2018-09-27 10:30:59

and like i wasn't gonna add that stuff? I'm sorry, I think you assume I am new to game development. in case you hadn't noticed yet, I've been coding on the apex for 6 years. Also, it's not like im just gonna set up a site for one game. and about how customizable it is, well, I thought it was just a little too customizable. I was adding modes though, like the endless and classic mode. and also I had more weapons, and also you didn't code a sz, you simply made platforms in the sky for the user to jump onto.

blindness is an ability. not a disability.

2018-09-27 10:33:02

and also who would find a health boost in a zombie apocalypse? just answer me that. mine was set in a deserted city, just remember that. but lol, yer kind a right about the map... probably put have put some debris and fire and what not.

blindness is an ability. not a disability.

2018-09-28 00:46:47 (edited by criticview 2018-09-28 00:55:47)

Oh my God. Seriously people, did this forum just go from trying to be informative to a my game is better smackdown... Fine, as someone not even aware of what zombie arena is, let me point out the obvious here...
Open source, everyone can do with it whatever they want, including make modifications and call it their own game, depending on the licence with either credits or source availability or what not. Who the hell cares if it's a modified open source, at least someone is trying. Yes, it might be better off in a "experimental games" or what don't you have, section of the forum, but "and I apologise in advance" bitching and wining about who's game is better, or why this game sucks because it's a slight modification of that other game that was released to the public is simply not going anywhere. From one side, many people are nagging about how it's possible there aren't many new games, and from the other side, when people are trying to learn something, setting their first steps into the world of game creation, yall hammer them as flat as a pancake and boile them in the oven to finish the job. Maybe this forum could use a section on experimental games, game start outs, what ever original names one can come up with, but please, just stop bashing one another. And yes, yes, yes, one might think you'd be a heck of a lot more awesome if you just straight put out your own game source with self written files and what not, but maybe, just maybe, someone approaches this slightly different than others, and prefers to see what he can pull of within an existing "framework" see how far he can stretch it, and then, decide to go all out with something new. Let's take this one step further: this to me sounds like those against using open source games and slightly modifying it, would also be against bgt because it provides several things already built in, and would have you go straight to python since there you'd have to do all by yourself, more or less. Just face it, we're all humans, and everyone ticks differently, some prefer to explore within a defined environment and see how the furniture fits and then move on, while others would feel better just spending more time on building a house from scratch. But are those renting an apartment worse than those who built a house?

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   akilor ->

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2018-09-28 02:19:37

is there some sort of filter option? because I really don't want to see this topic, when ever I see anything to do with lc I get very frustrated.

blindness is an ability. not a disability.

2018-09-28 03:02:52

ok, i'm going to way in here. I think that letting people view open sorce code is great. I never would say this, but now that I started the process of coding, I can see how this bennifits us. but, bgt is esentually just a scripting language. not a programming language. all you are doing with bgt is using a c style language, that has been put in to script form, in order to write scrips, wich eventually can evolve in to a game if it is done write. we have very few games in the ag community as it is. bgt is not a programming language. don't get this confused. it is true, that more games should come out in other languages, but bgt is a good way to start and get an audiogame out there, even if it is just a scripting language. the hole thing about using code, if it is open sorced, this means the person could make some moddifications to it. true. but, if your going to release a game, and call it your own, I think you should make some slight changes that are noticible to the player, thus, making it a little easier on you as a dev to not be called a code thief or what ever. zombie arena was an open sorced project. I have looked at the code myself, but I am not, however, using the same exact code to create a game of my own. I am writing out he code to see if I can implement it properly, then creating my own code derived off of the code that I am looking at. I feel that his is a better approach, considering you are having to learn how to write code, and also have a study guide to look at so to speak. this game is good for someone who is starting out, however, I think the person should really invest there time in figuring out how to write there own code, instead of just changing afew values, and then releasing it as there own game. this just shows that the person is to lazy to figure out how to recode something of there own. this is the exact reason why I haven't released my own game yet. I know iam ranting here, but I think a lot of people can agree with me on this point. programming a good quality game takes a lot of time and work. anyways, to conclude this long monnalog, just work on the coding process for now, instead of letting people shoot you down. as Einstein said, 1000 failures just means you haven't found the 1 thing that works, or something like that. the point here is, don't let the nay sayers get you down. there just words. take the game down, recode it, revamp it, then put it back up. I think you would have a lot more success that way, and reduce the flames on your game that way.

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2018-09-28 06:07:06

I'm just frustrated at simter for releasing a game when it was clear I was making a game like this as well.

blindness is an ability. not a disability.

2018-09-28 06:54:40

sorry, but my game was already done before, i started coding some weeks before or so. And then you suddenly stopped developing your game, and that is not my fold? no it's not

rory-games wrote:

I'm just frustrated at simter for releasing a game when it was clear I was making a game like this as well.

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2018-09-28 07:08:32

ou, that was lol, had no access to that for 10 minutes or so, i am currently working at bringing items and a missail launcher in the game.

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2018-09-28 07:11:52

you know what? I am gonna continue undead strike.

blindness is an ability. not a disability.

2018-09-28 07:13:13

here are all the things there will be in the version 2.0 ultra client.
different charactors to select from in stead of a weapon set. harvest teeth from corpses of zombies and trade them at the store for boosts and upgrades.
some more I didn't think of.

blindness is an ability. not a disability.

2018-09-28 07:14:44 (edited by dash 2018-09-28 07:22:10)

OK: I downloaded your game and played it. I spend few minutes and exited because i dont hear something new for example sounds etc. All the same to other games.
I will never understand why, devs cloning sounds from other games.
I want see and hear something new.
But i remember my beginning.
I modified the codes of these games myself in 2016 but i'm never published it.
I learned bgt using programs or games source codes.
I tested, for example, what will happen after changing a contents in one line or changed =0 to =1.
I wish you have fun and good own projects in the future.

You must know... Cats are soft!

2018-09-28 07:30:57

there are new sounds in there. The angry elo was only in my unfinished sb mot before. @roori, i can give you my auto updater if you wish.

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2018-09-28 07:39:08

hey simter, do you think, perhapse, we could stop arguing about who's game is better and combine both of our games to make undead city! we can have your elo zombie, my char system, your auto updater, my modes... it'll be completely awesome!!

blindness is an ability. not a disability.

2018-09-28 07:39:41

btw i have a backup of the source of undead strike so i can continue if the original source file gets destroyed.

blindness is an ability. not a disability.

2018-09-28 08:49:04

Just lol. Whatever happened to profetionalism people.

Charlie merry, a.k.a DarfVader

2018-09-29 00:48:31

what do you mean?

blindness is an ability. not a disability.

2018-09-29 10:04:24

also don't understood that one, rofl

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2018-09-29 10:41:13

I'm not sure what you mean, which one didn't you understand, simter? if its about me wanting to combine our games, then yeah that makes sense, since we have been fighting about our games for a while. if its the one about profetionalism then I can't help you; we're in the same boat.

blindness is an ability. not a disability.

2018-09-29 11:01:50

the one dav wader posted

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2018-09-29 11:55:24

can't help you there.

blindness is an ability. not a disability.

2018-09-29 16:26:28

@63, y'know, i'd totally agree with that one.

flawless victory!

2018-10-01 19:24:06

i will maybe bring out a public betha of the things i already added to v 0.3. Includes 2 variors, a human and a dog, 2 new weapons, f4 removed and lag warn system.

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2018-10-02 01:39:49

hey, I'm workin on mines, soldiers, minigames and more! also you wonna know why your shift and control wasn't working and you had to hit tab? you must put lshift or rshift, or lcontrol, or rcontrol. hope this helps, enjoy.

blindness is an ability. not a disability.

2018-10-02 10:44:07

thanks roori, i am currently working at soundpack suport

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2018-10-02 11:44:10

ah yeah, that sounds ok. but honestly I think you havn't added quite enough. but the game's ok.

blindness is an ability. not a disability.