Hi, I know about the blind mice movie vault and it is awesome. But, I have noticed there a lot of tv shows that are described that they don't have. Is there any other site where some of these shows can be found? One I'd like to find right off the top of my head is house which I know has descriptions but is not available on the movie vault.
Any info would be apreciated.

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As a side note, "Blindy TV," is back up!

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Awesome! Thank you.

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You're welcome!
Also in my above post, I noted that Blindy TV is back up.

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1 audio descriptive TV show that I'd like to get is spongebob. I know, baby like, right? Well, me and my family love spongebob, and at least it's better than gay my little pony!

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I know star trek voyager and the other series are described somewhere, would love to find those.

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As a side note, as far as I can tell the house podcasts are no longer online.

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And what about spongebob, is spongebob on that sight?

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I have never seen anywhere that has any spungebob with descriptions, but I know blindy tv has a lot of shows with descriptions which I can't find anywhere else, so maybe there is some out there somewhere., I'd also like to see family guy audio described. That would be freakin sweet!

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Catch family guy during the late nights on Blindy TV's comity channel. Not sure with times though...

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I knew about south park, but this is cool, I'll keep an eye out for it, no pun intended, or maybe it was. haha.

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about blindy tv, is there a way to download it's shows to listen to them offline?

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Hi Garrett.
Well I've never heard of audio described spongebob. That's nothing to be ashamed of I still love spongebob and I'm in my 20s. I think the show is pretty self-explanatory but if you really want a way to get descriptions go to the spongebob wiki and look up the articles and transcripts of the episodes you want. I do this when there's a part of an episode I don't understand. The transcript has all of the characters lines as well as what they are doing at the moment.

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AS FAR AS RECORDIng, it's not hard. Most radio players have a record feature. Tapping radio and radio sure do, and I heard you can do it with foobar if you start to "convert" the stream.
What shows I'd like to see? If you listen to blindy.tv, they somehow got their hands on described red dwarf... and I so wish I had that. I also wish we had the complete set of described star trek, as now we have  TOS entirely, but only bits and pieces of the newer series. I also wish someone had described stargate.

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@garrett I know your above comment about "gay my little pony" was just intended to indicate you don't enjoy that series, however using "gay" as a substitute for bad or rubbish is potentially pretty offensive to anyone who is homosexual.

As I said, I don't believe this was your intention, but please be careful
when making throw  away comments like that (after all I know for a a fact we have  at least one  gay member of the forum  and likely more too).

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@Arq - Described Voyager? Yes, please! That'd make me a very happy camper...

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Indeed, me to.

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Well, let's put it this way. Sorry, I'm so used to bad moderation on klango, and so I forgot the mods were more, um, on top shall we say. Well, if someone asked me about if I liked my little pony, this would be my response. ... ... ... ... ... See, nothing. I think this of people above the age of watching this show. "What kind of person would ever! Even think! Of watching this. It's a baby/kids show, and adults watching this really don't have any idea of what they're doing." I didn't know how else to say it, I forgot what to say and what not to say around here.

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Well garret,  I'd say it's not really just "Around here" you should watch what to say,  although as you said we do try to moderate the forum properly.

However it can be just as true in real life. I once knew someone for six months, went to lectures with him, got together to work on university logic exercises with him, was  invighted to mutual friends' parties and only realized he was gay when I met his boyfriend.

That taught me a valuable lesson, not all gay people are  tough women in leather or men mincing around in pink spangly tops, indeed very few are, which is  exactly why you should always be conscious of your language.

As to my little pony,  as far as I  know the series that is praised by adults is specifically the "Friendship is magic"  incarnation.  The arguement I believe is that the characterization, stories and over all standard of  writing is good enough to appeal to anyone on the level of a good story irrispective of either subject matter or what group of people it was intended for.

I do see this  as possible, indeed I recently picked up from Amazon the entire Avatar the last air bender cartoon series and the first series of it's sequel Avatar the legend of Kora.

This was an animated series  originally intended for kids, but featuring very cool martial arts with magic, a distinct eastern inspired world (some people refer to it as American anime), and above all some wonderful characters and plot.

Heck, I still know people who refer to Harry  potter as "that kids series" and do not  believe adults could enjoy it.

So, I could imagine My Little pony friendship is magic to have something to recommend it to  adults, and don't want to be too quick with my judgement until I've seen the thing. Heck there are even some Freidnship is magic fans on this forum see This topic for details.

However, it might be that you cannot get over the intended audience, or that you just have made up your mind based on simply the fact the series has  ponies as principle characters,  flashy magic and the like.

I don't personally  think this is a good way to judge how good something is without seeing it, particularly something that has been recommended by people who have what I considder to be  worthwhile opinions which is why as I said for me the    jury is still out on Friendship is magic until I've got around to watching at least some of it.

Heck, while super heroes aren't my favourite genre, I will take recommendations of things in that area myself and have occasionally had pleasant surprises such as the Anime tiger and bunny, the the Kickass films or Brandon Sanderson's book steelheart, albeit on other ocasions I've been disappointed with a recommendation (this recently happened with some books by a chap called Peter clines about super heroes in the zombocalypse).

Anyway to finally  reign in this topic a bit (ha ha), and get things back on track, I  did recently come across a large number of audio described films, some of which I've picked up.

I'm not generally much of a fan of just linstening to audio descriptions on their own without the visuals, because I like having the chance to get what my vision can from them, for all I do  appreciate audio description when it's on the same track.

I have however recently tried out some audio descriptions for films I know well and have only watched without description. I particularly enjoy this for action films like The   Matrix, sinse visually following fast action sequences is often problematic, for all I'd rather see the film visually first than just listen to the description as I said.

Regarding Startrek,  I don't know  any actual audio described startrek, but there are very good synopses including descriptions on Memory alpha the startrek wiki I've recently been watching through next gen again, and then stopping off after each episode to read the memory alpha articles (though i admit this is more for the purpose of finding out fun facts about writing, production etc than for the synopses good though they are, sinse as it has a reduced amount of action which is usually explained on screen i've never found Startrek series as hard to follow visually as say a big action hollywood blockbuster.

I'm actually more interested in audio described films than tv series for this reason.

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@garret: Hear me out, I'm not about to go mad at you or anything, but I'd just like you to read this post about said series you dislike, also check the links as I used bbcode to link to things that you might enjoy, and also for reminising about Spongebob. There's also a request/question that is Spongebob related at the end. Bare in mind, I'm a fan of Bokurano Daiboukenn, Swamp, Transformers, Doctor Who, Agents of Shield, etc, along with cartoons.
Now, regarding MLP, that depends on which version of the show you watch. The 80's and 90's versions were cringe worthy to me. The newer friendship is magic stuff, now that's more where the money's at. When I first heard about it, I thought exactly what you thought. Uh oh, what are people doing? Why are people watching this? Then I actually spent some time on the web looking at the phenominom. Interestingly, in a top 10 non-disney villains songs video, there was a song at number 1 which was from a particular episode of the show which was well praised. Well I checked out the song and enjoyed it for what it was. Very disney esc, as in, animation Disney style.
I placed a link in a file with loads of YouTube links. Of course, to make things more interesting these links aren't titled. So here I am, picking a link at random a few months later, February of this year to be exact. Well that song came back up, and thus the sead was soan. I checked out the channel and the first thing I heard when clicking on the channel's home part, was, ur, another Pony song. Well Ih had a listen, thinking yeh, it's OK. Then I ended up looking more at the channel and listening to more songs, and as I listened I suddenly realised what everyone was talking about, and why they were talking about it.
The songs had a very 90's cartoon feel to them.
Interestingly, I checked out a few episodes. At first, while listening to the songs, I liked Pinky Pi, but when hearing her in the show I thought uh oh, this character is really hyperactive! I then settled on Rainbow Dash as my favorite character, with Applejack being the best singer of the bunch. Looking further, I discovered that they (rainbow and Applejack) were played by the same voice actress! This gave me even more respect for the show, as if you listen to those characters they sound completely different. Also, songs are a rare treat, they don't feature in every episode.
I wouldn't consider myself part of the huge fan community though, as I wouldn't really know how to enter it. However, looking a a few websites, it's clear that lots of people seem to enjoy this show, so much so that fanfics started appearing, and it wasn't as bad as I thought, I thought they'd be, ur, let's just say... not your usual pony fare. But luckily I was proven wrong. Sometimes you get the odd fanfic that has you cringing, thinking oh no, no, no, not this again! But most of them are actually intreeguing, propper stories, some of them can be quite dark too.
But the thing I love about the show is it's music. Lots of different musical styles, and the background music doesn't seem to just be filler. In a recent episode, there was one particular incidental track that actually sounded very ominous!
As to Sponge Bob, I also like that. I haven't been able to watch it recently though, but the episode I remember was when Spongebob got his brain emplanted in a robot chef! Very awesome! This grill is not a home, I think was the song featured. I've also ridden a simulator ride based on Spongebob, which was quite fun. Mr Crabs is my favorite character, his voice reminds me of a sailor or pirate.
Can you recommend me any more songs from Spongebob? That's the only one I've heard and i wish there were more. In fact I'm sure there are more.

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@aaron: I watched 1 or 2 episodes of the show, and it wasn't really my thing, because I'm just not into anything animated for various reasons I think I've covered in other anime threads. But I do like the fanfic!  Something about pink and purple ponies fighting zombies, or going to Hogwarts, or forming a glee club, or appearing on The Daily Show, or getting drunk and puking in back alleys, or whatever, is just hugely surreal and amusing to me.  I should clarify that I'm not laughing at the authors of the fics, or the fans of the show.  I'm more amused by the images that these fanfics put into my brain, because I usually do picture the things I'm reading while I'm reading them.  Also, some of the Doctor Whooves stuff is a lot better than most of the Doctor Who novels that the BBC publishes:
http://www.fimfiction.net/story/3268/do … -conundrum
I don't know why, but in all of the novel length MLP fics I've read, I haven't found any grammar fail, spelling fail, or writing fail.  Sure, lots and lots and lots of stuff I didn't enjoy, but unlike Harry Potter, most of the long stuff is at least decently written and spell checked. I don't know why this is.  One would think Harry Potter fans would be the better writers overall, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

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I'm even more intreagued to see the series now with Aaron's comments about music, what with me  enjoying the 90's renaesance  disnies such as Mulan, beauty and the beast and Lion King, though of course much of that interest  comes from the fact that I just enjoy musical theatre generally, (not the least because I'm a fairly serious singer myself, though I doubt any of the  ponies are tenors big_smile).

Fanfics don't tend to be as much a thing I've looked into partly  because of the necessity of reading with synth, and partly because there is a lot of drek to slog through, or even in some of the better ones some ideas that make a mockery of the source material.

For example,  I once read a very good  faq based on the film labyrinth, however it represented   Jerith, the very cool and awsome goblin king played by David  bowie as  an abused little boy who was once kidnapped by goblins himself.

Not only was this a little nasty and amiturish in the belief that every  villain has a tragic past, but also there was no evidence of this in Gerith's character in the film anyway, indeed  the goblin king is actually only villainous under  some deffinitions.

The writing was okay (from what I could tell by synth), but it was this  angent at the  source material that I distrusted.

Of course not all fanfics do this and as Fastfinge said, plenty of series novels are as bad, however this is why I tend to prefer things with a little more coherence. Indeed, with the Big Finish doctor who audios sinse they have a producer and show runner much like a tv series to oversee the full production even though many different  writers are involved, and a definite set cannon of events they can't go off at too many crazy tangents  the way some of the novels  seem to have done.

Oopse, sorry for the Dr. who derailment there big_smile.

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@dark: Actually, that might be another reason I've enjoyed the MLP fics I've read so much.  When I read a Harry Potter fanfic, I notice every single little change the author made, every little out of character thing the characters do, each research failure, and always have strong feelings about all of them.  And anyone who knows me on this forum knows that I have extremely strong feelings about, like, absolutely every single thing ever.  But I know almost nothing about MLP canon, and that's really quite liberating, because I don't have to care!  For me, MLP is a shared universe with ponies.  I can pick whatever character back story I want, without having to try and ignore the parts of the official franchise I dislike, because I don't even know what they are.  So I just get to build my own canon, from a vast menu of choices.  The main characters are who I say they are, because I have no real idea how much any particular pony is actually involved in the show.  In Harry Potter, I am uncomfortably aware that Daphne Greengrass is hardly ever mentioned, so 95 percent of everything written about her is just fan creation.  If Vinyl Scratch only ever comes up in one episode, and isn't a lesbian, as I suspect may both be the case, don't tell me. I'm sure that if I ever did watch Friendship is Magic, it would spoil all of my fun.  As for Doctor Who, in defence of the BBC, the Doctor Who books are no worse than the Star Wars or Star Trek novels.  But that isn't saying much.  I suspect that most North Americans, who don't get access to the BBC directly, and thus only generally see the good stuff they produce, put the organization up on a pedestal.  Then we get way more enraged when we find out that the BBC can suck just as badly as Paramount Pictures or the Scifi channel, because we're irrationally more surprised by it.

Edit: Why did I go and look that up? I *knew!* I didn't want to know! She doesn't even have her own episode. Or any lines, at all.  Blah.  Yup, back to avoiding all canon, for me.

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hmm going off tv i'm looking for an audio described version of saw 6
i know saw 7 wasn't audio described here in the uk as  the vault hasn't got 6 was wondering where i can get it

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Hold up! Rewind! Back to post 20. Getting drunk and throwing up in the highway? That couldn't be dizney created, they post rated g movies! Did they just deside to go compleatly rated r? That couldn't possibly be dizney!

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