Hello. Now I have Windows 10 and the game at each launch asks "Do you agree to the rules?". In Windows 7, I once answered this question and that's it. And here every time I have to press the "Yes" button. How do I prevent this from appearing every time I start the game?

Regards, Adil.

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hmm, problem is, they have to have like a /birthday command to know who's birthday it is. kind of like the zone bbs or something... but yeah. And, I was thinking on holidays, they could give us gifts or just free dfc or grenade.

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akilor gave us the Black Friday Event. Not sure what will happen on Christmas or New Years. I'm thinking of maybe setting off a bunch of fireworks and flares together to see how much noise we can make. To bad we don't have any whistling or screaming fireworks.

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Run the game as admin it even tells you that in the dialog.


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