I bet you thought that was a mistake. That old Dee ark had gone a bit dee ranged in dee brain! Well your wrong, ---- okay your wrong about the mistake bit, maybe not about the deranged bit.

Eitherway, to dee is a special occasion, sinse we've got some quite dee lightful news. Namely that dee Database now has d games in. Dee games? I distinctly hear you declaim, "What the dee kins is dis drivle!" Well, to the romans, ---- such as dee ulious ceazar (come on, that was a quality joke!), D was the symbol for 500! Yes, that is right, the Db now caps out at a full five centuriess! And considering that there are still games to add, that is saying something for the state of au dee o games.

Well here are the most recent round of updates, and don't worry, I've finished with the D based puns now. ---- no really, honest I've finished. What, your thinking I'll stick one in just at the end to annoy everyone even further. Really! would I do that? That would just be too much, after all moderation is the art of com ma dee. Dee o!

    Updates by Dee ark.

Swamp: changed license to subscription,  updated description with some more recent gameplay  features including the account system.
Castaways: changed license to subscription, slightly updated description.
blindfold racer: page and description.
Changed platform of  Lost cities from Iphone to Ios.

Bokurano Daiboukenn 1:Page and description.
Bokurano Daibouken 2: Page and description.
Paladin of the sky: page and description.

The inquisitor: slight description cleanup.
Added new link to the Nvda addon  for Winfrotz, thanks to Trenton Goldshark for the tip.

Pizza delivery: page and description.
Bokurano Daiboukenn 3: Page, description and links..
Shades of doom: fixed links to point to version 2.0, slightly updated description.
She noire: page, description and links.
The ensign: page, description and links.

Slightly expanded and cleaned up pages for Solara and the two Papasangre games, plus added more info on gameplay features to Solara description.

Audio defense, zombie arena: page, description and links.
BG 15 puzzle: added note on sapi use.
BG Elevens solitare: page and description.
BG 2048: page and description.
BG Word yahtzee: page and description.
AudioSpeed: page and description.
Deathmatch: project alpha: page, description and links.
Tia story 2: page and description.
Traders of known space: page and description.
The Inquisitor: Chapter 2 the village: page, description and links.
New Tia story: Page and description.
Snow race: Page and description.
Hadean lands: page and description.
BG Simon: page and description.
The Inquisitor: chapter 3 sisters in dream: Page, description and links.

Updates by Sander.
Fixed link to 1000 Ad and expanded entry.

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2 (edited by Riad 2014-12-17 14:51:47)

Hi Dark.
First, thanks for the updates. But really, I want you to try to hear this text, with Vocalizer Expressive which I'm currently using, half of the text is not comprehensible so I was forced to navigate and spell each word by itself. It isn't your style of writing though, so I don't know what's wrong, big_smile. But please adjust the topic since its first part doesn't make sense, at least for me.
Edit: I just got it, may be you're using an auto-correction program which changed the letter "D" to " dee " so should point that out.

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You're very welcome!

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Oh d r Roro, my computer must have some dee red full virus! i am dee vastated, dee pressed and dee sturbed, this must be dee work of dee dee vil!

Oh woe is Dee! I am obviously dee ooooomed!

seriously, I thought it was pretty obvious that this was a joke, indeed I specifically wrote it as dee so that screen readers would pronounce all the puns correctly.

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Lol. Thatis just... funny! Dee brain in dee head is dee work of dee dee vil! Yes! I dee am dee so dee ranged! Dark, me and dee o must be dee oooooo ombed!

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I'll join this topic too, haha.
Dark, dis up d ate is de lightful so thanks for up dating de database. OK, I don't know if I'm getting the hand of the d jokes but I thought I'd try to join in anyway.
Wait a sec, did I actually right the word hand? hahaha OK the brain must have gone on d overload or something.

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Dees is dee spickable! obviously dee dee zease iss spreh deeng! it it will be dee dee eth of us all, we will all soon be dee ceased, and humana dee as we know it will be dee stroyed! Oh will someone please think of dee chil dee ren, (well the ones who's names don't have dee's in dem anyway).

Seriously, the actual reason for the dee jokes is a good one. I was quite surprised when I got back to to edit the db last Friday, and saw we had 481 games, and thought I could make it a round 500 by christmas, (which will hopefully also go some way to making up for the lack of updates sinse august). I'm pleased that I was able to add so many worthwhile games like Audio defense, The ensign, Deathmatch, Paladin of the sky and most of Ticon Blu's stuff, it feels like we're far more uptodate with what is going on in audiogames now.

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Dee ark,

That is just one awesome post and a mightily confusing conversation. big_smile
Thanks for all the great work on the dee atabase!!!

Best, have a great winter everyone,

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Dee day is dee ree day!
@dark, Yes, we must be dee ranged and deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee oooooooooooooooooooooooombed! Why would dee deatabase dee deeave deeo deeany deeames? Deei Deeon't deeet deet!
Seriously though, I could go on and on about the Dee jokes. Its just... ... ... funny!

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Glad people like, and dat da dee jokes weren't too dee stracting.

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