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VGStorm.com is proud to present,
Paladin of the Sky!
Paladin of the Sky is an audio game in the style of popular console roleplaying games.
The game contains over fifteen dungeons and twenty bosses. It features hours of fun
maps to explore, as well as an in depth storyline.
Paladin of the Sky was designed with console Japonese roleplaying games from the
1980s, 1990s and early 2000s in mind. The game also takes a new look on casting spells
in a turn based roleplaying setting.


The storyline of Paladin of the Sky takes place in a magical and futuristic world.
For many years, the strongest lifeforms on earth, the humans and the dragons, were
at odds. In 2037, the humans waged out right war on the dragons. The war lasted for
six months, the humans gaining the upper hand with their superior technology. By
the end of the war, dragons were an extinct species.
In this universe, dragons could shape shift into human form. Sometimes, in this form,
a human and dragon would fall in love and have dragon halfling children. After the
war ended, the humans sought to find and kill all of the human dragon halflings.
The story follows the journey of Ross Myres to safety, in a rather unusual way. Ross
bords a ship known as the Paladin, destined for the distant planet known as Xopolis.
On this planet, the environs are too intense for the humans to handle, however the
conditions are far from difficult for dragon human halflings.


The game largely takes place on bored the Paladin space ship. The space ship is enormous,
perhaps more so than even its crew know.


Over fifteen dungeons to explore.
Over twenty bosses to challenge you in various ways.
An in depth storyline.
A rich soundtrack with over one hundred and twenty tracks.
A unique system for navigation which puts the control in your hands like never before.
Two difficulty settings, normal and hard.
A post game chapter of sorts which offers five more dungeons and seven more intense bosses.

Demo Limitations:

Paladin of the Sky is shareware. The demo offers you the first three dungeons and the first two bosses in the game.
You can not access the hard difficulty setting, nor can you obtain promotional gifts from the server.

Getting the game:

You can get the game here
You can buy the game for thirty U.S. dollars here
Enjoy the game!

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I just started this, however.

The game's restricted to sapi, which is incredibly annoying. From what I can see there isn't really a way to alter your speech rate. If this is using bgt, it is relatively easy to add screenreader access.

Wehn I initially started the combat tutorial mentioned something along the lines of "You should start out with using dice as a tactic.". The game shouldn't really be telling me what to do.

Also why do you roll dice instead of use a standard attack? Your primary means of attack is magic, but why exactly?

It's cool that a timed system for combat is used, however there is no way I can react fast enough. the idea seems to be to memorise the scroll, but the timing is a little too exact.

I am impressed with the audio quality however.

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Change your rate by selecting additional TTS configuration from the options menu.

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The first battle is a tutorial. It tells you exactly what to do because it's showing you how to use the combat system.
As for the scroll, the timing is pretty exact but you can learn the timing and hit them on time.

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It just takes a bit of practice to memorize the timing. The game is quite fun.

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Cool game, will play more in a little while. Just going through the tutorial so far.

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Nice work!  As Ross I am level 9 with 2 dragon strike scrolls, but at least his first one seems terribly underpowerd when I get it perfectly compared with just rolling my 3 dice.
I really like the timed combat idea.  It reminds me of Legend of Dragoon, or Super Mario RPG to a lesser extent.
I feel like the dragon strike scrolls should be much more powerful than the dice since they are difficult to get right.
I haven't tried the second scroll yet.

Again, good job.

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Ian Reed, the idea is loosely based off of Legend of Dragoon.
As you progress in level, your spells will most definitely become stronger than your dice.

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I've played the game some more.

I really like the audio quality and the way navigation works, etc. I like how each area is detailed.

One problem I'm running into is that combat is very repetative.

You rolled a 12, dealing 8 damage.
The thug attacks you for 3 damage.

combat seems to be only you against a single enemy. Are there battles involving multiple enemies later on? I haven't acquired dragon scrolls yet however.

There doesn't really seem to be a reason to defend in battle, as you are still battling a single opponents, and thus far enemies seem to attack in the same way.

It would be cool if screenreader support could be added though as there doesn't seem to be any need for sapi's wait functions.

Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic.

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looks like entombed has a new rival!

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Looks like those Japanese rpgs will finally be getting an equivalent in English! I'll give it a go when I have time... I already have it downloaded and installed. Nice job from what it looks like so far!


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Nice, a big audio English RPG. I'll give it a try when I have the time. Now I understand why have you stopped AAC's developpment from a while.

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Yes! I beet demo! PKMNMASTER, cool! It's very cool game!

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Where is the savedata stored in Windows 7?

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hi, I've forgotten what the planet was called, but I'm now in the planet that was mensioned so many times in the story. the problem is, I can only use kelly, and there's this baby dragon who kills me in 3 hits. how can I kill it? I tried rolling dice and using the dragon strikes, but the best I've been able to get out of both is 10 damage.
edit: okay I've gotten around that, but how can I kill the emperer jarden? he kills me in 2 hits, my rolling of the dice does about 5 damage to him, and the best I got out of the energy birst ability was 8 damage.  how can I kill the guy?

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Well, what is your level and defense stat?

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Bring it on. This sounds cool. Nice work.

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The only issue I have with this is its dam near impossible to hit the key in time with the beep. I mean seriously. You don't even allow a 2 second delay. If it weren't for that, I'd probably buy it.
Nice try at a big rpg though.

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I'm struggling more with exploration.

I found the world lounge, but I'm just trying to find a way to get to that teleporter.
I keep re-entering the lounge or finding a wall to the left of it.

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Unfortunately I'm off to the seaside this afternoon for a couple of days so this will have to wait until I get back, which is irritating sinse this sounds just my sort of game!

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I actually like the magic thing, kinda reminds me of QTE's in mainstream adventure games
my only problem is the large size of a lot of the areas which I can understand, to show how large the ship is but the problem is the detection distance for objects, for some reason they only seem to show up when you're almost on top of them which may or may not be intentional but for me personally with the huge size of some of the areas it gets slightly boring to scan and scan basically everything for completion's sake lol
but other than that love the game!

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Hay Aaron, is this the game you were going to release on your own, or is this the one you're working with someone else on?
Can't wait to play it, but it's size is making it where I have to wait a few days to download it.

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kyle12 wrote:

The only issue I have with this is its dam near impossible to hit the key in time with the beep. I mean seriously. You don't even allow a 2 second delay. If it weren't for that, I'd probably buy it.
Nice try at a big rpg though.

Though I agree it's tough, two seconds would be way too much. That would almost make it impossible to fail. Studies have shown that the average human response to an auditory cue is 215 milliseconds (google it). You're intended to learn the timings and cast from memory most of the time.

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Holy crap. I am impressed.  Seriously impressed. Only one other audiogame has gotten me like this and that's been swamp.  Well and I guess entombed when it was big.  But that had a few bugs in it that were never worked out.  You've got my $30.
If I can give a few suggestions:
1.  Why not have the left and right wall sounds come from the left and right channels?
2.  Please let us use our screenreaders instead of sapi as all I've got is Anna and it's a little hard to understand over the music.
3.  Give us a little more time with dragonstrikes scrolls as if you're not exactly on it it fails you and it's pretty annoying.  Not much more time, but just a little would be helpful especially if it's a new one that we've just learned.
A few other things I've noticed.  You might want to get a pop shield for your mic if you're on a mixer.  Also, not sure if you noticed or not but a few of your tracks are mono instead of stereo.  I'm also not to sure about the dice thing.  I mean, you could just say you use your fists since you're a human, or equip the knife that you get and just have the dice influence how hard you hit, they sort of don't fit.  One final thing as others have said is the size of the maps.  You might want to scale them down just a bit as they seem like huge hallways.  The lounge and things I can understand but the rooms and hallways seem really huge.  This game reminds me a lot of how Star Ocean started out and it's got me hooked.  Guess I won't be on Swamp until I beat this demo mode.  But other than those few things you've got me hooked and definitly you'll see $30 from me. Keep up the awesome work!

Edit: TO the person who said they didn't like exploration that's the point of JRPG's and RPG's in general.  Everything just isn't going to be in a hallway or in a room, you've got to search and talk to people.  That's one thing that these guys did right.  You'll get a lot of dumb things in conversations, but you might also pick up hints, or in my case find a few random battles to gain experience. Not everything is going to be handed to you, and since their is no walkthrough for this on gamefaqs or here since this is an audiogame you will be exploring a lot.

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Okay, I just bit the bullet and downloaded it.
I'll postlater with feedback.
Ps: I already suggested to Aaron that he get a pop filter.

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