this is a very good concept. and the one well few things I noticed, is there's people sounds where there shouldn't be,  the daycare man is in the house, but past the room so you can't talk to him,
you go to deposit a pokemon and it says you only have one even though you know very well that you have more than one.
I didn't get far enough to try with anyone else, but evolving a nidorina with a moonstone to a nidoqueen, it picks up body slam, picks up the typing, but is still a nidorina.  by name.  even though the species name seems right.
oh and it is supposed to be able to learn dig, but it can't.

and running around route 9,  and having played yellow and blue  and fire red and leaf green for years.  the lay out of the route isn't matching up.
so yeah, good concept, and I'm sad to see that this is basically abandoned.

I do hope it gets finished in future. 

p.s I'm running the most stable release, 1400

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