yeah I know, I saw that too but whatever's planned for that isn't out yet, unfortunately

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So was just looking through the game's settings and was reminded of something.

For anyone having trouble running the game due to computer specs, you might try lowering the frame rate. It should translate ok, but basically it's under the first option which is accessibility settings, and then the last option in that menu is frame rate. According to the description of that setting, this is supposed to help the game run more smoothely on slower computers.

One thing to remember is that this game does have graphics. Somewhat rudimentary graphics resembling those of the super nintendo era from what I've been told, but graphics nonetheless. If I remember right it was even featured at a conference similar to GDC back when the first version came out.

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it was... although I completely forgot about that fact until now when you posted it
but yeah, turning down frame rate should help with slower computers, I know it did on my last one

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[wow], I wonder if getting 100% items is even worth anything, lol.

I got to 49 items on one playthrough. Tried again and got 48, but I have no idea what I did differently. Obviously I'm missing something, but when I listen to either MM's or DD's playthroughs I don't hear anything new that I haven't seen before. This is just weird.

I suppose I could try literally following the playthrough screen by screen, but that would take a lot of patience. I just wish I could understand what I'm missing.

I still don't understand what counts toward completion and what doesn't. I used the repeatable passwords, got the skills from the chests and the wheel of space time, and by the time I got through everything I was at 56 items. I subtracted 6, 3 for the skills, 1 for the wheel of space time and 2 for the passwords and I was at 50, but the game said I was at 48. So no idea what I counted that the game doesn't count towards 100% completion.

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Wait wait whoa, there are two passwords? I thought there was only one, and I thought you could only ever use it once.

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oh heh no, there are I think 6 of them?

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There are more I'm sure, but these are the ones I know of.

more dungeon
kareshia support

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1,233 (edited by david_solomon1 2017-03-23 10:38:34)

Yeah, there are 6 passwords. All of them can be written in english. Two of them are repeatable each time you restart the game.

Most are still attainable as far as I know:

2 are obtained by playing the ShadowRine FullVoice Demo. This may not be available anymore.

2 of them are obtained for filling out a questionnaire regarding feedback for the game. I haven't checked but I think it's still available on the SR FullVoice Japanese page somewhere.

1 was a secret password that was released in scrambled pieces. This is no longer atainable unless you know someone who has the password.

1 is still available by submitting a feedback form for the ShadowRine playthrough done by MM and a friend.

I'm willing to post all 6 passwords since I normally don't like secrets and eliteism. Just want to give people a chance to earn them who like to go that route first.

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I'd definitely be all for posting them. Especially if you can't get one or two of them anymore.

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So am I. Too  lazy, lol

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1,236 (edited by dd 2017-03-23 16:09:16)

ehh, here are all 6 passwords, translations are marked with the slash and you can type in either one, but not both versions of the same password
the only one that isn't actually still obtainable is the release day one, but I just woke up and I'm feeling good after coffee so I'm putting that here too, though the rest could've been found easily on the website
note though that I'm also gonna point out where all the findable ones could've been found, just because

りりあのきもち/lilia feeling
ラストホープカレシア/last hope kareshia
those two are smack dab in the middle of the download page, where it says web demo
kareshia support
more dungeon
I believe that questionnaire can still be filled out
edit: I just checked, yup it's still there
that one, yes it's still there on the special page
カゲのシハイシャ/shadow dominator
this one is the release day one

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1,237 (edited by david_solomon1 2017-03-23 16:33:15)

Hahaha DD you beat me to it. Was waiting for a couple more people to post and say they'd either gotten them or wanted them. Then was going to say Sorry DD, I know you like your secrets but...

Also lol I forgot they put the demo passwords on the downloads page now. The only one I knew for sure was still attainable was Broadcast.

Lol, just translated the Shadow Dominator one and the japanese version comes out as something like Lupin III and Thug Shisha. Weird.

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1,238 (edited by dd 2017-03-23 16:40:56)

yes, but the majority of these can still be gotten so they're not really secrets aside from the one that can no longer be found, they forgot to update the english page for a while but that was changed
I was originally just gonna post where to find them all and just include the event one, but well like I said... I'm in a good mood this morning
the japanese password isn't translating because it's written in katakana, which is usually reserved for foreign words
that's why the translation you're getting is messed up but if it were actually written in hiragana or kanji it basically translates to the english one

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Haha I just thought it was funny because Lupin III is an anime.

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Thank you very kindly. Kinda wondering what all this stuff gets you, as I'm still in the middle of the EP.

Funnily enough, Shadow Dominator is the one password I knew about, and I'm...pretty sure it got me something.

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I mean you can still enter them all and find out, lol the password entering thingy is still there in the ep I think

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Yeah passwords can still be entered in the After Story.

Shadow Dominator is like 5000 kairan or something to that effect. Can only be used once though.

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I bet this was asked a billion times on here but for some reason I can't find it.
How do I unlock swimming in this game?  Tried searching for the answer but had no luck.
Please and thanks.

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gotta progress more in the story

Thumbs up


Thanks but
All parts of the storyseem to lead to me going to fermat. I finished the dragon shrine quest where I had to slay the dragon, went back to the temple, talked to priestess, went into the gate to the lake and talked to I think a guard named Len, and then I don't know what he wants from me.
Thought I could just enter the city now. Could this it be I unlocked swimming I just don't know how to do it?
End Spoiler

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I could be wrong, but I believe it mentions in the cutscene there's another way around, try that.
Move around to the east.

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Hmm, It would be very nice, if we can buy new or simply more enemies. smile I hope that It will be something new update.

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hi all. i cant raze my soard to lvl 3. it writing me this: Now, it does not seem to meet the conditions of the LV up to .......... what shood i doo?

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You need to progress the story. I think you need to go to the east, to the volcano.

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1,250 (edited by pulseman45 2017-04-07 12:57:29)

Hello everyone,
I am playing this game on normal and I am enjoying it. However I have a question. Maybe it may appear as stupid but, how do you remember the emplacements of the small caves in the Careshia plains? Because for example I remember entering a small cave with that infected water you have to jump over and where there are two chests. I am pretty sure I missed one because I didn't manage to jump far enough with Lilia. Now I would like too come back in that place, but I absolutely can't remember where it is.
Thanks in advance for your answer,

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