Swamp began as a 1-week project to create a game for Halloween (2011).  Since that day the game has grown into a very large online multiplayer beast.  I am happy that it has brought enjoyment to so many people.  big_smile  The old Swamp thread grew to be 511 pages long, with 12,753 posts (at the time I created this one), so I felt it was finally time to retire the old one and start us out fresh!

Version 3.5 (664 MB) Last updated 2-22-15 at 12:00pm EST.

In order to play online you will need to download this small patch to upgrade Swamp to version 3.8.  I will eventually update the main download so that this separate patch is not needed.
Version 3.8 update (6.5 MB) Last updated 6-12-18 at 8:00pm EST.

For anyone interested, here is the version 2.9 language file that will allow Swamp to be translated in to any other ANSI languages.  I've also seen people use this file to create screen reader dictionary files thus allowing Swamp to be translated in to Unicode languages as well.


Thanks to several requests over the past few years, you can now order Swamp T-shirts, backpacks, and even iPhone cases.
If you would like a Swamp phone/tablet case that is not available in the online store, just let me know the type of phone you have.  I can add it to the list.

SLJ has written up a guide for any players wanting to play Swamp on their Macs:  http://forum.audiogames.net/viewtopic.php?id=20647

Changes from version 3.7 to 3.8

- The behemoth in single player had trouble getting itself stuck on the rows of abandoned cars.  The map had a few issues that were preventing the behemoth from breaking them correctly.  I have solved that now.
- The dreded fort slot #0 has been fixed.  That was annoying HC players for a while.
- I've made some adjustments to my assortment of server tools.  Now instead of typing an entire line of text, it only requires a simple button press to make sure Buzz is never able to find the specific armor he wants.  It's allaround more convenient.  big_smile
- Fixed a few small issues I found with the holiday code.
- There is a new system for character descriptions.  These are just a fun way to be a bit more creative, and don't impact the game at all.  Type /SHOW <name> to view the descriptions of players, or user /SETSHOW <description> to set your own.
- I've added in a new set of weapon specific quests.  For now I'm having it hide the weapon you'll use, just so people won't know what to expect before starting the mission.
- The server added a set of computer controlled bots, who simulate human players in CTF matches.  These bots join CTF games that have uneven teams.
- Made a few server tweaks that may result in reduced lag in certain situations.
- Correct a bug on the main menu where the Username spot was missing unless you scrolled back up.
- I've slowed down what are called periodic quest updates, to cut down on lag when several people are doing certain quests at the same time.  When the quest is waiting for you to reach a certain location, there will now be a half second delay before it registers that you have arrived.  I'm thinking I need to revisit this code again in the future when I don't have so many things to fix, because I'm not happy with how inefficient it handles a few of the quests internally.
- I believe I've finally fixed a bug that caused armor to stay on you after you put it into your locker.  This will also affect other places where armor stayed on the player when it was supposed to be removed.
- The lag caused by being in the north-west corner of a map (when graphics were enabled) has been solved.
- I have changed around the radio modes a bit.  Friend radio has been replaced with Friend filtered radio, which allows all radio types to go through like normal, except friend chat is blocked.
- It seems a few specialty key commands were not working correctly, depending on several factors.  I'm not sure how much it was impacting players, but I've worked to resolve that.
- A new key has been added called Hold incoming messages.  When this key is held down, new messages will be muted (you still hear the incoming radio sound) so that you can continue to hear whatever message you are currently reading.  Too often we get interrupted when trying to read a long message, and hopefully this will solve the problem.  There is no default for this key, so you can go into your keyconfig file to set it to something you like.  If your screen reader is set to interrupt, then pressing this key is going to stop the current message from finishing.  To use this feature I'd recommend turning that off.
- When enabling player pings, you now cycle between options to ping all players, only friends, or only enemies.  This will help distinguish friend from foe in PVP and CTF situations.
- When players lose connection, go from multiplayer back to single player, or are kicked from the server by me, the code has been changed so they no longer hear "connection interrupted" endlessly.  They should also be able to connect again without needing to exit and restart the game.  In the past the connection did not correctly reset, so reconnecting often did not work without restarting the entire game.
- Voice settings no longer show up in the main menu until after you have connected to the multiplayer server.  When you set your voice, your local copy of the game will remember what voice settings you use for each character, allowing you to switch without needing to constantly set yourself back to the voice you prefer having associated with each character.
- When choosing a single player map, the menu now contains a spot to set your voice (if you wish to).  There isn't a whole lot of reason to pick a voice in single player, but I put it here for anyone who wants to be able to.
- When in multiplayer, the main menu now allows you to view your collection.  You can still use the server chat commands, but some players will prefer it as a menu.
- When viewing your own collection, or the collections of others, it will be presented as a menu instead of just a long drawn out message.  From your own collection menu, you can press enter to move an item into your normal inventory without needing to use chat commands.
- When in multiplayer, the main menu now allows you to view your locker.  You can still use the server chat commands, but some players will prefer it as a menu.
- When viewing your locker, it will be presented as a menu allowing you to take out items easily.
- From your inventory menu, you can press L to move items into your storage locker without the need to use server chat commands.
- I've done a few small changes to help the CTF bots feel more like actual players.  There is a lot more I can do on this, so I'll add more and more as time goes on.
- Moving between maps should load a little faster than they used to.  I'm using a more streamlined approach for sending item data from the server to client.
- Corrected a bug that could cause loot to randomly vanish on maps.
- You can no longer deposit sprained ankles, broken legs, or bloody clothes into your locker.  smile
- I've corrected some CTF code that was causing players in the respawn area to glitch and show up on the battlefield.
- Hardcore characters no longer need food to move around on CTF, CMM, LMS, Sniper, and Defender missions.
- Using the quick character change feature is still hit and miss.  I've tinkered with it a bit, but some people still have it work fine while others have it disconnect them.  For now I think I'll leave it as it is and collect more data about the bugs when this version is in the public's hands.  This command has always been a messy hack anyway, since the server was never designed for these sorts of character swaps, haha.
- Capture the flag missions no longer require reputation or food to lead.  Like all missions they do still require 1 diesel fuel.
- There was a bug that could cause a fort to say it had 0 of an item in an item slot.  When this bug occured you could not depot a new item into that spot.  This should be fixed both ways now... items of zero amount shouldn't ever show up in fort slots, and even if they somehow do, you can depot new items over top of them.
- I may have solved the bug where multiple crates show up during warehouse missions, but it's hard to know for sure.  I can't get that bug to happen when I want it to, so it may just be that I've been unlucky and it is still around but just hasn't shown up for me in a long while.
- Kills using the sledgehammer now correctly give reputation.
- In Defender missions, each zombie kill gives you experience points equal to the wave you are on.  At first this is a measly 1 XP per kill, but eventually you may be getting 30, 40, 50 XP for each zombie you kill.  If you can survive until the higher waves, you have the potential to rake in considerable XP.  This change may be overpowered, but I'm giving it a test run to see if this provides enough of an incentive so that players enjoy doing Defender missions.

Changes from version 3.6c to 3.7

- Fixed a long standing bug that caused the M240 to only use up 1 bullet instead of 5.
- Fixed a bug that caused people's account times to be incorrectly listed.  Anyone who had between 10 and 19 remaining months was incorrectly told they were on their last month.
- I've done some work on the way sound buffers are used, and reused, to squeeze a little better performance out of the game in places where a ton of sounds are trying to load at the same time.  Warehouse missions are a great example.  I only got between 4% and 8% improvement (depending on the situation), but I suppose it's better than nothing.
- Sound boost has been removed from the menu.  It's an older approach that never really helped enough to be worth having.  It was originally left in to slowly collect real-world data from players, to see if that approach to sound processing would be better than the default.  Turns out it's not helpful.
- Where Sound boost used to be on the menu, now you can adjust buffer settings.  Lowering the amount is not recommended because it can cause some sounds to cut out during intense moments, but it should improve performance.  Raising the amount can cause an initial lag as the additional buffers are set up and added to the mix, but overall it can improve performance.  So because this seems to be more of a personal preference, or dependent on the situation and computer, I'm allowing players to adjust this up and down to find what works best for them.  If I had found 1 perfect setting myself (I tried), I'd have just made that the new default.  The default is what Swamp already had before this update.
- I've improved accessibility for our miniority playerbase, and by that I mean those silly sighted players.  Graphics were really bogging down the game because honestly they were an after thought.  I went in and improved that code a bit to squeeze some better performance out of the game when graphics are used.  They still slow the game down more than if you play without graphics (any game would), but now it's less of a burden.  smile
- Everyone has asked for it, so I found a way to make it happen.  When playing on multiplayer, I removed "Save your progress" from the main menu.  It was really only about campaigns, so it didn't make any sense to have it show up in the multiplayer menu.
- In addition to removing the "Save your progress" option from the multiplayer menu, I've replaced it with a way to quickly change your character without exiting and logging back in!  Enjoy the convenience.  Let it wash over you like a refreshing river of singing dolphins.  Roll around on the floor and rub your hands all over your face, feeling the endless convenience as it warms your very soul.  These are things you can do.  big_smile
- When playing single player maps, the "Fully Armed" mode now begins each weapon already loaded, so you don't have to spend time switching to each weapon and loading it yourself.
- Two new starting weapon modes have been added to single player.  You can now choose to go into battle with only bows, or only rifles.
- In single player, if you choose to play on the map named Future, you will have an extra special challenge.  A lone Behemoth roams this combination of maps 1 and 2, years after the Swamp we already know.  Here are a few tips:  You aren't going to outrun that beast in an open field.  It isn't able to make sharp turns, especially when it's moving fast.  It can and will literally smash through buildings, though doing so slows it down, and may give you a chance to escape.  It has a lot of health.

Changes from version 3.6b to 3.6c

- FINALLY got the source code back up to date, from when the most recent backups were lost in a hard drive crash.
- Fixed a bug with a fort slot which was showing up as slot #0, and was not functioning as an actual fort slot.
- Fixed a bug with weapon accuracy.  Weapons that were powerful enough to kill a zombie with a single hit were not being counted correctly toward the average, and were throwing off the numbers.
- Shooting in CMM will no longer affect your accuracy.
- Swinging the riot shield around and using the field kit no longer affect your accuracy.

Changes from version 3.6 to 3.6b

- I have fixed the bug that prevented North East from being spoken when you were rotating yourself counter-clockwise.
- Added a new command /QUESTCREDIT, which will tell you how many credits you have earned from quests.
- Fixed a bug that could cause reviewed chat messages to show that you said something someone else had actually said.
- The radio and chat code has been rewritten to make things a bit easier on players.  The radio now has the following settings:
    + Radio on
    + Filtered radio (whispers, friends, clan, and team)
    + Battle radio (whispers, clan, and team)
    + Friend radio (whispers and friends)
    + Private radio (whispers only)
    + Radio off
- Adjusted SCS code for zombie and item placement which could have caused the game to lock up if a campaign tried to use invalid coordinates.
- Added 2 new SCS commands that let you spawn items onto a primary or secondary map zone, instead of using specific coordinates.  The commands have been added to the campaignguide.txt file.
- Fixed a bug that could allow a player to switch weapons in the middle of the Field kit sacrifice feature.  The side effect of this bug was that the weapon switched to would be broken.
- When using the Field kit sacrifice mode, the cooldown before you can use another weapon has been slightly adjusted to be based on how many med kits you had loaded.  This will barely affect players unless they have a ton of points into the big kit skill.  The new adjusted cooldown is meant to help the cooldown line up with how much longer it takes to sacrifice a large number of med kits.
- When using the /FORTS command, the server will round the food amounts down to get rid of any decimals.  It was making the messages very long and annoying.
- Swamp now supports language.ini files containing up to 12000 lines.  The old limit was 6000, which some people began to reach.
- New sound related code has been added which should improve performance for some players.  It depends a bit on things like sound card and computer speed, so some players probably won't notice any difference while others should.
- XP gained from fort ownership has been adjusted.  The new numbers are very close for clans who own only a handful of forts, but the new gain rate is not nearly as high once the number of forts starts to get higher and higher.
- Script keys can now use volume adjustment lines that you would normally type into your volumes.txt file!  Begin your normal volumes.txt line with "VOL-", so that the game knows you intend for this to be a volume adjustment.  Here is an example for what you would enter into one of your script keys:  VOL-Canine\Attack = 150
- Now you can adjust volumes as you play, even if you did not set up script keys.  In chat just type "VOL-" followed by a normal volumes.txt style entry.  The game will understand it is meant to be a volume adjustment and will follow the instructions.  For example, you could open chat and type: VOL-Attack = 30
- If you need to reset all Swamp sounds back to normal, you can use the command "VOL-RESET".  This will work in a script, or just typed in the chat window.  This is meant to cancel out any sound adjustments from your volumes.txt file, "VOL-" scripts, and "VOL-" chat commands.
- If you want to refresh Swamp to go back to using the sound settings in your volumes.txt file, you can use the command "VOL-REFRESH".  This is meant for people who have raised or lowered a few volumes and can't remember which ones they were to set them back to how they are in the volumes.txt file.
- Fixed a bug that prevented you from being able to use Q to list crate information during a warehouse mission.
- Fixed a bug that prevented players from being properly kicked out of a fort that was just overtaken by an enemy clan.
- When broken items are repaired at forts, the message should now include the fort name.  In the past this only worked on a few items, not all items like it was supposed to.
- Fixed a bug that was giving people a new quest each time they signed on, even if it was on the same day they already received a new quest.
- Fixed a long standing bug that prevented the Chainsaw from using up the proper amount of fuel.  Each rev (attack) uses 5% of a standard fuel tank.
- Fixed a long standing bug that prevented the Flamethrower from using up the proper amount of fuel.  Each blast (attack) uses 10% of a standard fuel tank.
- For smaller game patches, Swamp is now able to download the update for you automatically!  When signing in, if Swamp is able to get an update for you it will ask you permission to do so.
- Fixed the bug that caused CTF missions to hand out reputation and food to everyone who participated.
- The entry fee for CTF has been removed.  They are now free to play for normal and HC players.
- Fixed a bug that would show players on the mission list, who are actually just on a quest.
- In a change that will certainly cause HC players to rethink some of their strategies, each hour a player is only able to recieve 100 food from other players.  As soon as a new hour has gone by, they are once again able to receive up to another 100 food.  This will make it much harder for people to pass around huge stockpiles of food instantly, but still allows players to give each other a helping hand in times where their food is extremely low (which is what the feature was intended for).
- Food can no longer be given to players who are offline.  That feature was being abused right and left, and I didn't realize the server was even allowing people to do that until recently.
- Fixed a bug that could allow computer controlled allies to remain with you after finishing a quest.
- Fixed a bug that could crash the game after donating/recycling an item or sending someone a gift.
- Withdrawing food from forts is once again allowed.  I liked the disabled withdrawls because it forced clans to plan more about their food deposits, but I also want forts to be a place to store food you don't want to lose if you die.  To blend these ideas, withdrawing food from forts counts toward the same hourly limit on receiving food from gifts.  So at most, a player will be able to withdrawl 100 food per hour from a fort.
- When using the new key that spins your character around 180 degrees (shift S by default), a new sound will play.
- Fixed a bug that caused temporary quest items to remain in your character inventory after the quest had been finished.
- Kai has provided new music for Map 5, Sub 1, Sub 2, CTF, Fort, and the Quest maps.
- Fixed a bug that allowed players to shoot through walls during fort battles, if they stood in specific locations.
- The Sledgehammer has had its damage and attack range increased by about 20%.
- The Sledgehammer is now able to impact multiple targets if they are all within range during the swing.  The hammer is pretty heavy so any momentum that is left over after slamming into a zombie skull will continue transfering to the next zombie.
- You can now cycle your weapons in reverse order if you hold the control key and press the number key.  Your keyconfig.ini file will add the new reversed cycle keys so that you may customize them.  You may have to delete your keyconfig.ini file and let Swamp recreate a new one if the new entries do not show up.
- Fixed a long standing but which caused the M16 and AK47 bayonet modes to show strange messages concerning ammo.
- Fixed a bug that was affecting PVP damage in situations where battling players were of drastically different level.
- When beginning CTF and Defender missions, you will begin with a loaded Field kit.  In the past the field kit was not loaded.

Changes from version 3.5 to 3.6

- Loot points can now be spent to instantly gain a title.  Type /LOOTPOINTS (or /LIFETIME) to see how many points you currently have.  Picking up loot on the main maps grants normal players 1 loot point, and HC players 3 points.
- Fixed a bug that could cause you to have a "real" death if another player killed you right as you were leaving a CTF or a fort map.
- During a CTF, being in a tower or up on a roof now gives you an advantage against players on the ground.  If you shoot someone from up high it will deal 33% more damage to your target on the ground.  If they fire up at you, any shots that hit you deal 33% less damage.  The roof and tower edges (and cars) still have a chance to completely block incoming shots (cars are 12.5% and tower/roof edges are 8%).  So while standing behind cars or up in towers always gave players a small defensive advantage, these additions should make up for the player also being a stationary target.
- Swamp now creates a file called volumes.txt, which gives players advanced control over the volume Swamp plays every sound.  Once Swamp runs it creates the file and puts instructions for its use inside.
- Fixed a bug that prevented raiders from shooting at you if you were right up against a wall or impassible tile.
- Fixed a bug that allowed players to shoot into the respawn hallway during CTF maps.
- Fixed a bug that could cause Fort, LMS, and CTF deaths to count as real deaths.
- Bunny Slippers and Running shoes now benefit from the Graffiti skill.
- Running shorts now benefit from the Graffiti skill.
- The number of loot points required to gain titles have been adjusted.  Anyone who has already spent loot points to gain a title will not have their title taken away.
- Added a key (shift S by default) that will spin your character around 180 degrees, to face directly behind it.  This has been requested many times by players.
- Logging in is a bit more stable now.  In the past players could arrow up and down through menus during the delay as they were signing in.  This caused several problems so now the game no longer allows this to happen.
- I've added a /PVP command that has no name at the end.  This is a quicker way to check your own PVP stats.
- When wearing the Doctor's coat, the speed of the field kit has been increased even more than before.  You also gain an additional 10 health points whenever you use a field kit on yourself and you are wearing the coat.  The coat did not previously have any slowing effect on the player, but now has a very small one.
- The Raider uniform now counts as medium armor and benefits from the Task force skill.
- The Field kit has a brand new setting.  You can now enable Sacrifice mode, which pumps every loaded med kit into you at the same time!  This not only provides a huge healing boost, but it also cleans all bloody clothes and fixes both sprained ankles and broken legs!  The down side to using this very powerful setting is that your field kit will break from the strain, and you will have to go find a new one.
- Sale prices for selling Apronic equipment to the safe zone have been adjusted to keep them all the same.
- Fixed a few typos that people have pointed out.
- Fixed a bug that allowed players to use their fort menu to heal themselves, from within the fort map itself.
- Clans can no longer withdrawl food from forts.  Players must now be careful and plan out which forts should hold food, and how much, because it can not be taken back out and switched around.  This also makes it harder for clans to intentionally "give" forts to friends, only to have them given right back.
- When attacking an enemy fort, the drain rate was always 10 food for every 5 seconds you remained inside.  Now, the drain rate for a fort slowly increases over time as it is attacked.  For every 6 hours of accumulated time where a fort has been draining food (an enemy was inside the building), the drain rate will permanently increase by 1.  This is meant as a way to balance the game against super clans who can own a fort practically forever.  The longer someone holds a fort, and the more time people spend attacking it, the higher the drain rate will become.  Eventually a balance will be reached where the clan really must defend against attackers.  Under the old system, some clans had put so many millions of food into forts that they didn't even care if people attacked them.  The days of ignoring attackers should be numbered in this new system.  The drain increase is remembered by the forts themselves, so if you attack one for only an hour and later 5 other people attack it for only 1 hour each, the drain rate for that fort still permanently goes up by 1 point.  If a new clan captures a fort, the drain rate returns to the original 10 food per 5 seconds.
- The food reward for warehouse missions has been greately reduced.  For a long time now, only clans who could complete the hardest missions had any chance of owning forts, because they produced more food than anyone else.  By lowering the rewards, players who rely on finding food should have a slightly better chance competing with the warehouse runners.  For a while people will be upset by the drop in food, but once the reserves burns away it will balance out where everyone is used to the lower numbers.
- When in your own fort menu, the "History of this fort" now informs you what the current entry fee and drain rate are for the fort.
- The drop rate for Diesel fuel has been lowered by 0.5%.  Don't freak out, it's only half of 1%.  smile
- The drop rate for broken equipment (such as Bent bayonet) has been reduced.
- The drop rate for Dogtags has been reduced.
- The drop rate for food has been increased by a small amount.
- Fixed a bug that caused muted players to become unmuted once they gained a title.
- Fixed a bug that allowed a titled player to find multiple copies of the same title weapon.  Like normal weapons, the server was supposed to prevent you from picking up a second copy by turning it into ammo instead.
- Fixed a bug that caused ammo to be wasted in burst fire guns.
- Fixed a bug that prevented you from hearing when other players' armor becomes damaged or breaks.
- Depositing HC Dogtags into a fort will now create only 1 Raider defender instead of 5.
- A new item, called HC Padlocks, can be deposited into a fort to permanently raise its entry fee by 15 food.  This causes attacking clans to have to pay a higher food price when entering your fort.
- The drop rate for HC Dogtags has been slightly reduced, to make room for the new HC Padlock item.  Their combined drop chance is equal to what used to be the drop rate for HC Dogtags.
- The Raiders who defend forts have been given a brand new AI.  They should patrol around the building in a more intelligent way, making it harder for attacking players to simply hide out for long periods of time without being found.
- Fixed some jumbled lettering that could show up in the "You have killed" message you are given after killing someone in PVP.
- Safe zones will now sometimes sell items that they do not normally sell.  These items could be for a limited time (only a particular day), or there could be a limited number of these items up for sale.  Once the special day ends or the amount is sold, the item will once again not be for sale in that safe zone.
- When a Safe zone is offering a Special limited sale on an item, it means only a certain amount will be sold.  Players can only purchase 1 of these items at a time, and the Safe zone will not tell one to you if you already have one.  During the time the limited sale lasts, normal players are not able to trade or give this particular item to other players.
- Changed the capitals for Bunny slippers, Running shorts, and Running shoes so that the second word is lowercase.  This means nothing to 99% of players, but if you've used these items in custom SCS campaigns, you may want to update them.
- Fixed a long standing bug that prevented the running shoes and running shorts from giving you the proper speed boost.
- Your mission log will now show the Server time, instead of the local time, for when a mission was launched.
- I adjusted the directions you face on a few of the maps.  This applies to returning from forts and missions.
- When damaged items are repaired at a fort, the server will tell you the name of the fort in the message.
- The old quest system has been completely thrown away!  Under this new system each player can hold up to 3 quests they are able to do.  Each day they sign into Swamp, a new quest is given to them as long as they have 1 of their quest slots empty.  If they already have 3 quests, no new quest is added.  Completing quests can earn just about anything, from reputation, to XP, items, or even food.  Each completed quest will grant the player 1 or more "quest credits".  These quest credits will likely have some use in the future, but for now they are just an indication of how many quests a player has completed.
- The hearing range for the computer controlled campaign Allies has been greatly reduced.  They were able to spot and shoot at zombies who were extremely far away, and that isn't really how I want them to function.
- Fixed a bug that prevented campaign Allies from responding to your voice commands.
- I have rewritten a few sections of the zombie AI code that should improve game performance in certain situations.
- Dying will now return you to map 1 when you respawn.  This might be a bit of an inconvenience to some players, but this solves the problem of players dying on super hard maps and not being able to escape them.

Changes from version 3.4c to 3.5

- Fixed a bug that affected player wallet items, if you had more than 1.
- Fixed a bug that caused raider voices to sometimes play extremely loud (as though they were standing right in front of you even when they weren't).
- Raiders are now able to walk around.  In general they will still stand in one place, but ocassionally they will decide to take a short walk to see if they can find a better shooting position.
- I've removed the shot count from the message you receive when you are killed.
- Raider camp has been added as a new warehouse mission setting.  When set to raider camp, you will not face any zombies, but rather a building under control by an enemy raider team.  Prepare to get your butt kicked by these guys!
- Fixed a bug that would repeat parts of messages during the /FORTS command.
- Dog tags once again add 5 raiders to a fort, but their drop rate has been reduced.
- Fixed a bug that could leave you without any weapons after resetting your skill points.
- I have drastically improved the raiders, making them a much more deadly threat.  In the past, a bug caused many of them to simply stand around instead of shooting back.
- Zombie AI has been adjusted to make them a little bit less predictable.  In the past they would always group behind you, single file.  Now they will try to avoid doing that to some small degree.
- Getting hit by a zombie (or bullet in PVP) now has a very short impact in your movement speed.  It is meant to discourage people from just running through huge mobs of zombies, knowing they're so fast they will barely get hurt anyway.
- Epaulettes and Football shoulder pads have very little affect on your movement speed now.  Epaulettes are now going to be a much nicer addition to your character.
- The maximum skill points for Street smarts, Graffiti, One man army, Task force, and Juggernaut have all been reduced by varying amounts.
- Armor that is rated with widely varying protection now provides an extra boost of protection against projectile weapons, from raiders and other players in PVP.
- The Ballistic Shield has been added as a new title-only weapon.  This weapon behaves similar to the riot shield, except it works against incoming projectile weapons (such as raiders and other players during PVP).  The shield does not block bullets when set to lowered mode, but when set to raised mode it does slow down your movement speed a little.  This can only be found on Sub 3.
- Medium and heavy armor have had their slowing effects lowered, so it is not quite as big of an impact on the player.
- For players who are below level 20, the slowing effects of all armor are reduced.  For a level 1, for example, even the heaviest armor will have almost no slowing effect at all.  The slowing effect approaches normal as the player approaches level 20, and from that point forward it remains the same.
- Loot drop rates have been completely redesigned from the ground up.  Some items people are used to finding easily might be difficult now, and items that used to be rare might be more common now.  It's going to take some getting used to, but now every item will drop properly.
- You can no longer exit fort maps from the war room.  You must travel to the map's edge.
- Fixed a bug that allowed people to invade a fort while it was during the 10 minutes protection period.  The food could not be drained before, but now they cannot even enter the map.
- From within your own fort, you can now press enter to open a limited version of the fort menu.
- The Strip mall mission has a few new things to discover.  Enjoy.
- The armor Boots has been renamed Work shoes.  It still works the same way as low foot armor.
- The word "blankets" is now spelled correctly on that mission description.  smile
- Boots have been renamed to Work shoes.  The Work shoes continue to be light armor.
- A new armor item, called Boots, has been added.  Unlike the old boots, this item provides widely varying protection.
- The armor items Ball cap, Winter coat, Tattered vest, and Football helmet have all been removed from the game.
- A new armor item, called Utility belt, has been added.  This item provides high protection.
- A new armor item, called Steel toed boots, has been added.  This item provides high protection.
- A new armor item, called Metal shoulder pads, has been added.  This item provides medium protection.
- Due to issues caused by super huge numbers, the server will now max you out at 1000000 of any particular item.  Your character can hold more than this (no reason you ever need to, but whatever), but when you sign out it will drop back down to 1000000.
- Swamp is better able to diagnose log-in problems, so the error messages are more helpful.
- I believe people's vanishing ammo and items (that were fixed when you logged out and back in) has been solved now.  There was a bug sometimes causing the connection to lag and time out during the transfer.
- Fixed a bug that could cause your client to freeze and crash after giving someone an item.
- Many efforts have been made to cut down on lag and improve game performance.
- I've expanded the bounding box so that floating north from Map 3 will be easier.
- Fixed a bug that would allow Dires and Amorphous to show up on warehouse missions they weren't supposed to spawn on.
- Death sounds now correctly play in Fort maps.
- PVP kill and death stats should now record during Fort battles.
- Added the command /MOTD, which repeats the server's message of the day.
- CTF missions can now be launched with 4 people.  In the past you needed at least 6 players.
- LMS missions can now be launched with 3 people.  In the past you needed at least 4 players.
- Team warehouse missions can now be launched with 4 people.  In the past you needed at least 6 players.
- When players disconnect during CTF, and they have the flag, the server should properly place the flag back on the map.
- Added a new command /TW <message>, which will send the message only to your own team during CTF and Team warehouse missions.
- During CTF missions, health and speed upgrades no longer sound like the flag.
- Fixed a small bug that affected how weapons were picked up.  At times you would not receive ammo in picked up guns, and this should correct that.
- Removed some unwanted messages from the recycle menu, that would refer to items you no longer have.
- I've added a message when traveling up and down the stairs of Sub 1.
- I've added a message when traveling in or out of the towers on Capture the flag.
- I've added a message when respawning back into your base on Capture the flag.
- The delay between weapon switching has been reduced.
- Fixed a bug that was causing quite a few sound errors to show up in the debuglog.
- Fixed the health tracker, which could repeat messages when it was not supposed to.
- Sniper, LMS, Defender, and CTF missions can now be joined by both normal and hardcore characters at the same time!
- Last man standing missions now start all players with their skills set as the same.  Everyone has 25 points in health and 20 points in speed.  This should keep everything fair.
- The gardens now produce 10 times the amount of food they used to produce.
- Last man standing missions now give out XP as the reward.  Each new person raises the reward more than the last person, so the reward grows exponentially.
- The first zombies in an LMS (small map) will spawn around the map's borders.  This will help people survive the first few moments of the mission.
- LMS on the forest map has had its loot increased to 50.
- When killing another player in a fort or on LMS, you will be told their name.  The player you killed will also hear that you were the one who killed them.
- I've added a mission description to CTF.
- Sniper missions now require a minimum of 3 people before they can be launched.
- Sniper missions now give out XP as the reward.  Each new person raises the reward more than the last person, so the reward grows exponentially.
- Sniper mastery has been added as a new skill.  Each point raises the damage of the M40 by 2%, and there is no limit on the number of points you can spend on it.
- When launching a Last man standing mission, I have changed the normal truck sound to a different sound.
- While scrolling through your armor to wear, holding shift will cycle the pieces in the opposite direction.
- When entering fort maps, the direction you start out facing is not standardized instead of random.  If you spawn in the fort, you always face south.  When spawning around the borders, you will face the opposite border.  Spawning at corners should angle you to face the fort.
- The following armor items have been removed from the game:  Football pads, Kevlar vest, Bike helmet, Motorcycle helmet, and Metal shin pads.
- 3 new pieces of Apronic armor have been added to the game, so it is now possible to have a complete set.
- A new wearable item, called the Doctor's coat, has been added.  Wearing this provides no protection, but speeds up how fast you can use your field kit.
- The escalators of the mall (map 5) now lead somewhere.  You might want to think twice before going up there though!
- The items available for purchase in the Safe zones have been changed.
- Hardcore characters, who have titles, can receive now items from other players without having to worry about a minimum level.
- The Tuxedo T-shirt now also speeds up the reload times for sub machineguns.
- The Camo jacket, Camo pants, and Reflective vest still provide no armor by themselves, but now they benefit from the Graffiti (low armor) skill.  This makes the pieces more usable for high level players.
- The Overalls and Quiver still provide no armor by themselves, but now they benefit from the One Man Army (medium armor) skill.  This makes the pieces more usable for high level players.
- The Tuxedo T-shift still provides no armor by itself, but now benefits from the Task force (wide range armor) skill.  This makes the item more usable for high level players.
- The Doctor's coat still provides no armor by itself, but now benefits from the Juggernaut (high armor) skill.  This makes the item more usable for high level players.
- When healing at forts and quickly changing maps, the game should no longer reduce your health back to what it was before you healed.
- When dying during CTF, I have addressed the bug that can spawn you with less than 100 health.  Due to lag it is still possible to have this happen, but it should happen a lot less.
- When entering your own fort, you start out at the map's borders just like invading players do.  This is meant to help people organize themselves when trying to defend their own fort.  In the past you'd spawn inside of the fort, which could easily drop you right in front of attacking players and you'd die before even knowing what hit you.
- When an enemy player enters your fort, and you are in the fort also, you should hear an alarm sound playing.
- Raider footsteps are now raised and lowered as you raise and lower player footstep sounds.
- The Machine gun mastery skill no longer boosts the Vulcan.  That weapon is powerful enough as it is, and I don't like the idea of it always being the super-weapon in any situation.
- Resetting skill points will adjust the ammo in your weapons.  In the past people were keeping their extended magazines, even after resetting their skill points, until they changed weapons.
- Loot no longer spawns in the CTF hallways.

Changes from version 3.4b to version 3.4c

- Fixed a bug that allowed players to gain reputation, XP, and food during CMM missions.
- I've adjusted how the warning system displays messages to players who have official warnings on their account due to violations of the user agreement.
- I've added code for "years" to the part of Swamp that tells you how much time you've spent playing.  Yes, there are players at, or quickly approaching a full year of accumulated play-time!  I'll wait and code "decades" when it's needed, ROFL!  big_smile
- Retreating from warehouse missions now only give 75% of the reward if you have found at least 20 crates.  Finding less crates lowers your reward percent, and you will recieve no reward at all if you had not personally found any crates.
- The maximum running speed of Death bringer zombies has been slightly increased.
- Players joining CTF missions will now list their team color in the message everyone hears.

Changes from version 3.4 to version 3.4b

- Fixed a bug in CMM missions that could allow people to unfairly gain items.
- Fixed a bug that could cause inventories to show more items than the player is supposed to have.
- Fixed a bug that could still cause deleted items to show up in your inventory, while in the donation/sell menu of the Safe zone or Outpost.
- For players who try to sign into Multiplayer with the wrong version, the game will now tell them the version that they need to have.
- During CTF, all players now spawn with their stat points set to be the same as the other players.  This will make battles more fair.
- Speed upgrade and Health upgrade loot has been added to CTF missions.  Picking these up will boost your Speed and Health skills, giving you an advantage on the battlefield.  These boosts will not raise your speed above the maximum skill level.
- I've added in several new ways for me to help monitor bugs.  I am not sure if this small patch will correct everything that's wrong with version 3.4, but it will help me find the causes for any bugs that were not fixed.

- Aprone
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Thanks for all your time and energy that went into this update and into swamp in general. Thanks for the great game!

Have a blessed day. 

Thumbs up +1


Thanks Jennifer.  big_smile  This update did indeed take a very long time.  I don't know how many months, was it 7 or 8?  I can't even remember.  Life always found ways to slow things down, but I'm glad Swamp eventually won out.

I already know some people will be very upset to learn that Hardcore food has been reset.  Players on the old server had accumulated hundreds of thousands of food, and to put it plainly, those sorts of numbers would ruin the experience that version 3.4 hopes to bring to HC players.  The only way to balance things for this fresh start, was to have a fresh start.  I did not reset characters or inventories though, so that is good news for everybody.  smile

I'm sure bugs will show up, but that's pretty normal with any update.  My testing team worked very hard to find every bug they possibly could, but everyone should understand that many bugs don't come to the surface with a small controlled team.  Once the game goes live, the server will be interacting with 10 times as many connections, from all over the world.  This is the kind of stress we can't really simulate with a small testing team, no matter how dedicated they are.  Please don't hold anything against them if bugs are found, haha.

- Aprone
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I can't download the updated swamp. it stops at 174 mb.

Have a blessed day. 

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I'm hearing that from a lot of people.  Actually it's a little funny that I had so many incoming messages, my skype froze and I had to use Task manager to close it.  ROFL!

I would suggest the alternate download link, but people are reporting the same issue with that one too.  I've sent in a complaint to yahoo tech support (my web hosting provider), but no word back from them yet.

- Aprone
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Could you post a patch, since I have 3.3 already, unless it's too different?

Have a blessed day. 

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mee too. do you have patch from 3.3 to version 3.4? Thanks a lot.

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I played swamp ages ago when it was free and on a pc. Can I still play it on a macbook with windows? Or is it not possible? I'm wondering because as far as i know, you have tobuy swamp to play it now, is that right?

If you like harry potter fan fiction, click on this link to download a zipped folder containing 9 point something gigs of harry potter fan fiction when unzipped. It's around 3 gigs zipped. https://tinyurl.com/y9dl9zev

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To play online, yes, you have to pay for a gamer account.

Have a blessed day. 

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First, I'm inordinately pleased that mine was the last post (aside from Aprone's, of course) on the old topic. It means nothing, and matters not at all, yet it still strikes me as awesome.

Second, Aprone, all these updates and changes sound ridiculously awesome, as usual. I'm trying to download now, but the download keeps dropping out (yes, I'm using the alternative link). Judging by the Swamp Twitter account, I'm not alone. Can you put the zip file in your Dropbox and share that link instead, until Yahoo sorts out its server problems?

Third, what's the status of this version's Readme? Is there one, or should I start updating what we have so you can distribute it?

Thanks again for all your hard work - what an incredible Christmas present for us all! Now I just need to *download* the file. big_smile

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I thought so, but can it be playd on a mac using the trackpad, or is it not worht it?

If you like harry potter fan fiction, click on this link to download a zipped folder containing 9 point something gigs of harry potter fan fiction when unzipped. It's around 3 gigs zipped. https://tinyurl.com/y9dl9zev

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My dropbox is limited to 25 downloads because it's a free one.
It's still uploading, but I guess this will let 25 people get it who are currently having trouble getting it from either of the normal download links.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ifnuqp3fg6e5 … p.zip?dl=0

- Aprone
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Brad, you can indeed play on the Mac. You can use Windows via a virtual machine program like Fusion, or through dual booting with Bootcamp. What I do is use Wineskin and emulate it, and that seems to work well for me. You can't install third-party Sapi voices or use a screen reader, and some people report lag, but it works great and takes up 1.33GB instead of 10 or 15 GB like full Windows would, not to mention is way faster to start up and easier to manage.

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For me,I use bootcamp and it works great.

I was just wondering since as far as I know, you have ot use left mouse click to walk and right to shoot, and with the machaving a touchpad, wouldn't that be tricky?

If you like harry potter fan fiction, click on this link to download a zipped folder containing 9 point something gigs of harry potter fan fiction when unzipped. It's around 3 gigs zipped. https://tinyurl.com/y9dl9zev

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I use a wireless mouse, as it's much easier to manipulate. You can always reassign things so you don't need the other mouse buttons, though. Mouse1 is clicking your Mac's trackpad, as far as I know.

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I'm on the phone with Yahoo technical support right now.  Lets see if they can solve this over the phone, where emails to them have failed.


Well the help line confirmed that this download problem is on THEIR end.  I think everyone knew that though.  Within 24 to 48 hours their tech support team should have the problem resolved.  In the mean time, I guess we're going to have to pull together somehow and fix this without a centralized download link.  tongue

- Aprone
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Aprone's software

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my win rar says the zip file is damaged any idea why?

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So like, aprone, I have only 3 words to say to you: You are awesome. Seriously with this kind of crap, hackers, etc I would've given up on swamp like, a long time ago but yet you persist. I baught a gamer account for swamp but didn't use it for a while. I am back to using it now though once in a while. These new changes sound awesome, can't wait to try this stuff out. I think I'm also one of the first people to get the swamp download I think considering it said you uploaded it 13 minutes ago when I downloaded it haha


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My download is just past 50% and I can't wait! Aprone thank you so much for such an amazing game! I've never been happier to have no life! Keep up the awesome work man!

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It's sad i just don't have to time to enjoy the game, but I like to come here , and keep up on what's going on with it. For the time i did get to play  it. I had fun, and can't wait to get back into it. Aprone I'm sure you here it lots, but thanks for this game, keep it up. all the best to you, and yours.

AKA TBlaze
"Gaming is my escape"
follow me on Twitter @JCion97

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21 (edited by SirBadger 2015-01-09 07:10:46)

here's a sendspace link for anybody having trouble downloading from the main server:


if duct tape doesn't fix it, you haven't used enough.

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For anyone having problems with the download, someone on Twitter just put the file up on Sendspace:

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Aprone, one question. I notice the sounds for unused weapons, like the Scorpion or XM301, are back in the zip file. Is this a mistake… or an indicator of fun times to come? smile

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maybe they are for the special weapons that might only appear at special events as the change log hints at?

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Has anyone made a topic on this forum in regards to campaigns? I'm sure there are campaigns, but what are the god ones?
I want to make one that has both a tutorial for Swamp for new players followed by a story, just don't know the best way to go about it, if I shoud design my own map or what. I have an underlying story for the actual Swamp maps and designing the so-called Swamp universe, as it were.
My friend tried the starter tutorial maps but in my experience, that's just a campaign test thing and not a comprehencive tutorial.


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