of what activities are recommended when and what ships are available, not to mention the necessity of the cloak.

I also don't like the fact that basically if I do get a ship destroyed I have to spend bloody ages running around buying a bunch of upgrades from a hole lot of different shops just to try something again!

And of course all this assumes I can find! an asteroid in the first place since hell there seem barely any of the things out there!

Edit: okay meteor chasing is also a big fat bust as I thought since by the time I've jumped to whatever sector and travelled to uncharted the dam storm has passed, or at least there have never been any storms there when I've checked. Again, probably better by the time I can use more warp skill, in which case why the hell is it recommended at level 110?

I confess the game is getting very frustrating around now!

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Yes, some work needs doing, but I really do not what to tell you. Only other thing I would suggest is to upgrade your weapon range, but I am not to sure how good that would be for you seeing that you had problems with the combat drones. Last month or so, I took my heavy miner into a planetoid field to blow up a few planetoids only to limp back on warp to abattle station to repair a hull breach, a completely destroyed engine, and a completely destroyed landing gear. Now days, I take my star blazer out to planetoid fields simplely because of cloak and the weapons. Of course, that ship has good shields and good armor on it. I agree with you, some adjustment needs doing.

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Well I do hope the game gets rebalanced here since this is actually discouraging me from playing as right now it seems the only space activities I can do with any sort of reliability are salvaging, passenger transport and orbit cleaning, which are all very well but pretty boring if that is all I can do until I hit level 300 or so and have a ship with fast enough warp to find those sodding meteors or high enough defenses to survive in asteroid fields (assuming I find the dam asteroid fields in the first place).

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Well just as an extention to the above winjing, I am very pleased that now asteroid fields are easier to find, at least last time I looked I found one no problem.

I did run into something of an odd situation snice I decided to try illiminating the enemy first, but didn't have enough scan to actually get their positional information, likewise I'd missed a harvesting upgrade, but we'll see how things go once I've bought those.

I do wish there were better weapons on the hauler, or that another ship with a cloak was available since it really does seem the cloak is %100 necessary for survival, on the other hand if I can grind away a vacus warship with my pee shooter from hiding and then be free to haul it might work out okay.

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355 (edited by ironcross32 2017-03-21 02:40:00)

the link for the VIP soundpack isn't good, and I'm not downloading BT Sync just to get it from there, that thing is a huge resource hog, anybody have a link that is good, that doesn't require me to download BT Sync?

*** P.S ***

The setup-twitter thing isn't working for me. It's giving me a URl that's not really a URL at all, just weirdness. I can't navigate to it.

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so after following this thread for a little while, I decided to try out the game a few days ago.  I'm not really noticing these balancing issues you all are talking about.
One thing I've noticed is that you all seem to only be discussing human ships.  If you train up your race skill, you should be able to purchase ships of any race.  Each race's ships are different.  For example, Mutariansi ships have cloaks relatively early on, whereas going by your conversation, human ships don't seem to have cloaking technology till later on.
So perhaps what you should do is look at the ships of other races and go from there.  One of them may just have what you need.

I hope this helps. smile

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hello folks!
First, the link, give this one a try.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/oq1joa6qsnv69 … k.zip?dl=1
That *should* work, but dropbox will be dropbox, as they say

Now, announcements, grab onto your hats, and get ready to let out some yeeeehaaaws, because there are some big ones in here:

Sunday, 26  March  2017 16:30 n8: hello folks! I, with the help of the other hosts, have just about finished implementing a new, pretty awesome, quest! Called the multi-level starship quest, or MLS, it takes the span of about 10 or 11 NPC's who will all teach you varius flying techniques for getting around the galaxy. AT the end of the quest, you are presents with a 20-question exam to ensure you have learnt the systems of cosmic rage. Not only will this enable new people to get to grips with our systems, which lets be honest, often deviate from most space muds, but it gives a fun way of realistically learning aspects of the game you might not have even thought of! the exam is not difficult, though some of the questions are worded to catch you out. You will require to take the exam in order to buy ships above level 100, but the best thing is that you can take it as many times as you like. Shelp quest details more information, and I hope you enjoy!
Sunday, 26  March  2017 23:08 n8: hello folks! It took me most of the night, but I am proud to present... aircraft missions! How they work: The SDF and an enemy race[currently only Vacus] are fighting over a planet. You take your air vehicle, and after getting the mission assigned, are taken too said planet. If the sdf pull out their air defense, they can push a space victory home, but risk being ahem, taken from behind, by the aircrafts, It is your job to destroy those aircrafts, so that the sdf can push their victory home. There are about 20 some odd missions, ranging from easy to near impossible. The help file for these is help aircraft missions, and I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, 22  March  2017 00:19 n8: hello folks! With any luck I have made it so that you can ow type @announcements followed by the number of announcements to view. I've done similar with @changes, though @changes already had it. Further more, as of this announcement, all changes, ann announcements, now have a date/time stamp
Thursday, 23  March  2017 23:06 n8: hello folks! I hope you all enjoyed that short event, along with that event, the following changes have been added to the game: *added valisianna a holiday planet in sector 5. *added shelling, a rather complicated crafting activity for making various things. *added help files on firepits, crabs and shelling. *added the games first themepark. Enjoy!
Friday, 24  March  2017 22:16 n8: hello folks! I had meant to leave this unlogged for now, but in realistic terms, someone will find out at some point. I have now made it so donator pets will help their owners in combat. That's right. If you have a pet following you, and you get attacked, providing the pet is donator... It now will help you bring down that nasty monster! The attack message is completely customizable, so go ahead and assist for that. I will be coding armours for the pets, and some bight guards and claw sharpeners, to make the pets do more damage at some point, but for now, they simply help where they can. I hope you enjoy!
Saturday, 25  March  2017 01:35 n8: hello folks! Ever been in the middle of roleplay, and your pet has done something cute? Then you've patted her... and nothings happened? Ever had that? well, have it no more! You can now train your pet to respond to ten different socials of your choice. The responses are also completely custom. To add or remove a custom response, type respond <pet>. In the adding process, first type the name of the soial, then type the response. An example would be, scratch. %n purs madly, ubbing %his head against %D. This would produce: a small tabby named diana purs crazily, rubbing against kayla's hand, after I scratched her behind the ears. Enjoy!

n8: hello folks. I hope you are all enjoying your time playing here, and just to make your experience that much greater, I bring you a new, very cool, upgrade! Ever lost your ship in a field, on a planetoid, or out somewhere in space? Have you ever gone out asteroid hauling, come back, only to remember you forgot another ship? Not a problem. AT level 369, you are now able to buy the remote control upgrade! What does it do: This upgrade allows you to hook one ship into anothers systems, and effectively pilot it remotely. There are about 10 or so commands you can do currently, all of which can be found in shelp remote control, and are very useful for quickly moving a ship. I hope you enjoy!

Still alive? or have you smashed that connect button. smile

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only bad,is i have to description my factory for a lot,but,by my bad english,no,i can not,really.
by this ,i got 2 policy warning,i don't want to band from this game,soi'm not open my factory again.this is less rp to do,like sell item.

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Hello there, people! Well NathaNn, I can only say congrats, man.. Your game as far as I've seen is really above the rest.. I have a quick question..
Are any soundpacks being updated with new sounds and stuff? I'd like to start to play the game and am thinking about which soundpack to download..
Any suggestion?

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[wow] that is awesome! I can't wait to try that quest and also give my aircraft a go since I bought one and was disappointed that there was nothing to blow up with it.
Thumbs up for continuing to make great expantions to this already fantastic game.

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Hello folks!
Aww, quit it, ll these compliments, you're gonna make a grown n8 cry! LOL smile smile smile
all soundpacks are updated regularly:
official bt pack: at least once a week, usually
official db pack: usually once a month, as it is just a db version of the bt pack, often it depends on number of changes, and bug fixed
unofficial bt pack: usually once per day
unofficial db pack: not often

Thanks for all the compliments, they really boost my moral!

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I'm just being honest, Nathan. I'll connect to the game asap and will check the soundpacks and the game out..

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One Miner issue I'm having with updating the soundpack is knowing what to put where.
Previously there was just a folder called cosmic rage and a folder called sounds and it was fairly obviouswhat to put where, but now there is something  sinkarchive which also has folders  for cosmic rage and sounds, and something called sink id and sink ignore as well and i'm not sure which folders I need or which are the updated ones, indeed I don't why exactly there are sink folders in the soundpack folder.

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Where do I get the accessible Windows version of BTSync again?

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@dark you can ignore those .sync files, they're configuration files for bT sync, and since it was mentioned that the dropbox is the same as the BT sync pack, then those files jump along for the ride. Installation should remain the same, ignoring the sync files

@Orin the newest version is accessible, you'll want to check the box that says install as windows service, but once you do that, you can control it from any browser. I don't like it though, it uses massive amounts of RAM. This was the case on my desktop, and its not any different on the laptop. Also it holds the CPU about 60%.

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@Thanks Ironcross. I actually gave that a try when I saw size of soundpack archive folder was so small, since I've not updated the soundpack folder for quite some time it's great to get all the new sounds, though I'm not getting any planetary mmusic on sahareana as yet, I believe music is on since I didn't turn it off to my knolidge, though whether all the planets have music I don't know.

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hey everyone!
i went through the same problems s post 358.
i mean, i didn't got any warnings, but it was still frustrating.
the main problem here is that we and i'm talking about everyone in general, shouldn't be forced to write descriptions to advance our factory for the next rank, for example.
it isn't fair, even less so for the ones like me, and @358, that are not native english speakers.
i'm not sure if i, or someone else suggested it, but what would be really nice for the ones like snow, that have problems with the language,
would be a system to only change, through the use of menus, color, materials and decorations, for a room.
how i see it, every factory room would have it's own default, standard description. then, when you build it instead of entering a description, one would just adjust the colors, materials and etc.
We would need a new factory advancement method, but it would fix the descriptions problem.
i for one don't care that much about the descriptions. i like the atmosphere of the game and i can imagine the places where my char is on my head.
btw i'm Alec Starlight there.

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When it tries to install as a service, the new Rezelio Sync, it asks for an account. What do I put if I don't have a password associated with my account?
I don't desire to sign into MS.

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367. I have an idea that could help out if the hosts will permit it. This might work for the short term. Would the hosts allow us to ask for painters over the comms and the like? Painters would be responsible for coming in and writing up descriptions for different rooms for those who, for whatever reason, are not good at writing descriptions. There could be an option on the info computer for known good  painters, as in people who are known for writing good descriptions. Of course, said people would have to be paid and will need access to the place in question. Of course, placing an ad might help in this case too.

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that can work yes.
actualy it works, my girlfriend did that, but it doesn't work all the time.
the thing with depending on another player to do the work is the fact that they could, for some reason, be unable to connect to the game for some time, for whatever reason, then you're stuck.
considering this i would agree that a mix between my idea and yours would be the best option, a way for us to set up a basic description using menu choices, with the option to change the description later if we can come up with something, or find someone to do them for us

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right,i really can not,but the game is really great,no alliances stranded.and rp friendly.

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370. Yeah you know that I did that, but the players have theyr own life. they cant be around all the time, and they would rather play than writing descriptions for others. Very well said, dear. we need a way to make the ones who aren't natives to get the fullest experience of the game. smile The game is great, but the restrictions that are in place because of the descriptions put a barrier for the ones who aren't good at describing. all in all, I love cosmic rage, it will always have a special place  in my heart. I love the hosts, theyre amazing.

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Its not just not being able to speak English.. I myself have difficulty with writting descriptions so a menu system for it would be nice cince I'd
be able to describe what I see in my head more easilly.. Alsso, it would be good if the system could be put in all describable rooms from houses to

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I know, I get your point, and I agree

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I have a rant to make about Moo in general, but it also concerns this game.

If a player, or any object in Moo terms, happens to be in an area when changes are made and the area is re-compiled or copied, the old, generic copy of that area is saved. I guess CR uses these generic areas to say, build any Beacon Station and add names etc to it later.

They made changes to Omicron station to re-add Hannah, which I was there for. I happened to be sleeping on the station.
When I logged back in, I was in a generric Ommicron, with my ship nowhere to be found... because it's on the correct, changed Ommicron.

So, is there a way to fix this? Despite Kayla being on--she was the only admin, no others were on during my assist. Kayla was not idol, so I suppose she was coding and didn't see that there was an assist, but situations like this irk me.

I'll log on once again and see if maybe someone else is on.

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