2018-11-09 04:31:36

I said this elsewhere, but I'll say it again. We, need, more female staff. There are plenty of females here. I'll bet they don't come around as often because women have no voice in decisions here. Failing to allow this just reinforces the idea that the blind community has a major prejudice against women. I don't think you want that, so if I were you, I would do something about it.

2018-11-09 04:37:13

As noted before, the forum seems heavily skewed towards males as I would say that makes up perhaps 85 to 90 percent of the user base.
Saying that the blind community has a prejudice against women is a very broad statement. Can you please provide proof backing up your claims?

2018-11-09 04:45:21

I'm honestly at a loss as to what you'd like to hear. This conversation has already derailed another topic. People brought legitimate points to the table to which you've to this point failed to acknowledge. Plenty of replies their that are the precise reason I'm not writing one of my own. The jist is this. I honestly don't understand what might provoke such a claim. It would be nice if you could reply to posts in the previous topic rather than creating a new one entirely

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2018-11-09 04:50:12

Making such unsubstantiated claims during a time when there's already enough drama to go around is not a smart move, in my opinion. Unless you can provide solid evidence to back up your claims, I would be careful of making such broad statements about the community.

The glass is neither half empty nor half full. It's just holding half the amount it can potentially hold.

2018-11-09 04:52:03

Hi everyone,
And welcome to a post full of unwarranted, baseless claims!
I guess Turtlepower17 and Mirage are not women then, because I've seen both around here several times of late.
Also... as it is, this place is a forum, and so many of the times it's not possible to tell a person from woman or man. I for instance didn't know Mirage was a woman until she said so herself, and... well? Never have I seen any condoning of female suppression on this... wait. Why am I defending this forum right now? We're obviously dealing with a very renowned nut job whose profile is littered with nothing but trolling, baseless accusations whose intent is merely to stir up drama, and of course... a complete injustice for blind people and women. Personally I feel bad for women because they have people like this trying to act like activists, when really all it does is make them look bad. Thank god for strong, sane, active women who very much counterbalance this type of frantically fiddling fuckery.

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2018-11-09 04:52:32 (edited by Liam 2018-11-09 05:05:51)

I also suspect that the reason that there are no female admins and mods is that very few if any females have been interested in doing so.
Also. Just because someone wants to do a job, they should not be automatically given a free pass to said job due to gender, orientation ETC. I believe a position should be handed out based on merit, and not because there might be five males and no women.
Also as far as male vs. female bias in the blind community goes, in the NFB alone several states have women in high-ranking positions. Illinois for example has a female president along with our treasurer.
The former president of our at large chapter was female, and I believe our current one is too.
This is again why I ask for clarification and solid proof of a gender bias.
As carter stated, this was already brought up in a topic which originally had nothing to do with gender inequality. The original poster chose to hijack that topic in order to start the conversation.
While I do appreciate the OP's willingness to start a new topic instead of derailing any further ones, I would disagree that the gender bias is not based on any actions made by any moderator or admin, but is instead based on there being a smaller subset of female gamers, and there lack of interest in this forum.

2018-11-09 05:02:55

I truly think you're making an issue where there is none, not because I don't think women are underrepresented, but because you're blaming a group of people that aren't guilty of the things you say they are. Saying males are at fault for females not being on the forum or in the staff is not only absurd, it's factually incorrect, as evidenced by nightshade technically being on the staff panel. If you have anything constructive to offer to this discussion, it would be most welcome, otherwise I think this topic has served it's... purpose? I think.

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2018-11-09 05:20:29


TheDwarfer, while I understand what you're going for, and while you have a naturally humorous way of putting yourself across, you're definitely heading into personal attack territory by calling Eliza a well-renowned nutjob. This is a caution. Disagree with her stance and her words as strongly as you like but please stop short of straight-up insulting her, no matter how ridiculous you maythink her words may be. Every forum member has a right to be here until they forfeit that right by breaking enough rules that their presence is no longer healthy. This includes people who may possess viewpoints you find objectionable or even hurtful.

And with my moderation hat now firmly off:

Eliza, the best thing you can do is:
1. nominate one or more women you think might make good mods,
2. Talk to women on the forum who you think might be interested, and see if you can drum up support/bring them to our attention,
3. Comport yourself in a manner that might befit consideration for the position and
4. Most importantly, remember that lack of representation is not, in and of itself, deliberate or indicative of oppression. It can be, but it doesn't have to be. Just because you smell smoke doesn't mean a house is burning; it might well be a bonfire contained safely in a fire pit.
I know, I know, weird analogy. Still, the point is made.

Also, thank you for creating your own thread for this. You didn't really address the points made in another thread about it, but now that you have made this into its own topic, can I gently encourage folks who do want to talk about it to stick to this particular thread to do so? I suspect it'll die out fairly quickly, but you never can tell.
I do, however, happen to agree with the sentiment that spewing acrimony at the forum in a time of turmoil, particularly the sort that you can't really back up, does more harm than good. Maybe consider your words and condemnation a little more next time. I'm saying this as a fellow user, not as a mod. I certainly don't want to silence your opinion or your viewpoints, but i'd prefer if they were a bit more constructive.

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2018-11-09 05:33:55

@Jade Got ya. I'm not going to be borishly ignorant and buck the system when I know you are completely justified in what you said. However, I will clarify that I do agree that women being on the mod staff is a good thing, so I don't necessarily oppose the viewpoints or find them hurtful. I do find them ludicrous and unfounded though for reasons iterated and reiterated across this thread. Nevertheless I do expect that this thread has served its "purpose", and feel that any constructive viewpoint/evidence set forth in opposition to the op will go unanswered, and that should she come back it will be to call out anyone who has trolled or attacked her. This prediction I have made based on evidence, and therefore will be surprised if it turns out false. big_smile Who knows, she may say something founded and constructive just to disprove me. That'll be the day.

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2018-11-09 05:42:51

I more meant the parts of the viewpoints that essentially say we're part of the problem/it's our fault/the blind community, of which you and I are both presumably a part, is responsible for the oppression of women. Because that bugs me a little; not enough to lose sleep over or anything, but I don't like that sort of thing being tossed around.
Glad you get where I'm coming from though; figured a caution would do the job here. No sense swinging the big stick without cause. lol

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2018-11-09 05:47:52

What the heck is a Comport anyways? Isn't that where you store stuff?
Harry Potter was relegated to a cramped comport under the stairs.

2018-11-09 05:54:10

That...would be a cupboard. Heh.
See, this is why people think I'm too flowery. I use words like "egregious" and "comport" and "apotheosis" - well, I haven't used that one for awhile, till now - so I guess it's justified. The hell of it is, I've been accusd of being high-handed when frankly some of these things just sort of occur to me. I'm not sitting here going "Hmm, now how can I sound like a jerk today?". Not usually, anyhow. But oh well.

And I kinda sorta hijacked the thread a little bit, so I really have to stop doing that. Should I issue myself a caution?

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2018-11-09 06:10:48

Unofficial moderation:

Jayde. As much as your expertise
as a wordsmith is appreciated, I need to caution you that you are straying seriously off topic. Can we please get back to the topic of how male staff members are purposely trying to squelch any female representation on this forum?

2018-11-09 06:20:13

I’m a woman, and I do not endorse this message... smile

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2018-11-09 06:21:52 (edited by Mayana 2018-11-09 06:35:55)

I certainly wouldn't mind having more good female moderators, but that's probably because I wouldn't mind more good moderators, in general. If you know any female members who you think would be a good choice, and who also want to be a mod, then that's great! The admins can discuss if they'd make a good mod and then maybe add them. If not, well, then you know why things are the way they are. Since some admins and mods have stepped down, all of them mail, you can at least be happy that the percentage of women in the staff is now higher. tongue
Edit: Seems Nightshade left, so that joke doesn't work anymore. But hey, we had a female mod, but seems she didn't want to stay just to promote equality.

Have a nice day, Mayana.

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2018-11-09 06:42:01

Well you know what they say... lol if you want a job done right, do it yourself. But everything else I was going to say has already been said, and more eloquently than I could've. It would be one thing if this was the mainstream community, because yes. Depending where you go and/or look, female gamers do get a ton of shit, whether in work or just in general and the stories do exist. A story from my MTG playing friend comes to mind, as well as a couple articles I can no longer remember. But here, or on multiplayer audio games in general, never seen anything like that.

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2018-11-09 09:12:17

post 1. if we were in 1918, instead of 2018, your statement would have some truth to it. but as it stands...

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2018-11-09 09:33:18

seriously this topic is one of the redicolous topics that i have seen so far
there is already enough chaos going on
we shouldnt add extra things

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2018-11-09 09:49:06

braille0109 wrote:

post 1. if we were in 1918, instead of 2018, your statement would have some truth to it. but as it stands...

I still think there are definitely issues with equal treatment even in 2018, but that's not the point of this post. The OP claims there is a bias against women in the blind community, and it has to then be assumed also the finger is being pointed at the website. I really don't know what else can be said besides what has already been written in the posts above.
I would suggest that if the OP feels there needs to be change, she go about it in a positive manner. This to me feels less like an attempt for equal treatment, and more an attempt to rail against the current mod and admin staff. I will absolutely retract my statement if I am incorrect, but if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck...

2018-11-09 10:38:07

Quota highers are a terrible idea and only leave you with inferior staff for the slight advantage of more public support from people that can't think without their emotions getting in the way. Look at police departments for an example. For every 1 good female officer who can pull her own weight in a fight or stressful situation, their are 3 or more  that can't... At least in all cases I've seen. It varies by department.
People who bring this up be it scientists or experienced fellow officers (no matter how nicely) are shunned and discredited, to the ultimate detriment of everyone.
I don't have much more to say, because the number of thumbs up on post one VS that of the posts from other women chiming in on this topic speak for them selves.

This... -- Is CNN'.
Well Ted, it sure looks like there's been uh, quite a bit of violence around here
"aaoh, that violence was terrible'!"
Yeah it was, pretty bad.

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2018-11-09 11:40:53

I certainly agree with you, liam. we're still far off equal treatment over all, but at least on the forum, you're generally treateted equally enough, regardless of race and or gender. now if we were in 1918, then maybe we wouldn't treat female members the same way, or maybe we would. I didn't bother reading all the posts, I more or less rage quit after post 5 or so.

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2018-11-09 13:07:22

Try 1958... You should read up on feminism's various waves, it's interesting.

This... -- Is CNN'.
Well Ted, it sure looks like there's been uh, quite a bit of violence around here
"aaoh, that violence was terrible'!"
Yeah it was, pretty bad.

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2018-11-09 15:25:49

omigod really? We allready addressed this, but ok, the reason we don't have any women staff, apart from nnightshade if she's still here, is because none have stepped up yet, or showed promise enough to be on the team.

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2018-11-09 15:46:17

Posts 14, and 15. Nuff said. Thumbs up to both. big_smile

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2018-11-09 17:45:46

I haven't noticed anyone on this forum treating me in any derogatory way because I'm a woman.
In my "female gamers" topic, I noted that the intimidation factor was my own doing.
I do think there are fewer women here, because gaming has generally been considered a male-oriented thing.
So my hope is that as women gamers communicate and talk games, more will feel comfortable in speaking up or joining the forum if they hear about it.

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