2018-11-20 17:43:25

Hi. Firstly, does any of you remember the expandable menu on the site? That would allow you to check your private messages and log your account out of the forum among other things. Also, I really feel that the exclusive games section on the forum should be removed. As far as I know, no one ever uses it. Just my personal opinion.

I am the tetris monster, I have a NES on my back, and when I sleep, I make 8bit sounds!

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2018-11-20 18:02:59

You mean the one with the curb game and stuff? unless someone can package those like someone managed to do with legacy than no thanks.

This... -- Is CNN'.
Well Ted, it sure looks like there's been uh, quite a bit of violence around here
"aaoh, that violence was terrible'!"
Yeah it was, pretty bad.

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