hi all, I'm make the operation black sqare for sound pack, the sound pack link is:
the all sound is good
note, some sounds is Turkish language, sorry, thanks

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OK omer
but what is an advantage of creating a sound packs?

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I'm bored, and creat a sound pack

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hey all, do you need sound pack, please send me email, I'm creat your pack, thanks

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Hi, the soundpack is prittey cool, you should have a try.

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Specifically which sound files are in turkish?

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speech files, very big note, do don't know the Turkish please delete the speech folder in rar file, note 2: the archive is rar5 file, you need winrar5 note 3, do you see a bug this sound pack, please tell me, thanks all

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if I have to play it I will study turkish.

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delete the speech folder , ah, the tutorial file is Turkish, you listen or delete, you download this pack?

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Omer, I think I cannot download it because it says that you've exeeded the limit of donwnloads, Don't know if I'm wrong...

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You are correct. I can't download it as well.

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i never think that before someone ever want this thing again
anyways, i abel to find it in my flashdrive
so here is the new secure link
have a nice day

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