I'm talking about the ones that are 8khz like microsoft mike for telephone.

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Hi Chris, I have an idea, how about to edit and update some stuff in your stage, coinciding with AAC's new features, for example: make Alex's first defeating scene an AAC's stage ending scene, not an enemy's death sound, this will make it more awesome.

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Our blind community is unfairly treated, when it comes to games.

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I'm really enjoying your stage, because I like the Voice acting that you did with the macintalk Voices.
if Macintosh attack part 3 came out, not only would it have Macintosh Voices, but willowpond TTS Voices as well, including the robot ones, and the child Voices, and how about the singing ones two.
the synthesizer is Softvoice.

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I don't really have plans to update the stage, mainly because it is pretty much complete. Also, I am bored with Adventure at c:.

Grab my Adventure at C: stages Right here.

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The link doesn't Work.
Can you please upload Again? I also like to try the stage.

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