Every one of us wants that turn body where we are intelligent and module be fit enough to do any physiological state that we impoverishment to. It is not that every one of us has a popular tangible toy. Both of us feature a seemly slim and beseeching embody where as several fill run to put on a lot of weight. All the thespian pounds that you strength jazz put on might be due to any understanding, the grounds could be due to a examination handling that you underwent and were advised intermission, or may be you worked human hours and were not able to give term for any physiologic activities. Fatness is something that you can overcome, as there are many sign of ways that a being can combat his fat, fast, taking pills, undergoing surgical communicating, and a lot more. However you are supposed to opt from this desire position that claims to heal you out of your avoirdupois. Avoirdupois is something that can lead to diabetes and lycee gore somesthesia. You strength be all knowledgeable some this but just can't persist the procedure to turn plume. Cleanse FX
Subjugation obesity is not something that you can do over nighttime, as a lot of patience is required when you are on a weight-reducing promulgation. Umteen grouping advantage with these programs and light their way due to their minds unwillingness where they judge they might not be fit to micturate it. This a lineament cube that you screw matured with indication where you and your knowledge screw imitative that cutting that supererogatory coefficient is not your cup of tea.

(Removed by moderator has been this link for spam might it even contain to jaz fat your computer inteligence fixable nurgling butter moogles).

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Dear Mr. Beaver:

Greetings! I want to do Subjugation obesity over nighttime by undergoing surgical communicating. I have strong jazz from my days earning pounds as a thespian, so you needn't alarm yourself about that.  But my intelligent module is not fit enough, so please provide a lineament cube that I can screw when I micturate.  What kind of tea must I drink before micturating? Give human hours term for a weight-reducing promulgation and a examination handling. 

I know we aren't supposed to answer the spam posts. But I think this must be the best, most creatively written, spam ever posted on this forum.  I want to learn to write English like that! Er...I become desirous to conquer literacy empires of writing with novelty idiotisms and colloquializations in papyrus.

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I honestly wonder what algorithms they're using to generate them. I wonder if there's an archive somewhere.

Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic.

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With hilariousness much hit by invariagated postings of spambot I was, so requiring the coefficient of jaz that increases that moderation in much entertainment to boardom combat have left this on forum I begun have. Though for clearr jaz unemloyed avoidings of certain unpleasantly viaracious properties of promulgating upon your computronic devices, linkage to possibly immature and unimpeeded sites of web generated nastification have been administratively communicated to avoid any unsuspected solicitations that might not be your cup of tea.

Oh, and talking like this is fun! big_smile.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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@dark: At occasions resulting upon excrescence of informatical reportage regarding occupational happenings of pseudoelronds in cybertronical Rivendell, the rostrum citizenry herein legislates exempletude from the Lastex of which this communication possesses containment, as antifloccinaucinihilipilificational logorrhea. 

Nah, all of our non-native English speakers would be totally lost.  Heck, I wrote it, and I'm nearly lost!  But the fact that I didn't need to consult a dictionary or thesaurus first makes me wonder what I've done with my life.

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No recompitance of exess abilities to facilitate the notorizing of any justified intoxicated authority figures on this confabulation of electronic pulcritudenous communications was in a necessity. It transpired to happen that the occurance of the vistation of this particular adumbration of various omniverbal excretions was hereto noticed by the recommended mayoral politico, hence why various corrective movements were offered for execution.

alsoo, as an unforseen paragraph in an unlikely and probably iridescent shade of parathentical oppologising, it will be mentioned in this affidavit that certain individuals that may in all probability be afixated with the monica of dark, might have also in some process inserted a dictionary in to parts of the body which are factually and uncerimoniously known as the assophagus big_smile.

Yes, I like words, what else can I say big_smile.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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while sensationalising advertisation by the formulation of spamatisation of a adictively gamitised society has previously been found to yeald less than expectable results, the gramatisation and further twistation and indifferenciability makes this atempt a successful implimentation of hilarity.

even as it strikes the mental fluxibility as a mesure of promolgation, the toleration of such factors are not appreciable. and as such, it is with in everyones rights and duties to fentastically  congradulate  the  spectacular efforts taken by our ever alert  moderation panel in regards to such intolarable actions. smile

how was it for a first timer?

and do anyone know what a "avoirdupois" is?

come and join my
facebook group!

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It is with great unrelenting announcement that my bowels and that in the body known as the throat is now unrelentingly soar thanks to that which helarity insued in this here topical discussional gathering known as the audiogames forum has occured.
In plane english: You guys have just made me laugh, very hard. So, to that, I say thanks for the fun!

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It is to informatically assume with arethmetical precise exactitude that according to such unforseen or possibly accurately predicated upon circumstances, a state which in most commonly surplus individuals of the general prolitarian population that shal in this case be called gladness. This state which is said to be felt, experience, enhaled or otherwise in an exemplar of the monate function of the exact qualea of reality which that personage here to for documented, accredited and otherwise expected and anticipated to be Dark is currently and at this contemporanious moment in the process of feeling.

Aka, glad you found it amusing big_smile.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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@dark: I can't even find a response. I think I have, unfortunately, lost this friendly competition of words. I'll keep watching the topic in case any more fun stuff goes on here though, as these long worded sentences are still making me laugh.

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11 (edited by fastfinge 2014-05-01 15:16:09)

@chandu: avoirdupois is the system of measurements used in the United States, based on the 16 ounce pound. So the spammer was using it, incorrectly, as another word for weight. That's the other thing so amusing about the original post, all of the large words used are used incorrectly, though if you think hard enough, they are just slightly related to the concept the spammer actually meant. Doing that is way harder than you would think! The best I could do was rostrum as an incorrect synonym for forum, and Lastex as an overly-precise and incorrect synonym for thread.  But I think those were far too obscure for everyone. But I am never the less immensely proud of the fact that every word in the joke portion of post 5 is misused in some way.

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I had a translation party!  Because this was so odd and strange already, I couldn't resist visiting:
and putting in everyone's posts.  I just had to share the discovery I made: the entire thread makes tons and tons more sense this way. Now I understand what you all meant! My comments are in braces {like this}.

1.  edwardbeaver:
Only the executable module is consistent with Physiology, ill is a United States intelligence is enough. We are all of one specific popular toys. Weak weight perfect slim and elegant to achieve. All of them can put the break time that can give advice about worked actor pound test strength Jazz physiological cause yard terms. Communication can be a way to overcome his high degree from the battle of obesity surgery fat. However, from a desire to claim this avoirdupois heals. Something that always can extend Lycee Gore, diabetes only. All the power of knowledge is now steps step description plume. You can do to lose weight to be overweight and may have to overcome the promulgation FX night, to purify the patience. These programs and their benefits are not micturate Umteen group opposed to the ribs. ♥ mature factors and knowledge Bowl cut the slide lineament cube duty confusion. Dark: possible fix nurgling butter moogles computer intelligent ) × ( plus jaz fat moderator delete link spam.
{I think I remember reading about the battle of obesity in history class?}

2.  fastfinge:
Dear Mr. Beaver: Greetings! Please contact the more nights than to conquer obesity surgery. Reminder about it strong jazz got the actor Sterling as their own. Must conform to I. type micturate Micturating city lineament cube intelligent module screws 10 minutes ago? Here, promulgated to give weight to reduce the price in terms of time. Please do not post spam knows the answer. This forum is almost the best most creative spam. Learn to write like that! ER... is going to write the conquered Empire novelty idiotisms colloquializations, papyrus.
{Yup, this forum is entirely a creative website run by spammers. Audio games aren't even real! Blind people don't use computers! It's all just spammers.}

3.  stewie
Honestly, what is the algorithm used to generate them? Archive would be somewhere? Human beings are unconsciously extends deep meaning logic space. However, the overall space is really one step logic.
{Seems like stewie has made some kind of important universal discovery about logic here.}

4.  Dark
Battle of the progressive in this forum increase boardom factors Jaz spambot invariagated, hilariousness, and hit entertainment. To not generate an invitation to attack the unimaginable political Viaracious Bowl Web nastification computronic device specific clearr jaz unemloyed avoidings promotions immature unimpeeded site creation notification can be bound. Oh, it's fun to talk about! big_smile. Start the music of your dreams, please write to the dark side. Please see the help make the music of the night.
{OK, I wrote to the dark side, and they sent me the help files. But I still don't understand how to start the music of my dreams. Can anyone give some hints?}

5.  fastfinge
@dark: you can create a contained spill communications John exempletude Lastex antifloccinaucinihilipilificational mining Valley pseudoelronds cybertronical platform civic event reportage industry. All complete the loss on non-English native speakers. Heck wrote that lost most! Dictionary and thesaurus reference is really my life.
{Yeah, dark! You better get right on it and create that industry! Right now! I want a job doing...whatever that involves.}

6.  Dark
This communication people notorizing legitimate chat recompitance e pulcritudenous a famous drink there should encourage excess production capacity numbers. 5 we recommend transport with various parties, watching Mayor Vistation politics transpiration omniverbal fixed waste to give a variety of reasons. Almost every step of the independence of the body is known as part of the oppologising afixated vase dictionary uncerimoniously Parathentical assophagus big_smile probability: Rainbow color probably alsoo really dark moniker oath sworn affidavit probably expect. Yes, I think other big_smile. Start the music of your dreams, please write to the dark side. Please see the help make the music of the night.
{What exactly is the assophagus big_smile probability? I really think the answer to that question might help in my quest to start the music of my dreams.}

7.  Chandu
Ago the successful community spamatisation twistation indifferenciability Yeald gramatisation Advertisation adictively gamitised elementary school sensationalising and half-month formulation might be. It is a very emotional factors such as hit promolgation-tolerance Fluxibility. It is our reasonable effort everyones rights and obligations fentastically congradulate Panel intolarable action blockbuster movie warning. First-timers and a smile? "Avoirdupois" anyone? Friends: come and join my facebook group!
{You must have the best ever Facebook group. Because no matter what, the appeal that we should all join it remains unchanged, as though you carved it into unrelenting stone.}

8.  aaron
Great Insued pipes Digest Forum meeting, now known is known thanks to the topic of discussion at the presentation of the ruthless helarity audiogames zoom. Plane English: will anyone laugh at me very hard. So I thank you for the fun!
{Don't worry, Aaron. I am now laughing at you very hard. Have fun!}

9.  dark
Population and emergency Arethmetical Informatically probably this same general surplus shal precision prolitarian pleasure to have known of the status of the most. Processing characteristics of dark contemporanious Enhaled models feel the emotional state of Qualea Monate expected final approval, don't expect the people the exact experience. Interesting discovery big_smile happiness and well known. Start the music of your dreams, please write to the dark side. Please see the help make the music of the night.
{Yes! I've got it! I googled Qualea Monate, and was directed to a paper called _Test of hypotheses about herbivory and chemical defences of Qualea parviflora (Vochysiaceae) in Brazilian Cerrado_.  Finally! I now have all of the information I need to make the music of the night.}

10. aaron
Hi, @dark: can not find my response. Sadly, friendly rivalry loss. Still love the length of the word here, laugh at any topic.
{So, so close to the original. Yet so, so far.}

11.  fastfinge
@chandu: 16 oz, always protection system all always, always, always, always, always always always, always use the United States always avoirdupois pounds when between. In other words, use the spammers right weight. Language is madness concept a little bit goes to a really hard for spammers all the very good source. I think how to make it more difficult! Synonym synonym Lastex threads to award an appropriate cut of too many inappropriate and position an appropriate forum. They are for everyone else too vague. I joke exploitation article facts 5 words very proud.
{Is that explanation clear, chandu?  If you get confused, just remember: all always, always, always, always, always always always, always! You can't go wrong if you do that.}

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