hi all just starting out in this title in english now the dictionary is all working and have 2 queries. firstly how do i jump? must i just up arrow, or up arrow and tap the directional key to jump in? so up arrow and right, passes the walls in the tutorial? also, when i have to jump on the platform above me to avoid the skateboards i can find the x axis no problem but how do i move up to get alined with the x axis to jump at the right co-ordinates?


I don't think you have to jump on a platform to avoid the skateboards... I made it by just jumping over them.

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I worked out what the problem was! I had put the three normal Clear Medals I had left in my warehouse. I got them out and the Magical Edge showed up when I went to the tutorial!

On another note, I'm not as close to the Super Companion Card as I thought. For some reason I was thinking you could get it after playing for precisely 367 hours. Guess I have a ways to go before I get that. But I've achieved a lot in the last few days and the gold coin collecting room is very, very useful. I can get all the coins and cans and nuts and honey I could ever want, there's an option that drops UFO catcher stuff a lot faster than the alternate landing in 18.2, and I can even fight most bosses! Now, if only there was a random option... Maybe call it "Surprise me!" You still pick how many of whatever will spawn, but the things can be anything from the lowliest insect to the Bio Control System and all of the end-game bosses. So, you literally never know what you'll get.

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If you want to just jump in place, you just press up arrow by itself.

As far as jumping onto the platform at 105 3, you can go  to 103 0, then press up arrow and right arrow to jump onto the tile.

Yes, it does say you can dodge them by just jumping, but if you have poor hand coordination, or just don't feel like jumping, etc... you might wanna just go onto the platform.

Hope that helps you out.


Darn it, you don't get to keep the recovery rings if you fight bio control systems in the coin collecting room. I'm kinda sad now...


However, putting one recovery ring on the ground and cloning it actually works. lol

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here is a major bug.
I am on exciting mode, trying to defeating the magical ball, but magical edge not damaging it?
it shows 0 damage to magical ball?


That's not a bug... you're too weak.

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BlindNinja wrote:

That's not a bug... you're too weak.

I have attack 2000000000, level6950, I have also clear legend of, I am trying only for see that how I am strong?
I have spend many time to collecting coins to strong my attack, so how I am weak?
please correct me.


You also didn't specify that at the beginning, you just said you were on exciting mode.

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Perhaps you might be too strong on the contrary. Currently, for a systematic reason, the game can't handle damage values which are more than about 2150000000. I should have limited the maximum stats,  I admit I didn't do that, but I really wasn't expecting that players would grind for such a long time and gain over lv5000.
Also, I haven't calculated if it is really possible to gain 2100000000 attack at lv6900 though, if you are memory hacking and taking advantage of that, I do not recommend that, especially for attack, stamina and tech.

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Yeah... that would be a little insane. So basically what's happening on that end is the game just can't handle the numbers, so it's not even trying to and putting out 0 as a result?
Also I don't think it is... I'm pretty sure there was a lot of fruit grinding there.

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When the number exceeds that 2100000000 something, it will be a meaningless negative value. The game automatically processes negatives as if they were 0, since it also happens when you are too weak and the enemy defence is high. It is actually possible to deal with unlimited decimals of numbers like the game does for your exp though, the extension is unofficial. The language interpreter does its best to cast every substitution or calculation back to its official 32-bit signed integer unless explicitly stated. I can't make it so that the damages can be over 2100000000 is because of this single damned reason. Possible, but a massive coding cost and possibility of completely ruining the game engine itself. I'm starting to hate hsp, the language I coded BK series with, once I've noticed this number problem.

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I've beaten the game before, but I defeated the Biocontrol system and 25-5 boss using cheats I think. What are some good strategies for defeating these things? The text guide written by BlindNinja says to use the Meggaton Hammer, but it consumes 80 stamina and it's very slow, which means that I would have to take a lot of hits from things like Bio Ripper and Clear Burn, plus whatever other attacks the bosses have. In the audio recording of the game found on the developer's website, he did it with the Super Buster Blade, but he also had like 800 attack. I've tried the Super Buster Blade and survived for some time, but I eventually kept getting owned by the Biocontrol System's lime balls and electricity, meaning when it hits you with lime balls then uses electricity on the ground and in the air at the same time. I restarted and am on 15-3 now, and I think I have a better chance at beating the game the right way. I'm also going to try beating stages 21 and 17 correctly. My stats are:
HP: 870/870 (100.00% remaining)
Stamina: 340/340 (100.00% remaining)
Shield: Not equipped
Level: 65. experience: 266993 (7632 required for the next level)
Assignable points: 2
Attack: 275
Defense: 240
Tech: 95
So far, I've been focusing on attack and defense and put some points in to stamina and HP in stages 8 to 11. This is because I know about the fruits that increase stamina and HP, which you can get before beating the game. My goal is to be at least level 95 when I enter stage 25.


The reason I suggested the megaton hammer was because of it's ability to hit enemies on the ground while you're jumping, and combined with a power drink does a decent chunk of damage even to the end bosses.
If you're just using store weapons, best bet would be to assign the super buster blade and megaton hammers to your quick switches, and keep the buster blade in defense mode.

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I have a problem with the last update, I cannot open stage 5.

Here is my save file:


When I select stage 5 to continue, after the first scene the second music comes playing, and then the game stops responding at all.




I tried your save file, and stage 5 runs just fine.

Once you start stage 5, you have to wait for the music and intro to finish. Are you saying that the game freezes completely?


Actually, to clarify, you have to wait for the music to finish, then press enter. You will get the intro. But if it is freezing completely, please let us know, so we can help accordingly.



about area detector:
area detector must have ability to judge how  many barriors are in range. It fire just like a crazy?Also it  has to use weapon  which we want.  not only misile.


Hi! A question out of curiosity... Is it possible to get the cat and the nuts in 0.1?



You can grab the peanut things in tutorial 0-1, but the cat is just there. You can't make it go with you or kill it, if that is what you wanted to do.

Hope this answers your question, big_smile


Yes, thanks!



Awesome, big_smile

You're quite welcome. I'm glad I could be of help to you!! Take care, and have a great day. smile


Hi which weapon i can use to defeat the camera in stage 21.1 and 21.2  my most powerfull weapon is mega hamer but it doesn't damage the cameras and eat my stamina. Please help. Regards, Karlitos


Don't fight them... sneak past them, like you're supposed to do.