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Neat, thank you. Wonder if Dark ever got a response to his email? Would be nice to see Wastelander back on the forums.

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Hey guys! Making my return to the forums now to announce my newest update, didn't want to return empty handed so I've come with the newest update, a version of the game free of dash lines and ascii art for you guys, which took me 4 hours to code last night! also unlike the wastes once you've disabled ascii it will be gone until you re-enable it, even when you close and reopen the program, the settings will store your choice! here is the changelog and description of the new update.

This update has been quite a big one, I've fixed the annoying bug that has existed for so long where mistyping a letter instead of a number would cause the game to break and progress be lost, I have added some new faces, animal fighting which certainly needs some refining but for now is a fun little distraction and a few new things, also for the visually impaired players, specifically of Audiogames.net I have made the game more accessible by adding the option to disable ascii lines and art in the games main menu.

Added demons attack minor bandit groups
Added Map Concept map to extras menu
Added rebel disband victory screen
Implemented split line across the board
Updated spymaster training to be like all training
Fixed massive input bug
Added animal beast fights using animal.txt (11718 animals) (requires owning the arena and buying animal cages)
Added 9 new warrior types (mercs)
Added Ogre faces
Added Minotaur faces
Added Vampire faces
Implemented ascii free option for my beloved visually impaired players!
Added new facegenerators to random generators

Download Link
https://www.dropbox.com/s/x1msxnwh5e9vf … m.rar?dl=1

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[wow] wellcome back!
this is gonna be awesome big_smile
thanks for the update!

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Thank you! hope you enjoy it!

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Yeah, cool to see you're back. Has the warsim sound effects as well, like the wastes had them, too? I think that would add to the athmosphere, the sounds could be optional. However, I have to try this thing out.

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this version of the game really rocks, I particularly like the way that things on the exploration map are so much easier to read.

I'm getting into the game and I have a few comments and suggestions, from the simple to the complex.

1: Betting in the arena is sort of nuts at the moment since you can pretty much earn close to 25 k per go if you bet right. that was how I defeated the rebels this time, basically I bet in the arena, bought all the palisade upgrades and the recruitment upgrades and then basically just attacked and destroyed more of their lands each turn.
It seems sort of insane that you can earn more money from gam bling than taxes, and that the arena would let you bet that much.

I'd therefore consider perhaps letting you only bet on 10 fights each turn, win or loss. In compensation though, perhaps raise the amount of cash you get from harvest taxis so that your actually making a prophet at default.

2: It seems peasants are really hard to get hold of. i know you can buy slaves and indeed get goblins, but it seems a little odd knights train peasants into soldiers but peasants don't replenish. I'd therefore suggest perhaps having the number of knights and recruiters even at the start of the game so that you are more likely to keep up your peasant supply, indeed I'm currently having to convert half of my knights to recruiters from the noble quarters each turn to keep up with demand on peasants.

3: Miner interface suggestion, it'd be nice to see the total gains and losses you have on the kingdom report since by the time I've read through how much I've paid and how much had stolen etc, I'm not really sure how my finances are going. it'd be nice to just see "You made x amount of gold and you lost x amount of gold" at the top before the breakdown of what came from what.

4: Miner name change. "recruiter" doesn't sound as if it is for recruiting peasants, it actually sounds as if the recruiter should be like a military recruiter and recruit troops. I'd suggest this be changed to something like "sherrifs" ie, the people who were in charge of medeival peasant villages.

5: Okay, speculation time. Speaking of peasant acquisition, one statistic which might be cool might be population growth. Say you start with a certain amount of peasants. Each turn your peasants have a certain amount of children. every turn a proportion of those children grow up and add to the ranks of your peasants. However, if too many of your peasants are killed or converted to soldiers, children die off. Obviously there are other things you could do with this, buying slave children, liberating children captured by bandits, having some children die of disease etc, however it could be a fun statistic and a realistic way to maintain a population, ---- partiuclarly if factors like choosing a race come into the game later since some races could have different birth rates or different growth rates.

As a baseline for humans I'd suggest that the peasants produce roughly one tenth of their population in children per year, and of those children one tenth grow up to be peasants. So if you start with 1000 peasants, they will produce 100 children and 10 children will come of age to become peasants in their turn, though obviously any peasants conscripted into the army won't be producing children, (they'll be too busy fighting).

6: At the moment it seems alliances are rather one way, in that you get stuff from other kingdoms. it would be very cool if, when allied to someone, you could be dragged into a war with someone else. I'm thinking particularly of the independents and goblins here.

these are what I'm thinking thus far. There are some aspects of the game I've not got into yet such as arena fighting, but I'll see, I definitely like the game so far.

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Oh my god! Well come back Wastelander!
This is so absolutely great!
Weekend gets better and better!
I will come up with some sugestions later.
But first i have to check this new phantastic update!
I have to say it again! Wellcome back!

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@Niklas, yep I've given it some though and may get into adding sounds at some point, I want to have it so that during battles the game will make a sound for each death, so in massive battles the sounds will represent every single death, sound effects specific to the unit too, so demons will roar ect, also in arena fights a sound effect for cuts and clashes and swings. As well as theme music, it will definitely be added at some point, but I want to have the sound system work better than in the wastes.

@firefly82, thanks dude! never forgot you guys and kind of missed the forums! can't wait to get back into having great discussions with everyone!

@dark, I 100% agree with the arena thing, it's overpowered and I'm planning to add an odds system where you get rewards based on odds like in real life instead of double or nothing, I was also thinking of lowering the arena gold in general, so a tiny kingdom wont have a huge giant rich arena it will have a small poor fight pit.

in regards to the peasants thing, change your recruitment laws, instead of free enlistment declare forceful enlistment, this gives you peasant recruits instead of soldiers and twice of them! then outlawing the militia gains you even more peasants, but loses respect for you.

in regards to the income report, this is already in the game in kingdom settings on the main turn screen (which is option 10) you can shorten income report, which basically does as you suggest, summarises loss and gain.

in regards to the recruiter, that is an interesting point, I will look into that! thank you

In regards to children, I love that idea so much, and never though about it at all, I am planning to add food levels, trading ect soon so you will have to manage food levels too, which will all tie up nicely with this, but absolutely stellar idea, I love it! good thinking and as for choosing other races, other races do have their own population levels and growth stats based on their race but it would be awesome to have a choice of races for your kingdom!

As for alliances and diplomacy, that level of interaction is non-existant at the moment, but I will soon begin work on a huge update which will add a very dynamic system of relations between factions, each turn factions will choose who, if anyone they will attack, this will be balanced by how strong they are, their personality, how much they dislike factions and who is getting to strong, there will be inter-kingdom diplomacy alliances, leagues of multiple factions, hordes, empires and the player will have to be more careful with conquering new areas as troops sent to fight will not be present to defend lands, the way land defense will work will be the same as it is for your enemies, if a kingdom has 1000 men and 10 lands, each land has 100 defenders, so if they send 250 men on a raid, they only have 75 defenders! it will get very strategic and dynamic as the game goes on

Thanks for all the suggestions and brainstorming though, I've missed this!

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[wow], cant wait to see all this awesome cool stuff!
Have you thought about mariages? For example: Every king is only ruling for 30 years or something like that. So he needs to ... have a wife to make children wich become princes or prinzess.
What about having different guilds? Like technological constructers, assassins, mages and so on and so on.
For example: Technologi guild can develope gunpowder or catapults wich you will need to conquer enemy castles.
Assassins can kill leaders to lower the faith of their troops.

Another idea: What about some kind of rumors? For example: peasants telling storys about hidden treasures like gold or magical swords for your general or your champions. You can choose how many knights you will send to figure out about this.

OK, thats it for now. I think i will come up again later!:-)

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@firefly Assassinations are planned because enemy leaders, lords and notable figures can usually die anyway, was thinking of having a shadow of mordor style system where there are several captains in the other factions, who all have their own perks and quirks, and when they die someone fills their space, but may be weaker, over time they get more experienced and you will want to take them out.

as for family, I had never given that any thought, I had thought about the continuation thing though, given that the king can live forever as the years go by which is a little bit annoying, I will have to think about this.

Lots of stuff to think about, cheers for the suggestions, I love this kind of feedback!

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Hi Wastelander!
The shadow of mordor style system is a very very nice idea! I am allready curious to see it in action!

Have you ever thought about a more complex fighting system? For example making attackingformations? soldiers in the first line, guarded by archers and mages in the background?
But maybe this would make it a little too long. But somehow i like the tactical idea of managing your attacks. With this you could also bring in magic spell casters and select different spells during combat.

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People, I can't download this game. Please, could You reupload It?
Thank You!

Music is the language of the universe.

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Welcome back Wastelander!  I'm really excited to see what you do with this game, and any other ones you decide to create   In future.  The shadow of mordor idea is an excellent one,  I absolutely love that game from what little I was able to play of it .  ,

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65 (edited by Wastelander 2016-10-09 16:47:50)

@Giovani, does this link not work? https://www.dropbox.com/s/x1msxnwh5e9vf … m.rar?dl=1

@Firefly82, I have thought about combat being overhauled a little, was considering the ability to choose which unit goes first, instead of peasants going to their death first, but yeah it stands to be fleshed out a huge deal in the time to come!

@Dan, thanks for the support, yeah there is a very light version of that in the way that leaders of independent kingdoms and bandit groups can die and be replaced but they make little difference, though the independent king will likely have a different personality and thus could be eaiser or harder to deal with, but the plan in the future would be to have several important figures in each faction, kill all of them and a faction would be significantly weakened!

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oh yeah, the shadow of mordor style will be amazing. I bought this game for my sister and was amazed by it. Keep it up. For the sounds, it sounds very good what you have planet. Maybe sounds for animals and the different weapons would be great, too.

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OK, now It works.

Music is the language of the universe.

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Do the different units like soldiers, knights, goblins and so on have different stats? Where can i check them?

Another little idea. Maybe it would be nice to have an option to release slavesoldiers wich you have bought. If you release them some of them will be thankful and join you for free and they will be stronger than normal slavesoldiers.

Another question: I think the worldmap is allways the same at the moment. Will the world in the future be more random? So every game would become more unique?

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@Niklas, thank you, and yep the plan would be for sounds as dynamic as possible, perhaps even national anthems for each nation that were randomly generated

@giovani, awesome, have fun!

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@firefly82, peasants and goblins have 50 battlescore, bandits have 75, goblin berserkers and soldiers have 100, bandit and goblin warlords have 125 and knights have 150. As for the slave soldiers thing, way ahead of you, the exact feature you described is already in the game in the kingdom management option (10 on the main menu) where you can release slaves and slave soldiers some of whom may join you!

in regards to the world map please explain? the lands of each randomly generated kingdom are randomized so some kingdoms can have 8 lands and other just one or two, but I'm not entirely sure if you mean something else?

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[wow] wastelander, that will be so great. Another thing in shadows of mordor was the development of personalities, for example, the ranc of a charakter changes to something wich has happened and the fights and conflicts between charakters and groups of them. Maybe that would be cool if possible to implement here, so the AI can do this independently. Hopefully you will make backups of the code, it would be very sad if a so enthusiastic project gets lost to a hard drive crash or such. Keep it up, that sounds promising already.

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72 (edited by firefly82 2016-10-09 18:24:43)

Oh [wow], cool! Oh my god! I llove this project!
Your plans for more sounds are phantastic!
About the other question:
I ment when you explore the realm you allways find the same stuff in the same line. Will this change in future?

I encountered a bug in the attackingselectionscreen. The minor bandit groups and the other kingdoms disappeared.
Here is the link to my savegame. Maybe it can help you.


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73 (edited by Niklas 2016-10-09 18:46:57)

oh, okay, I think what wastelander meant with shadow of mordor style in terms of ranking was what I meant, so sorry for double suggesting it. Another cool thing in shadows of mordor is that charakters who meet you or fight with you can eventualy remember of that later and behave differently regarding you or your allies depending on what they experienced with you before. Rumors could even influence theier behaviour as well. This could be interesting for warsim as well.

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@Firefly82, it looks like you've asked your general to hide factions from your view, go to staff, find your general and ask him to show independent kingdoms, minor bandits and dead factions

as for the exploration, I do want randomly generated areas, but I do like the ones I have, who knows though, everything is temporary so it could massively vary!

@Niklas, yes it would be interesting to see, I have already added some slight version of what you mentioned, where kings will be weary to trade with you if you cancel your trade deal or attack them, but it was very lightly added and I didn't go into it much, hopefully in the future factions will remember lots of things and keep it all in mind, ie if you betray your allies no one will trust you

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Aaaaaaah, i seeeeee!
Yes, i checked this and didn't knew what it is good for. Now i know!

I like all your areas. They are nice!

Is it allready useful to train your general?
I trained my diplomat till he can contact the goblins and minor bandits. Should i go on with training him?

Damn, i am so extremely curious about the next updates!

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