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Hi all,

I'm not sure if a mod belongs here, but this felt like the best fit for it. Sorry if I was wrong.

Following on from the success of the CrazyMod expansion to SoundRTS, I've decided to try my hand at a total conversion mod as well. The end result was the Blitzkrieg mod. Blitzkrieg, as you might guess, takes place during World War II. As a result, the gameplay might feel a little different to vanilla (unmodified) SoundRTS.

Currently, there are 3 sides. The Allies, Germany and the USSR. They should all feel unique but in their own way balanced (if that's not the case, let me know!).

This mod requires SoundRTS 1.12 alpha 9. The following link will take you an installer for both SoundRTS 1.12 alpha 9 and Blitzkrieg pre-configured and ready to go.

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/540 … taller.exe

The campaigns so far are at a starting level, I'm waiting to get feedback before I expand on them and make more missions. There is currently 1 mission each for the Allies and German campaigns. These missions should be good to go and hopefully challenging enough.

As for multiplayer, I currently don't have a computer that could function permenantly as a server, but I'd be very happy if someone else who did would be happy to host one, if they felt this mod was worth a server running.

You will find a readme.html file in the Blitzkrieg mod's folder where you install the game, that will give you details on how the sides differ and more.

This is just something I've been developing in my own time, but I hope you guys like it.

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well! just downloaded this and took a look, seems pretty cool
haven't played yet though
just out of curiosity are all the tanks and gun names actually taken from the war?

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Yes. Some are official designations and some are coloquial names. I should probably decide for one or the other, really.

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hmm, I played through the ally campaign. I don' think that the allied command center can recruit allied workmen. So I was forced to rely soley on riflemen and pI A T infantry for it and only barely managed to defeat it by just recruiting like 30 riflemen and some p i a t's to take care of the panzerfrosts. It was really cool and well designed. And you made it so that the stock official maps are converted to use the new units which is also cool.

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[wow], really. i was really looking forward for a concept like this as hearing about world war 2 always fascinated me, and this seems like the perfect ocasion, the perfect game too.
i'd love if it is expanded, with more missions added and more weapons etc. since i'm yet to try the mod out.

the units like fighter and bomber aircraft, similar to the technical class from the crazy mod would be really appriciated as well

thanks, and keep up the great work

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@keyIsFull, that's by design, so that you can't go expanding your base beyond what you have. Since its the first mission of the campaign, I thought I'd introduce more technology as the campaign goes on. But I don't really explain it anywhere in the introduction, so I could probably do that. Sorry. If it makes you feel any better, the other side can't have workmen either smile

@sid512, already done. Though as you don't build airfields, you call in squads of fighters or bombers from your air command centers or bomber command centers, respectively, who appear for a short amount of time before leaving.

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i tried the game out and the first missions sound interesting, and the concept of calling in fighters and bombers is pretty good too, as one doesn't have to build each unit individually.

what bothers is the high costs to build units, like tanks, vehicles etc. compared to overall credit reserve found in a given map at a given time.

otherwise the game seems really great.

btw, it may sound a bit strange to not being able to call the bombers immediately after calling them, because of being low on mana. smile


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Not strange at all smile keep in mind, this is world war 2. You were dealing with Lancasters and MS109s, their fuel tanks weren't what we have today.

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hi. can you upload it as a sip file?

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It would be cool if there was a zip that consisted of purely the mod directory was uploaded and maintained.

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@sid512: I take your point about the economics. That's been the hardest thing to balance. I might try tweeking the numbers a bit to see if maps can sustain a player for a bit longer.

@shuteye, I think he means the use of the word mana, if I'm not mistaken. And he's probably right. I just can't think what else to call it right now. "Special", maybe? Or "countdown"?

Ok, sure, I'll upload it as a zip file. That's what I did at first, but people on the SoundRTS mailing list said that they didn't know what to do with it, so I made it into an installer to do it all for them.

Here's a link to the zip. It's just got the Blitzkrieg mod in the mods folder and the Allied and German campaigns in the single folder. So you can just go ahead and extract it into your SoundRTS folder. Bare in mind that you'll still need version 1.12 alpha 9, though.

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/540 … zkrieg.zip

I believe something that will help with users getting mods is coming or has come in version alpha 10 that is being developed right now. So fingers crossed you won't need to manually download zip files for much longer.

Thanks for your feedback all!

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just a bug I found with unit control, seems like some of the keys don't actually just control one group but a lot of other things too
can't remember everything off the top of my head, but I remember F does it at the very least

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Ok, I've finally got round to introducing a Soviet mission and drop the player into a part of the Battle of Moscow. It is beatable, though pretty hard (maybe I need to tone it down).

The links are the same as before
Installer: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/540 … taller.exe
.zip: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/540 … zkrieg.zip

@dd, that's by design for now... but I agree its confusing and will be thinking of a better scheme. In vanilla SoundRTS, some keys control multiple types of unit (priests and mages, for example). I'm sure I can have a look at the bindings and come up with a better scheme at some point.

Hope you all like the new mission

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its actually kinda odd because looking at the style and bindings files the keys should already be working fine, but if you need a scheme for the keys, here's my suggestion
s and d: same as normal, all soldiers/peasant classes respectively
F: infantry
G: scout class/light tanks
H: medium tanks/flak
J: heavy tanks, both types and artillery
K: fighters/bombers
also just as a side note, the bombers are missing the line in the style file that lets them be a part of group control

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Great mod, Before i've downloaded it, but just now I am downloading it to try again :3 thanks for the work

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Unfortunately I cannot download here, I suggest a certificate error, how to solve this problem

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you may try switching to a different browser, such as firefox, chrome etc.

besides, it would be a disappointment if the mod isn't further worked on, since those missions were really good.


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I can't download the game here, and who can give me one?My email is [email protected], thanks a lot..

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Hi. I downloaded the installer and the zip file. Where should i extract the zip file?

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Greetings. Just wanted to say I really enjoy the mod and would love to host a server for it if there is not one currently hosted for it. I think there could be more campaines added in if you wanted the help. I am currently learning how to add them, so if there is any help I may give you on the project just let me know. But yes, its a good project, and I look for further advancements on this in future.

Good work, and keep it up

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hmm, i think this project was given the status of abandonwhare. But we both could take over the good work taljazz if that's OK with truecraig.

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OF course. IF of course he would not mind it. IT was originally his project, so we will have to get the go ahead before proceeding, but yes, I agree. I see much potencial within this project, so I would enjoy improving it should he allow.

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This game just does not run on 64 bit or at least the installer doesn't.
Is there like any way to get a installer compatible with x86 and x64 units?
either that or if someone has the binary and a place to host it can I get that please.

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Same problem here on Windows 10 (64 bits). To avoid the problem, choose a different folder for the installation, for example a folder in the user folder.

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Hello all, can some post link again for instaler or zip becouse this links does not work. thanks...

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