2018-11-04 19:09:57 (edited by ogomez92 2018-11-04 19:11:14)

Hi all,
This is a quick message to say that I fixed the weird problem on my site which would not allow people to upload packs.
please, to all users, go ahead and upload new content, if you have been trying to upload and you were unable to.
Note that the uploads are .zip  files now, not .pack!

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2018-11-05 08:00:19

well, i would do that if not everyone could see my sounds then, so no for me.

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2018-11-05 10:11:18

That is a silly argument dude. most people upload packs with hundreds of megabytes of copyrighted music. Surely you didn't make your sounds yourself!

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2018-11-05 15:56:29

but just imagine i am making an lc pack. Then all sounds that are in the pack are visible for everyone. Also, paack creator from that ver broke, for me it always says i need a menu enter sound even if i have that. If i could just bring bgt bs to work on my server that would be nothing but avesome

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2018-11-05 16:59:52

Oriol, when will JAWS stop saying blank before every menu item. That makes the menus very sluggish.


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2018-11-05 21:08:14

you need to disable virtual cursor for it to work. anyway, I don't have jaws anymore on this machine, so I can't test, but NVDA doesn't do that.

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2018-11-06 03:02:35

Well, I would love to make a pack, but my stupid Mac won't let me save anything in ogg format. Any solutions?

2018-11-06 08:41:12

you can convert files into ogg with multiple apps, FFMPEG comes to mind, then there's DBPoweramp, then XAct...

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2018-11-06 11:11:09

@6, Even if I turn off the virtual cursor it still says blank. I think you should get JAWS onto that machine Oriol.
@7, Get REAPER or just a nice PC.


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2018-11-07 08:31:37

now I have the ogg files. Does it just take half a century to upload the zip file? Mine was originally too big and I had to cut 4 levels. Maybe  I'll use those levels to make a part 2 if the first one ever makes it into the system. Am I not allowed to upload with Safari? As for the person who told me to get a pc, they don't sell windows 7 machines anymore, I don't trust second-hand computers, and windows 10 doesn't mix well with some of my games, so no PC

2018-11-07 20:27:43

But we still have the problem with JAWS.

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2018-11-08 09:06:41 (edited by ogomez92 2018-11-08 09:08:21)

Hi guys.
I have needed to reject some of your new beatstar uploads.
Seriously people, don't put 3 minute long levels, or name.ogg files with whole songs, you guys need to use audio editing to loop those files.
This was mainly for post number 10, because you put the whole songs as levels,t hat's why it was taking so long to upload.
You need to like, cut 20 seconds of that song and make it a level.
And name.ogg needs to be short, because its what loads when the pack is previewed.
etc, etc.
If you can't do that, your pack will not be approved.

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