The ding sound will happen after I bump into a wall a few times.  The tutorial only had 4 parts, if I remember correctly.  The last part that it had was the part about finding the birds.  After that, when I interacted with complete tutorial, it simply went directly into game mode.

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There are 5 different tutorials in this order:
- Introduction
- How to use menus
- Basic navigation
- Wall navigation
- Maze navigation

There is a 6th map but I haven't tested to see if it's actually reached; the other maps have been tested outside of the maze map's completion. In the last version I uploaded yesterday everything was working. After the tutorial is complete it will go straight to game mode.

Demo of colors here (PC) (Gamejolt link): https://gamejolt.com/games/ColorsChromatics/248621
Braillemon last release(stable): https://www.dropbox.com/s/v4n08tale65w8 … 0.zip?dl=1

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Hay, when do you predict that the full release would come out and would it be free for windows just like  brailemon?
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